Devout Christians: God Isn’t a Magician.

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( So many sisters are waiting for God to “show up and show out” in their life. They anticipate his arrival in their career, finances, and of course for a mate. There is the idea that if one simply prays hard enough that God will stretch his hands, and everything that has been prayed for will appear. However, when the change needed doesn’t come fast enough…its God’s fault. The new word becomes God doesn’t want me to be happy. If he wanted me to have what I desire of him I’d have it already. Its okay for me to suffer…if it be the Lord’s will is what’s said.

Then references to the book of Job makes its way to the table to the tune of: “though he slay me yet will I trust him”. It’s rather simple to fall into this spiritual rut believing that your job is to simply wait on God because you don’t have a part to play in the fulfillment of your prayers. Everything is up to God, and you, or more so your happiness, is at his mercy.

A Christian Prayer - 2023.

If you have chosen Christianity as your spirituality of choice the above mentioned is not the case at all. Sisters it is important to know God, and your faith, for yourself. Understanding how the Word of God operates will alleviate the feeling of helplessness. God is not a magician that does everything for you. God has very much so empowered you to have a hand in your own salvation. Faith, and the words we speak, are two powerful catalyst that are keys to answered prayer. You can’t be indecisive about whether you truly believe in God, but demand he answer your every prayer. It’s not feasible to live as you please, but expect God to do as you say. Too many of us are simply spiritually unfair, and selfish. Let’s be honest, time is too often not spent with God because we love him…the time is spent because we want something.

We don’t want to take any accountability for the shortcomings in our life, or the unanswered prayers. When God blesses us with new financial avenues it’s not his fault if we mismanage the financial increased he blessed us to receive. How an we pray for a husband in one breath…then say no one will ever love me in the next? The latter undermines the prayer entirely. Why pray for God to open doors on your job, but you won’t put in the necessary work to receive promotion? The bottom line is while praying, and standing on our faith, we must get up and do all we can to position ourselves to receive the blessing we anticipate.

If you chose Christianity know you must give God something to work with. You must speak life into every aspect of your life…even when you don’t see what you desire. You can’t be moved by what others say, and how others are living. You don’t want someone else’s blessing…you want what God has for you. Often times the delay in answered prayer comes when we are not willing to work the Word of God, when we abandon our faith, or we simply ask for things that are clearly against the will of God.

If we want God’s best, we must be willing to do things his way and take the time to learn what that way entails. It’s quite selfish to expect God do all you ask…yet give nothing of yourself. The narcissistic attitude doesn’t move God. Take the time to get to know him, observe his way, grow in relationship with him, and stand in faith while speaking life. If this is the spirituality you believe in…follow its path. It’s a believe system, not magic.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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