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In The Image Of Donald Trump.

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( Back in 2015, I can distinctly remember telling myself and others that the damage of a Trump presidency would last longer than a four-year term.  I knew then I would be right, but, at the time, could not imagine just how right I would be.

Anyone who knew Trump, in fact or by reputation, should have known when he descended his golden escalator in 2015 that his presence was a fabrication of the highest order.  Later, it was revealed that his adoring crowd had been lured from NY streets, by promising each a $500.00 payment for pretending to be members of an excited fan base.  It was the first of what would become an anthology of over 20,000 lies.

Image of Donald Trump.

Like a malignant Svengali, Trump was accompanied into office by a phalanx of acolytes with equally malignant mindsets and worldviews.  Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Stephen Miller, Michael Flynn, Bill Barr, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders all stood at the forefront of Trump’s administration.

Sadly, those he brought with him were not the only ones of his ilk.  Trump opened the soul of America’s corruption to clear view.  Those who had been attentive were not surprised.  Millions came to a gradual realization.  Millions of others didn’t care!

There are far too many Trump “wanna-bees” to call out by name, but several serve as exemplars of the dangers of a United States under the control of another Trump regime.  Three stand out to foreshadow the worst of existence under a renewed Trump.

Interactively, if I asked readers who best mimicked the “Lying Lifestyle” of Trump, few would hesitate to say, George Santos.  To both, lying comes as easily as drawing breath.  All but the most brainwashed have come to understand that their lying is primarily associated with them moving their lips.  Their veracity is not the issue.  The expectation for the acceptance of their lies and/or that their lies, and the resulting consequences, would be ignored is the problem.  Both unreasonably expect a “get-out-of-jail-free” card or a functional “double standard” to mitigate their guilt.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, MTG, is clearly representative of the intolerance and racism of Trump.  Although both will “technically” deny the racism that motivates their actions, their actions belie any supposition of fairness or objectivity in their thought processes.  I should remind you that MTG represents an area where “Sundown Cities” were, and may still be, the rule rather than the exception.  For a clear understanding, we only have to remember Trump’s “good people on both sides” and Greene’s “Jewish space lasers.”  Both are masters of far-right conspiracy theories and inflammatory, venomous rhetoric.

The most frightening of Trump’s comparators is the new guy, Vivek Ramaswamy, billionaire businessman and longshot candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.  The label of political “Freshman” is appropriate for Ramaswamy because of his newness on the political scene.  However, his stated platform harkens back to the policies of the pre-Civil Rights movement and would, arguably, result in similar outcomes.

Ramaswamy believes that Congress should pass a constitutional amendment barring 18–25-year-olds from voting, with some exceptions.  Under his proposal, within that age range, people could only vote by serving as first responders or passing a civics test.

Those who remember the “soap bubble” or “beans-in-a-jar” voting tests will agree with the dangers and potential outcomes of such a policy.  Because Gen Z is more racially diverse than any other generation in U.S. history, restricting the voting rights of people this age would disenfranchise millions of nonwhite voters. These voters are also more likely to support LGBTQ rights.

Take the time to learn about your potential adversaries and the futures they offer you!  Make the correct choice!

Written By Dr. E. Faye Williams

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One Response to “In The Image Of Donald Trump.”
  1. Eugenio says:

    The correct choice will be for African Americans to never ever vote again for the party of the KU KLUS KLAN also known as the DNC or Democratic party and neither for the party of Capitalist or Republicans. Black people have been voting for Democrats in the last 60 years and in those last 60 years they have receive nothing that is tangible or specific for the benefit and empowerment of the black men and the black women in America; Yet, other races in America have received everything they asked for and everything else they did not asked for.

    The DNC is worst than the Republican because the Democrats will lie, smile, joke and have dinner with the African American community and make the poorest of black people believed that everything will get better if they vote for the Democratic party; but, as soon as black people cast their votes for the Democrats then the promises and hopes disappear and vanish like the sunset and sunrise. Indeed, black people voted for Obama and got nothing in returned; then black people voted for Biden and again got nothing in returned that was tangible and specific for the African American community.

    Former President Obama and current President Biden gave the Hispanics the “Dream act, the Prosperity act, immigration reforms, benefits, housing, money for illegal immigrants; they gave the Afghan refugee over $250,000 per family, job opportunity, job training, citizenship, grants and loans; They gave the Asian the Covid-19 hate crime bill, business low interest, loans, grants, free housing; they gave the untouchables over $3.5 billion dollars anually; they gave the Ukrainians over $750 billion dollars in money, weapons, food, etc..; They gave the Taiwanese government over $80 billion dollar in military surplus and cash; but, they only gave the African Americans who voted for them a Juneteenth symbolism, fried chicken and watermelons and more promises to make our dumb black people sing songs and twerk on the street like monkeys.

    As you have notice the Asians, Middle eastern, Hispanics, Untouchables, Arabs etc.. owned and controlled all the business in the inner cities and these racist people do not hire or employed our black Christian men and women; instead, they hire their own people and take the black dollar away from our poorest black communities. You see these other races take all the wealth away from our community and we allow it to happen because we do not impose rules and respect onto those races who open business in our neighborhoods and do not invest in our communities and neither do they hire the black residents of that community. We are making other races rich and wealthy with our $ 2 trillion dollar spending power and they are laughing at us because they will never allow a black person to open a business in their neighborhood and not hire one of them.

    In the Middle east and north Africa when another race from another country or culture opens a business in their country and that foreign race does not hire any of the local residence or invest in their community, then the people of that city, town or village will descend on that business, store, establishment and they will burn it down and massacre everything inside that does not look like them. Yet, African Americas refuse to do such a thing; even though, Racist America still calls them monster and criminals. Maybe, African Americas should learn from the Arabs and north Africans and maybe things will change if we use certain type of violence to bring attention to the discrimination and injustices against our African American communities.

    with that said, this coming election will not happen and America will end up in either a civil war or a race war and for that reason every single African American men, women and LGBT must legally acquire or purchase weapons for protection and self defense which includes guns, rifles, shotgun, ammunitions, bullet proof vest, Kevlar helmets and if possible acquire a concealed weapons permit which is available in about 26 states in the united states and some of the permits are valid in 3 to 5 different states. Moreso, I encourage all african men and women who love your people and your race to join NAAGA which stands for National African American Gun Association in order to become familiar with the laws pertaining to ownership and security of your weapons; more so, to know where to get specialized training in self defense by former black military veterans and retired black police officers.

    Remember the State of Florida under the White Supremacy leadership of Governor Ron Desantis has made it clear that black people are no longer welcome in that state any regarding the black community and history will be forcefully remove and eradicated from the educational system. Indeed, Ron de Santis has given the green light for racist white and Hispanic Americans to assassinated and killed innocent Christian black children in the State of Florida. yes, black America we are at war with them.

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