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Black Community: Disposable.

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(ThyBlackMan.com)  DISPOSE – the root word of the word disposable makes it one of the simplest of words to understand.  It suggests to all that something has reached the end of its usefulness and should/will/must be discarded or eliminated.

I began taking a harder, deeper look at the word “disposable” when cloth diapers were replaced by disposable diapers.  I think that folks in, and preceding, my generation were accustomed to “durable goods” which would have a lengthy, useful service life.  So often at the end of the original service life of these “durable goods,” they were re-purposed for additional utility.  The aforementioned diapers often served two or more infants consecutively.  Some remember, when they were no longer fit for infant use, old diapers (cleaned and washed) were found as rags used for washing cars, dusting, or other down-to-earth purposes. That was then!

Black Community - Disposable.

Nowadays there are far fewer “durable goods.”  “Useful service-life” has gone the way of “durable goods” and is, if at all, marginally applicable in the contemporary lexicon.

The one undesirable application of the term disposable is as it is currently applied to African Americans.  As we see increasing incidents of acts of genocide against African Americans, we can only infer that perpetrators of this genocide view us as “disposable.”  Certain names bring this brutal reality into focus.  Floyd, Bland, Taylor, Brown, Till, and a myriad of other decedents illustrate my point.

Recently, at Tyson’s Corner, a Northern Virginia shopping center 14 driving miles from Washington, DC, a young Black man was shot to death.  According to WTOP, a local news radio, website:

Police in Fairfax County, Virginia shot and killed a man who they said was suspected of stealing from a store in Tyson’s Corner Center. Police did not say whether the man was armed.

Fairfax County Police Chief Davis said the alleged theft happened inside the mall. The man ran from the police into a small, heavily wooded area nearby the shopping center. A uniformed officer and a plainclothes officer gave chase, and Davis said police issued commands. At some point during that chase, the two officers discharged their firearms but Davis did not say what caused them to shoot.That man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and was pronounced dead. No officers were hurt, Fairfax County police said.

That man, unarmed 37-year-old Timothy Johnson, was suspected of shoplifting a pair of sunglasses. According to Washington’s NBC4, after viewing the eight-minute body-camera video, Johnson’s mother, Melissa Johnson, said, “No parent, no parents should have to view the killing of their child and then be asked to give remarks.” She added, “The only thing they knew was that he was black and male and had allegedly triggered an alarm at a store for some sunglasses.  Was shoplifting right? Absolutely not. But we have laws in place to address shoplifting.  Should my son have been murdered because he shoplifted from the mall?”

Ms. Johnson asks a valid question.  Stated differently, is shoplifting a capital crime?  Should we continue to lose lives at the hands of individuals who, arguably, perceive us as “disposable?”  Sergeant Wesley Shifflett, a seven-year veteran has been terminated for a “failure to live up to the expectations of a particular use of force policies, protocols, and procedure.”

As African Americans, we must also focus on our collective disposal.  I recently read a social media meme by Milan Kundera which states the obvious:

“To liquidate people, you start by depriving them of their memory.  They destroy your books, your culture, and your history.  And someone else writes other books, gives them another culture, and invents another story; after that, people slowly begin to forget what they are and what they were.  And the world around you forgets even faster.”  Familiar?

Written By Dr. E. Faye Williams

Official website; http://www.efayewilliams.com/



26 Responses to “Black Community: Disposable.”
  1. Dwight says:

    Let’s say Police kill 100 Black Males a year. Im trying to stop 6500-7000 Black Males
    from killing each other.

  2. L.D. says:

    Make sure you preface the title of this piece to understand that criminality of ANY ethnicity will not be tolerated. It bothers me that the narrative is that blacks have everything to fear from police officers. So why don’t the alleged criminals just submit and THEN file complaints and take legal action?

  3. Rich says:

    So self-accountability is completely out the question for us as black people?

  4. kim says:

    maybe you should have done the work yourselves in your fields and built your own America without sailing across the ocean to buy and steal human beings from their land, then abuse, sexualize and murder them when you deemed them a threat! so let’s execute them all now demonize them! by the way if you took away all their knowledge of self-names, culture. pride. self-worth and taught them your American ways this is the final product! America manufactured this! sailing across the Earth recking havoc and claiming superiority over everything! you REAP what you SOW indeed you shall see!

    • Michael says:

      “….this is the final product! America manufactured this! …”
      Kim, respectfully, I don’t agree with you. Mr. Timothy Johnson was not “manufactured” to be a shoplifter and a thief. I believe his parents raised him, and wanted him to have an positive impact to the society. His mother, Ms. Melissa Johnson, agrees “shoplifting is not right”.

  5. Michael says:

    Mr. Timothy Johnson was NOT killed because of shop lifting. The event was triggered by shoplifting, then ran from police into “heavily wooded area”.
    Please don’t steal, be a good citizen. Follow law enforcement orders, and we all can go back to our love ones safely. Please, please don’t steal, and follow law enforcement orders.

    • Sybil Leach says:

      Clear people-white people steal every day. They are just managed handled differently. Oh, the fuckery.

