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How to Lose Weight When Obese.

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Obesity often comes with the sting of unwanted stigma from the general public. Obesity can lower self confidence immensely and leave you feeling like you won’t ever shed the weight. More importantly, obesity is an extremely unhealthy lifestyle that is detrimental for a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight when obese can be exceedingly challenging but the rewards are worth it; restored health, confidence, and less weight. Follow these tips on how to lose weight when obese.

  1. Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

The foundation of any healthy journey starts with food. Food is the core of what we must adjust in our lives in order to lose weight. Poor food choices and eating out of moderation are often the causes of obesity. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Making the right food choices is a process and you can start with small steps.

Some small steps to consider is eliminating all sodas and juices and replacing all of that with pure water. Doing this alone, has the ability to begin helping you lose weight. Sodas and juices are packed with sugar and replacing these unhealthy drinks with water will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Sugar has the opposite effect and makes you want to have more food and sugary drinks thus destroying any effort to lose weight when obese.

Change your diet and you can change your life. Start small and continue to ramp it up each week. Eat less carbs and sugar and begin cooking meals at home instead of ordering out. Cooking at home can help you gain confidence and feel proud of the nutritious foods you are able to make.

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  1. Research Peptides

Peptides continue to be studied to see their effect on weight loss. Fragment 176-191 was studied in a clinical trial of mice and while healthy mice did not experience any change while using this peptide, obese mice lost weight. The mice that were not overweight were able to maintain their weight while on Fragment 176-191.

  1. Drink Water

Drinking Water is a powerful source of losing weight when obese. Hydration is essential in boosting your body’s stamina to continue doing the steps necessary to lose weight such as working out. If you don’t drink enough water, especially when obese, your body simply won’t have the endurance to get through a rigorous workout. Begin by drinking at least eight cups of water a day. This will help you curb your cravings, hydrate your body, and give you the energy to workout.

4. Exercise

Many times, people are able to lose weight simply by changing their diet. But obesity needs a bit of a tougher approach. Exercise is essential in burning the body’s excess fat and turning it into lean and fit muscle. Physical fitness is key in losing weight when obese. Try joining a gym that has a supportive community to help you. Boxing classes, zumba, biking, and so many other options are available at most local gyms in order to lose weight, have fun, and meet people while doing so. What could be better?

If you’re not ready to join a gym, start by taking walks every day rain or shine. 30 minute walks are a great time to start with and 15 minutes is better than nothing at all. Walk in the morning or evening or both. Start with a brisk walk and continue to boost your efforts each week increasing speed and mileage. Your body will thank you and you’ll notice a change.

  1. No Excuses

Obesity often brings feelings of bitterness and resentment but those who are ready to make a change will toss all excuses. Excuses are not an obesity problem, they are a human problem but when we ditch the excuses we find our goals more attainable. Don’t allow the bad days, the insults, and the obstacles that stand in your way keep you from living a healthy life. The question of how to lose weight when obese is a simple one, it begins where excuses end.

Staff Writer; Doug Johnson


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  1. Lori Jones says:

    I am emailing you to say that this was a great quick read! It was direct and straightforward! Keep up the good work!

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