Devout Christians: Be Careful Who Ministers to You.

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( Places of worship can play a positive role in our life, family and community. They have played a vet important part in the upliftment of our people. As we grow and evolve so does the house of worship. With that in mind we must be careful who we allow to minister to us in our times of need. Ministers, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles seem to be popping up everywhere from store fronts to social media. Ladies we must keep our eyes open and realize we are accountable for who we trust. Our spirit is more than a feeling… it’s a way of life. When someone seeks to lead us we must look at the complete person, and ministry. It is not wise to excuse any concern that festers in our mind as our spirituality is a strong component that helps us get through the challenges of life.


No one is perfect, but those that choose to walk in leadership must hold themselves to a higher standard than those they lead. This is important because if you aren’t careful you will find yourself excusing behavior from spiritual leadership that disqualifies them to lead you. Take the time to learn about your spiritual choice for yourself. Read your bible or holy scriptures for yourself. Seek to understand how it applies to your present day life.

Example, the Bible is separated into several dispensations. If you are a Christian grace, which follows the death of Christ, is the present dispensation. This is important to know so that you don’t allow yourself to be condemned by the law of the old covenant. It’s important to read, and learn for yourself.

It is not healthy to sit in a place of worship whereby women are belittled every Sunday. It is hypocrisy to be in a place where only the sins and character of a woman is constantly rebuked, but the indiscretions of men are ignored or played down. This is not positive, it’s not even corrective criticism. It can be very easy to goer caught up in the feeling and tradition of church to the point it can become harmful. You have a right to hold your spiritual leadership accountable to the sacred scriptures that guide your faith… not their bias, feelings, personal perspective, nor indoctrination. These are not areas to dismiss.

Pay attention to your place of worship. Sistahs…if there are no men in that church that is cause for alarm. Too many of us blow this off, but that’s a problem. If men won’t follow this man, or say your spouse voices sincere concern about the place of worship do not dismiss those red flags. There are real men and women of God out here, but there are more false prophets then we realize. Many of them get a foot hold in our life because we try to look past the obvious. How can someone lead you regarding marriage and family, but their family is a mess. How are to be ministered to about integrity from a liar? This is not regarding where God has delivered someone from… as sure as we all have a testimony. However, I’m talking about a leader that is not delivered and living currently in the confusion they seek to minister to you about. You wouldn’t take financial advice from a broke man… so why ignore this principle in other areas of your life?

Be careful who ministers to you. It’s not about being judgmental nor paean, but about being accountable to yourself spiritually, and your family. Our place of worship is still a space that helps to shape our life so we must be mindful to be in the right place. We must never stop learning for ourselves. Sistahs you must always know how to pray for yourselves, and hold your leadership accountable to the principles of your faith.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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