  6. nk says:

    African americans account for roughly 13 percent of the population but commit around 40% of the violent crime. Per capita, black people are 8x more likely to commit murder. How are you gonna say that racism is the issue? Stop killing each other and maybe people will stop being afraid

    • Count Raoul says:

      Sadly nk your words are spot on. And sadly, those that write these types of articles know the facts and refuse to face them. The subject of white vs black criminal activity is worth debating. Unfortunately, those representing the black position use anecdotal evidence while the rest of us use real statistics. So sad.

      • nk says:

        And then you’re immediately labeled a racist for pointing out facts. The world is so backwards. Sympathize with the criminals and demonize the people just trying to make it through life honestly

        • Sybil Leach says:

          Clear people-white people steal every day. They are just managed handled differently. Oh, the fuckery.

    • TG says:

      So let me get this straight. You’re saying that because Black people commit more murders, that if a Black man shoplifts and run, that justifies shooting him. Is that what you mean? That those other murders by other people at those other times justifies shooting this shoplifter who ran away?

      What about jaywalking? Can a Black man be shot for jaywalking and running away? What if I remove that tag off my mattress? That sounds ridiculous, but so does being shot for shoplifting a pair of shades and running away.

      • nk says:

        Thats not at all what I said. Im saying there is racism and prejudice because of the way the black community acts. Don’t be a criminal, and don’t sympathize with criminals and encourage them to try and run away and not be held accountable for being bad people. Do better as a community and racism/prejudice will fade. dont just complain that people are racist and do nothing to fix the problem.

  7. Houston Oro says:

    You won’t get shot if you don’t run. Hiding in the woods, unknown if you have a weapon aimed at the officers. Why not list the names of all the black children killed in Chicago and New York by black thugs. Why not list the names of all the white officers killed by black felons. Fair is fair. The talk I have with my 16 year old grandson is simple. Obey, comply, be respectful. Take it to COURT not the street.

    • Sharon says:

      That only works for White folk. Racist police will shoot and kill and unarmed black man just because. You’ve seen it over and over, but you won’t tell the truth about it. A white man can fight the police, spit on them, cuss them out, but the police will find a way to take them into custody and NOT shoot to kill them. Double standards are happening most of the time when it comes to black and whites when involved with the police.

      • nk says:

        Thats just not true. You’re seeing social media bias. You don’t see the thousands of interactions every day that dont turn violent. Youre also not seeing the stories of the unarmed white people who get killed because that doesnt make headlines. I urge you to research statistics rather than basing everything off emotions and biased news media.

      • Spence says:

        Sharon, I hear you. But regardless of the color of the victim, they are all tragedies. IMO, the focus for a solution should be colorblind, that is, the cops should never be harassing, beating, or killing people (with justifiable exceptions). Training cannot be by double standard in the opposite direction, ie they should not have standing orders to not harass, beat, or kill Blacks but it is ok to harass, beat, and kill Whites until the statistics look politically correct. All police should have it in their head that, unless threatened with lethal force, they are not allowed to use lethal force…and not allowed to harass people for driving while Black, or beat up “suspects”, or chase a shoplifter with their guns out.

    • Sybil Leach says:

      You white people are the biggest criminals in the World. Yourself entitlement is what gets you off. You are all lying grifters. You all and your ancestors stole, pilfered, and killed off people already here on these stolen lands when your dumb asses got lost. Shut the fuck up. Crimes against African people is your game… you all are hateful jealous of ppl of color self-entitled idiots. Shut the f… up.

      • JW says:

        Sybil, it sounds as if you have your mind made up. I am sorry you feel this way. I hope you don’t carry this hatred throughout your whole life. I hope you give decent people a chance to show you that there is a lot of love in this world. You and I benefit from living in America. If you hate its inhabitants so much, why don’t you go somewhere else to live? Are you just angry with everybody? If you are it won’t matter what your ethnicity is, you WILL make enemies. I hope you find peace in your life and make real connections with all kinds of people. I hope you look to those who have set the example for young black women (Michelle Obama, Winsome Sears, Toni Morrison, Ketanji Brown Jackson, etc…) and know that you can do anything. Nobody is holding you back but your own fear. You are a beautiful human being, so I ask that you share your beauty, vice hatred, with everybody. God Bless you with the courage to rise above your bias and hatred.

  8. Michael Nickell says:

    When you act like a racist nigger you get treated like a racist nigger

  9. Pat says:

    How come you do not talk about the people that are committing these crimes & talk about how they should not run from a police officer. Most of these people are repeat offenders. Young people are taught that Police Officers are the problem, while I agree that there are some racist P.O.S police officers out there, I was once a victim to this but I did what the police officer said & then went to court & the police officer was proven wrong.
    We need to get better police officers with better pay with more training, the police officers make almost as much as someone working at Hobby Lobby.
    Thanks for listening & really would appreciate your view on this.

    • nk says:

      You won’t ever get that viewpoint because it doesnt fit the narrative and it requires rational thought, not an emotional knee-jerk reaction. Throw logic out the window when it comes to dealing with the type of person who thinks that committing a crime then running from the police is acceptable.

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