America’s Race Schizophrenia.

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( Why is everything about race? Remember when everyone was just called an American? You remember that time when everyone was treated as an American.

Why can’t we stop living in the past? The US fought a Civil War to end slavery and put race behind it.

Racism was a thing of the past until President Barack Hussein Obama used race to divide the country. Racism was basically non-existence until he became president.

They are always playing the race card. They created the race card and they used it all the time. They are obsessed with race.

There actually was a period prior to President Obama’s eight year, two term, tenure when race was not an issue. That period was from 1619 when the first enslaved Africans were brought to America until 1705.

In 1705, the Colony of Virginia ‘s House of Burgesses enacted the most comprehensive code of regulation of any American colony regarding slavery and race. Interestingly, a significant portion of the code concerned itself with the rights, duties and restrictions of free white colonists.

Free white colonists were prohibited from marrying Blacks and Native Americans. Free white colonists were prohibited from teaching enslaved Blacks to read.

It prohibited free whites from selling lands to enslaved Blacks. They were also prohibited from buying products from enslaved Blacks or the selling of products that enslaved Blacks would in turn sell to others.

Prior to the enactment of the slave codes, enslaved Blacks and enslaved Native Americans in some areas were allowed to own some land to work personally and allowed them to operate their own markets where they would sell their products.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and White Americans: America’s Race Schizophrenia.

Also, prior to the enactment of the Virginia Slave Code, which would be adopted by the other colonies, there was considerable interaction between the enslaved and free Africans, white indentured servants, enslaved and free Native Americans and free whites.

There were basically no race restrictions. No categorization of races and no race cards.

Native Americans both free and enslaved as well as the free and enslaved Africans were recognized by tribes. The free and enslaved Africans were also recognized by the region of Africa from which they were brought.

Free whites and white indentured servants were also not recognized by skin color. They were referenced as being English, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, French or whatever European nation they hailed from.

Before the adoption of Virginia Slave Code, there was considerable interracial marriage. The Virginia Slave Code put an end to interracial marriage and instituted the legal segregation of whites, Blacks and Native Americans. The Virginia codes also established in law the referencing of people by skin color and race.

It should be noted that there were no free or enslaved Africans nor Native Americans in the Virginia House of Burgesses who voted to enact the Slave Code. It is also fair to state that Blacks nor Native Americans were consulted and/or asked their opinions when the all white House of Burgesses adopted the Slave Code, the first comprehensive race code, race card.

It must also be noted that historians maintain the Virginia House of Burgesses’ Slave Code was a direct result of Bacon’s Rebellion from 1676 to 1677.

Bacon’s Rebellion was an armed uprising by Virginia settlers against the Virginia colonial government. Thousands of Virginia consisting of Europeans both free and indentured servants, and Africans ( indentured, enslaved, and free) joined together to attack what they felt was an unresponsive colonial government.

The alliance of less than affluent whites and Blacks clearly disturbed the colonial upper class. To prevent such an alliance occurring in the future Virginia’s ruling class instituted their Slave Code. Other colonies would follow suit.

Race would remain a constant and prominent theme and issue in US history from 1705 forward. Those who would write the US Constitution would declare that an enslaved person would be counted as three-fifths of a free individual for the purposes of determining congressional representation. It is worth noting the Three-Fifths Compromise as it was called was an agreement worked out by Northern and Southern states. Southern states wanted to be able to count their entire enslaved population which would have given them greater representation in Congress. Northern states wanted to exclude the counting of enslaved Blacks altogether.

The issue of race would consume and overwhelm the fledgling US to the point that it resulted in a civil war. A civil war, which was not fought as is taught in US schools and featured in textbooks, to free the nation’s enslaved Africans. But as to if the institution of slavery would be allowed in the new territories of the US.

Southern states believe that with the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860 there would be a move to outlaw slavery in new territories of the US. They felt that if the US government was successful in banning the spread of slavery to new territories it would only be a matter of time before it was banned in the Southern states.

The Southern states seceded from the Union creating the Confederate States of America. They launched an attack on a Union military site to start the Civil War.

One has to wonder if the Confederacy had not attacked the North and just seceded if there would have been a war. However, what is definite is that the Civil War was not fought to abolish slavery in the US.

When President Lincoln issued his Proclamation of Emancipation in 1863 two years after the Civil War started it was to outlaw slavery in those states fighting against the Union.  The Emancipation did not outlaw slavery in Northern states where slavery also existed.

After the Civil War, race, “the Negro Problem” remained front and center. It continued to occupy the minds and actions of many whites North and South.

It would result in the enactment of Jim Crow law, birth of the Klan immediately after the Civil War and its later rebirth in 1919. It would see segregation in the North and separate and unequal schools everywhere.

