Devout Christians: Evil Riches Of This World Are Not Enough To Purchase God’s Salvation!

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( Gods principles are His principles and Gods laws are His laws. No one owns them and everyone must adhere by them and will reap the benefits of pay the price for obeying them or disobeying them.

This is something that just can’t be circumvented. The evil amongst us know this well after a time.

From what I see, you can get away with not submitting to these laws some of the time if you choose so but you never get away with disobeying them all of the time!


Some laws just don’t budge and never allow you to challenge them, take for example gravity, when was the last time you jumped off of the top of a skyscraper and lived to tell about it???? I rest my case! LOL!

Devout Christians - Evil Riches Of This World Are Not Enough To Purchase God’s Salvation.

…….you could be the nicest Christian in the world or the biggest hell-raiser on the block, you jump off of a tall building and you BOTH will meet your maker! LOL!

Now let’s talk about the laws of prosperity, because “ain’t no one” here trying to get a broken neck!

The one thing that many Christians feel about these divine laws is that they belong to them and that you have to be a member of their congregation in order to reap the benefits of Gods principles.

Now I’m not advocating abandoning your church or personal manner of worship, but I want to discuss an observation that I’ve witnessed for quite some time and for many it might be unsettling.

Maybe I’m wrong for this but I’m going to say it anyway but it appears that the so called unrighteous of us are prospering better in the world than those who claim to be the on fire followers of Jesus Christ.

Now I know that it will appear this way for a time on this Earth because we just don’t know HOW these wayward people come into their wealth and possessions but I didn’t make the statement to pertain to that faction.

What I’m getting at is how the so called unrighteousness people know HOW to work the righteous principles of wealth and abundance to benefit their lives and families while those of us who claim to be the followers of these same laws seem to fall short in our manifestation of prosperity in our lives.

This has always struck me as being a bit odd and tells me a lot how our God is a God who sticks to His word.

It also shows me that we as Christians have to grow up a great deal because of the way we get resentful because we feel entitled to some measure of divine exclusivity when it comes to enjoying the good life here in our Earthly walk.

And do know that I am not equating the good life with being abundantly blessed with material items. We all here know better than that because to have the material riches without the spiritual depth and mental maturity renders all of that useless.

But we for some reason always appear to miss the boat when the overflowing of money is shared out leaving the recipients of the majority of the blessings to the worldly amongst us. What gives?

The laws of prosperity seem to be just like any other law out here, especially when compared to my gravity analogy a few sentences up in this article. The prosperity laws can be worked successfully by anyone and many of us have got to understand this and not believe that there is some type of reward for walking around poor and broke.

It’s a fine line when attempting to balance the two, because we can also go the other way and lose our salvation when getting drunk on the wealth of this physical world. But then again there is nothing wrong with working the principles of hard work, thrift, investing and the eventual enjoyment that you’ve toiled so hard for. So don’t make anyone try to make you feel guilty for being an example for the things that you have done right in your life when it resulted in success on all levels including the monetary.

As long as you give God the glory and thanks for allowing you to possess the health and fortitude to remain long suffering enough to make it to your new found level of success. Anyone in my midst who exudes these principles on a righteous level will always get my very vocal appreciation because of their example and validation that God’s way works!

Never feel that those who have worked those principles are automatically a God fearing individual, too many of us bestow this great level of respect on those who are nothing more than demons in disguise. Like I said earlier, ANYONE can work those principles and gain material wealth. The trick is to NEVER compromise your principles to attain it like so many others have to lose out on a salvation that can never be purchased.

…….so to wrap it up, one of the greatest things were told to me by my old friend Jack Griffin, he told me that whatever it is that I do, let it be something that is done to the glory of God!

So if you desire to achieve great wealth, make sure you are planning to do something good for the world around you with it. But if your desire for great riches are merely for the selfish reasons of a self centered heart, know that while the righteous principles of God can work for you too, it will only get you but so far and never into the Kingdom of God because money alone is not enough!

Staff Writer; Lance Scurvin
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