Devout Christians: The Word.

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( The bible is unlike any other written word. It is the number one selling book of ALL time. It is the number one stolen book of ALL time. Its creation and existence has generated more speculation, accusation, acclamation, exaltation, denial, hatred, skepticism and controversy than any other written material in human history.

Devout Christians: The Word.

To some its acceptance means being accountable and answerable to the God of creation. To others that price is too high so denying what and who it represents is their only option. Then there are those who believe it is from God but doesn’t apply to our modern times. Some believe what it says and that Jesus lived back in biblical times as a great prophet but is not the Son of God. The Word doesn’t “fit” the god that they want.

I’ve heard some ask why doesn’t the bible include ALL of the historical writings of the times? Why were some books left out of the bible? Why have some religions removed portions of the bible and added other parts to it?

The Word was created and crafted by Jehovah God for man’s salvation, wisdom and understanding. God didn’t create the bible to be just another history book. He chose the sixty-six books to represent His Word, no more and no less! Some religions who have omitted parts of the bible and others who have added parts have done so to fit their idea of what their god should be. There are those who cannot believe that the God who orchestrated creation His way and in His time could’ve planned and put together a book just as He desired.

One thing is for sure that the Word of God is what God has decided and created it to be. It is unlike any other written word in that it contains layers consisting of stories, eternal truth, wisdom, revelation, prophesy, guidance, knowledge and answers to life’s problems. The Word is more than words and letters on a page. It is alive with truth for “you shall know the truth and the TRUTH will set you free”.

Layers that cannot be obtained unless the reader is willing to spend the time and effort to study, examine and dig for the hidden truths in its verses. It’s like the reader is a prospector searching as for gold. It cannot be found unless the prospector is willing to dig and search out the nuggets of truth hidden beneath the crust of the Word. Nuggets of treasure that are life altering, life changing, mind blowing and earth shattering.

I know that I’ve read passages in the Bible over and over again and the next time I read it some powerful revelation leaps from it’s pages to blow my mind. How did I miss it all those times? I’m amazed and dumbfounded at how I could’ve missed it’s pure and simple truth!

One of the names of Jesus is “The Word” for He lives not only in our hearts but also is found ALIVE in the Word of God! The Word contains all the prophecies of His birth, life, death, resurrection and return to earth. From the Old Testament through the New Testament Jesus is there!

One revelation is that the Word is not meant just to read to yourself but to declare it out loud over yourself, over your loved ones and friends and over your problems. Your victory is found in the Word. Healing, deliverance, restoration, prosperity and all blessings are found in the Word. Taking a passage and making it into a prayer and declaration is where power and authority as His child is found.

The Word is alive and lives in each of us but thrives and is activated in us, to us, with us, for us and through us as it is declared out loud daily in our prayers and praise! The Word is to be manifested and demonstrated in us His children every day!

Another revelation that has taken me time to realize is how the Word of God can be knitted together to strengthen our faith, trust and position. For example if you take 3 John 2 “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” and blending it with James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” Personalize it by making it into your prayer of declaration you then have 3 John 2 “Above all things I prosper in all things and am in good health, just as you Lord prosper my soul. For ‘all good and perfect things’ come from you Lord.”

It is a matter of trust and faith as you let the Word guide, instruct, admonish, lead, direct and bless you along life’s rough roads!

Staff Writer; Steve C.

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