It would see race riots in Northern cities as they were called during which mobs of whites were driven to insanity, inhumanity, violence and murder usually the result of some lie of inappropriate contact between a Black man and white woman. It would include lynchings, false imprisonment, theft of land and property owned by Blacks by whites, redlining, racial gerrymandering and so much more.

It is safe to say the preoccupation and obsession of Blacks by whites is a gross understatement.  It goes beyond just a preoccupation and obsession to being schizophrenic. This schizophrenia by whites and their constant use of race cards is a condition referred to as white race schizophrenia or WRS.

Some of the symptoms of white race schizophrenia are accusing Blacks of inventing or using the race card when Blacks call out whites engaged in clearly racist actions. Denying racist actions and racism when there is clearly no other explanation for such actions.

An obsession with Black sexuality, in particular that supposedly involving Black males and white women real and imagined. Oftentimes it resulted in false charges, imprisonments and lynchings. Law documents and the history books are filled with such accounts.

Then there are the Karens, Kevins and Knoxs who live for the moment to call police to report supposed incidents and crimes involving Blacks. They too more often than not turnout to be false, outright lies. What is not certain, however is if the Karens, Kevins and Knoxs actual know that they are lying or if they truly believe what they think they are seeing. That is a classic element of schizophrenia.

When there is a discussion of gun violence and gun insanity in the US triggered by yet another mass shooting the first words out of the mouths of those afflicted with WRS is Chicago, as if they give one KKK hoot about the people of Chicago. Chicago in their minds is their code for Blacks and also President Obama.

When President Obama was in the Oval Office many with white race schizophrenia broke out in hives and rashes. They found themselves constantly grinding their teeth and having uncontrolled bowel movements. They experienced hallucinations, mental and emotional depressions and breakdowns due to their one-dimensional obsession with the reality of a Black man as president of the US. For eight whole years they twisted like tops in anger, rage, fear and trepidation.

When there is mention of the criminal insurrection at the Capitol Building those with WRS can’t wait to mention BLM protests as if they are the same in terms of violence and treason.

Upon seeing the approach of one or more Blacks regardless if they are five years old or 105, those with white race schizophrenia will immediately clutch their pocketbooks or guns in fear, anxiety and paranoia.

When their racist attitudes, actions and white race schizophrenia are called out, those with WRS cry and complain that the race card is being used. That is the race card they created and have constantly used since they invented it. It is laughable, comical and pathetic. It is also schizophrenic.

In extreme cases of white race schizophrenia individuals, usually single white males who are permanent residents of their parent’s basements, prepare for the final call to start the race war. They compose lengthy and rambling manifestos of their tangled thoughts and crazed conspiracies. They prepare for the day with assault weapons in hand when they will engage in the mother of all race wars hoping not to trip as they run up the basement stairs shooting themselves in the foot. This extreme manifestation of white race schizophrenia is called IAF which stands for I’m a fool.

Unfortunately, too many whites over the years were unable to see that the knee that was on the neck of Blacks in the US was the same knee that was on their necks. It remains that way even today.

Race and racism has been used effectively to divide and conquer. It has been used successfully since the Virginia Slave Code of 1705 which was implemented to prevent another Bacon’s Rebellion. The rebellion in which less affluent white settlers joined with Blacks in revolt against the Colony of Virginia’s aristocracy.

There are some white unfortunately afflicted with white race schizophrenia and other mental and emotional challenges for whom truth, history and science is not enough to push them beyond negative narratives, bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, hate and the use of race cards. So be it. It is their problem.

Blacks have had to deal with white race schizophrenia since creation of the Slave codes, Black codes and other race cards. They have responded with a phenomenal almost superhuman self control, dignity and Christian compassion.  Oftentimes  they found themselves turning towards the heavens and repeating the words of Jesus while He was on the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Blacks cannot allow those with WRS to negatively affect their lives, humanity and morality.  They cannot allow others to steal their joy.

It is paramount that Blacks learn of their history and teach their children and children’s children that history. That the history is passed down from one generation to the next.

Such an act is not about seeking revenge or retribution. It is not about the continuation of hate, inhumanity and evil. But it is about making sure that such inhumanity and evil never ever happens again to them or anyone else.

It is also about sharing the inspiration, motivation and determination to continue to succeed despite hardships and challenges. Hardships and challenges which others might not have been able to overcome with such dignity and humanity.

Inspiration, motivation and determination, individually and collectively, to make this nation finally truly great. To make this world a much better place.

That the knowledge of their history will assist Blacks to serve as a vanguard, a very special vanguard which fights not just for Blacks in the US but others in the US and throughout the world who seek a better day, a better way.

If they do that to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “ If you will protest courageously, and yet with dignity and Christian love, when the history books are written in future generations, the historians will have to pause and say, “There lived a great people—a Black people—who injected new meaning and dignity into the veins of civilization.”

This is their duty and overwhelming responsibility.

Staff Writer; Al Alatunji

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