Marijuana (aka… Weed) Is Deadly: The Real Truth.

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( First of all, if you are a marijuana/pot head, I expect you to resist the facts and make excuses. Most people who want to continue to smoke weed do not want to acknowledge the truth. I also expect you to try and contradict the facts with data you have never checked independently of where you found it. Therefore I will present those facts that are verifiable, well known knowledge and clearly understood by every person who addresses this issue with a pure heart and not a hidden agenda to get high.

This article is only in reference to recreational marijuana, not medical marijuana. With these things in mind, here are the reasons (facts) why marijuana must be made illegal. Just remember this is a partial list of reasons and common sense should tell all of us that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. If you have been told otherwise, you have been deceived. And because so many people seem to smoke marijuana, others believe it is ok. But that’s just not true. Marijuana Addiction is a real thing, and one should seek help if dependent on such a drug.


The THC in marijuana is addictive and the medical industry knows it. Ask any doctor you like and see what he/she says. The mental health industry also knows it too.

Legalizing marijuana will create a new rehab industry and the medical industry knows that too. The government knows that as well and they have all the research and test cases on either side of the coin, not just part of it.

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Marijuana, unlike cigarettes, is a mind-altering drug. This is what the governments says – the same government that is trying to legalize marijuana and deceive you into thinking it is harmless. And even if you don’t experience all of the reactions or affects below, that does not mean you are ok. As for cigarettes, remember everybody was smoking them and ignoring the warnings of the Surgeon General for decades. But now the research is irrefutable and the victims and the devastation are obvious.

Marijuana over-activates part of the brain.

Marijuana alters the mind in the following ways:

  1. altered senses (for ex. seeing bright colors)
  2. altered sense of time
  3. changes in mood
  4. impaired body movement
  5. difficulty with thinking and problem solving
  6. impaired memory
  7. reduced thinking and learning functions
  8. long-term use has been linked to mental illness (paranoia, hallucinations, schizophrenia)
  9. depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts among teens

Marijuana affects your physical health.

1.   breathing problems from prolonged use or exposure

2.   increased heart rate (for hours)

3.   thus may increase chances of heart attacks

4.   problems with pregnancy – increased risk of behavioral and brain problems in babies

Marijuana does not solve problems. Many people who smoke marijuana are trying to escape life, stress or depression. But marijuana is not a solution. When the high is over, the marijuana user has less money, no high and problems that return because they never really went anywhere.

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Legalizing marijuana will not decrease the prison or jail population like you think it will. First of all, criminals are not sent to prison for using marijuana. Secondly, those in jail for using marijuana do not stay locked up very long because they are released and/or placed on probation to make room for other inmates with more severe crimes. The idea that marijuana users are filling up our jails and staying there to soak up tax payer dollars is an exaggeration at best and a lie at worse.

Street Weed is often laced with several poison chemicals. These chemicals include rat poison and embalming fluid, to name a few. If you do not believe this, do your research into what is found in street weed. The toxic chemicals enhance the high, prolong the high and allow the dealers to stretch the supply. Did you really think street weed drug dealers were offering pure marijuana? Ask a police officer about that then wake up. A good test to see if the “weed” is laced is to look at what you paid for it.

Marijuana usage devastates the life of our teens. It interferes with concentration, thus education.

Marijuana is therefore not harmless. How would you like to have an operation while the surgeon is high on marijuana? How would you like to encounter a police officer on duty while he is high on marijuana? What about an ambulance driver taking your mother to the hospital while he is under the influence of marijuana? Driving while impaired by marijuana actually doubles the risk of a car crash.

If marijuana is legalized, there is no industry that can regulate it’s purity at the time of sell. Which industry is stepping up to regulate “quality marijuana”? Then how would you know if you are getting pure marijuana or not when you visit an “authorized dealer”?

Marijuana increases violence.

You may say it doesn’t and many others will agree. But that is because they are not asking the right questions on purpose. Ask those incarcerated people who recently committed a crime if they had smoked marijuana recently. There is your link. Ask them where they got it. Off the street. Most did not grow it in their backyards or greenhouses. Thus the street weed laced with hundreds of other chemicals and poisons causes some very strange, bold and deadly behaviors.

Marijuana is not a victimless crime.

The user is the victim. If we legalize marijuana, we might as well legalize prostitution. The family of the user is the victim. The teachers in school are the victims. Society is the victim. Some honest states, courts and congressmen and women realize this.

The legalization of marijuana will not stop black market weed dealers.

Marijuana smoking has been compared to alcohol during the Prohibition. But that was a totally different time, this is a completely different generation and comparing apples and oranges is a deception. At some point the weed store will close for the night. And unless “legal marijuana distributors” give the public as much as they want, whenever they want, at whatever age they want and for the price they want, there will be a black market of drug dealers who will do just that and fill that void. Street drug dealers will simply open up after the marijuana store closes.

Marijuana is a gateway drug that requires greater and greater usage then other drugs. Even if you could show statistics on pure marijuana usage to disprove part of this point, the claim I just made would still be true of street weed and you cannot guarantee it’s purity. Nor is it likely to be pure. Your local street drug dealer knows this. Research also shows many people who later used harder and more deadly drugs first started with marijuana. If you smoke marijuana all the time, soon it will be harder to reach the same high. You will then have to smoke more and some people move to something harder and stronger.

This article is only a tiny portion of the research that tells the truth. And for those of you who want to offer information to contradict these findings, I can offer 10 reputable sources for every one you share. Check with your doctor. Check with your local police officer. Check with the CDC. But wake up!

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