Press Release: UMYO (United Movement for Youth Opportunities) Un-Masking Your Opinion.

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( Barnard Gregory & Three sons Tech team, representing UMYO, (United Movement for Youth Opportunities- Un-Masking Your Opinion) organization expresses profound enthusiasm for the impactful #WhyNot Pledge To Report Violent Crimes Community Campaign – Battle of the Cities & Business Entities. The campaign, a collaborative effort between communities, businesses, religious entities, and youth, aims to report violent crimes by promoting unity, accountability, and positive change within cities.

UMYO (United Movement for Youth Opportunities)

Recently featured in Black Enterprise, Black News, Texas Metro news and others, The Fathers and three sons tech team as a passionate advocate for community engagement and youth empowerment is thrilled to be submitting their support and interest in using their community owned platforms in this meaningful initiative.

Gregory Barnard says ” We are not reinventing the wheel here, we are simply providing a service inviting every resident in each city to twenty six communities to business owned platforms using profits to assist the community needs while holding everyone accountable that participates.

It shows us if we are truly seeking solutions or just talking. 

Our other option is keep complaining as we continue to become more divided as a country by race and gender, waiting on the government to solve community needs when they have already shown us through constant bickering it starts with community. 

The campaign’s focus is on reporting violent crimes and virtual education in our Cities by promoting community collaboration between business, religious entities, and youth with accountability that truly resonates with our values. We believe that fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility can pave the way for positive change and create a safer, more vibrant environment for all residents.

The campaign strives to uplift communities by promoting local businesses and religious institutions through a virtual directory, offering real-time interaction, support, and networking opportunities. Additionally, a virtual conference platform similar to zoom, only you can use 24/7 365 fostering connectivity and knowledge-sharing.

The Community to Business and Religious Branding aspect of the campaign presents an innovative way to strengthen bonds within local communities. Through advertising collaborations, businesses and religious entities can now engage with their congregation and communities while supporting creativity through commercial competitions. Additionally, members can now support each other’s businesses and network in real time, fostering a strong community of like-minded individuals.

Our goal is to promote each registered business by distributing over 100 giveaways to the community daily. With costs as low as $25 per week, and even less for some, community members can endorse businesses through daily social media posts. This is facilitated by our virtual interactive business card search engine, which operates on a behind-the-scenes social networking platform that fosters connections. This initiative embodies our #WhyNot accountability campaign, emphasizing collaboration between the community and businesses. Share your desired giveaway, and each month, your business will sponsor a giveaway on your behalf.

By allocating a substantial portion of the proceeds to Community initiatives, The Movement also showcases a well-rounded approach to community upliftment.

The Community to Business and Religious Branding aspect of the campaign, offering entities the opportunity to collaborate with the members within their community through advertising, is a brilliant and innovative way to strengthen bonds between local business entities as well as through congregation. I am particularly excited about the idea of supporting creativity among both youth and adults, allowing them to use their talents to create compelling commercials that represent the vision of these business entities.

We firmly believe that leveraging social media platforms and a community-based voting system will not only amplify advertising efforts but also instill a sense of pride and ownership within the residents of our cities. The live announcement of the winning commercial from the business and church premises each day will further enhance the sense of celebration and recognition for local community talent.

“As an individual committed to fostering community engagement and contributing to positive change, We are eager to participate in this exciting initiative to this noble cause. Our dedication to creativity and our belief in the power of collaboration align perfectly with the goals of the #WhyNot Community Campaign” concludes Gregory.

For further information and media inquiries, please contact:

Gregory Barnard


Phone: (682) 231-2366

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