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Foods That Kill – Read The Labels.

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( This article could save your life. But unfortunately many of you will not listen and some of you will neither read nor heed the warnings. So I find myself in Jonah’s shoes again, wanting to let what happens happen. But a part of me is like Noah, and that part of me wants to give you a warning. A warning about the foods you eat that are covertly causing disease and disability. Working against your body, health and nutrition, not working in favor of any of the above. Foods that are packed with poison. Foods That Kill!


Now I am not a medical doctor. But neither is a nutritionist, nor a dietitian. Yet your friendly neighborhood hospital nutritionist and dietitian are not likely to tell you most of what I am about to share. Why not? Because if they work in the hospital, they are likely a part of the other group. The group that does not focus on real preventive health and wellness. Sometimes you may find one here or there who is courageous enough to go against the two serpents wrapped around a stick. But good luck with that. So what is it they are not telling you?

Many of the foods you eat contain poison, ingredients that your body can neither digest well nor detox. Ingredients that are synthetic. Ingredients your body was not created to ingest. And because so many of you are simply too lazy to read the labels on the foods you eat and feed your children, the poison goes right down your throat as if you are drinking a fresh pot of Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid – tropical punch to knock you the bleep out. But don’t worry. I am going to give you proof and plenty of examples, at least enough to stir your interest and hopefully get you to start reading the labels on what you eat. And because my intent is to wake you up and get you started, this will be a short article. I am therefore not going to do all your homework for you.

Many of the foods you eat contain ingredients that cause cancer and the FDA or USDA knew that when they allowed these ingredients into your food (personal products and medicine). It has been said that 70% of your immune system strength comes from your gut health. Interesting because look what is in the gut or near it. Your small intestine, kidneys, colon (large intestine), appendix, bladder, liver and spleen. Key organs of your digestive system. And when something clogs them, poisons them or works to disable their efficiency, your gut is in trouble. Thus your immune system is in trouble. Thus your body is in trouble. So let’s expose a few of the food additive perpetrators.

BPA and BPH found in the lining of canned goods damages your body. Yellow, red and blue dye number 40 and so on in everything from cheap ice cream to skittles and other candies to devil’s food cake and all those other heavily processed cakes in the deli/bakery area that taste so good are a mix of toxic, synthetic chemicals and only a few natural ingredients. The shakes you drink from the fast-food places often are not milkshakes because they contain chemicals instead of milk. And what the bleep is frosty mix from Wendy’s? You don’t know, do you? You just know you like it. So all the food manufacturers have to do is make poison taste good and into your grocery basket it goes. Hey, what are the chemicals in the baby formulas you feed your infants without reading the labels? Then we wonder why children 5 years old are walking around with cancer, ADD or a bunch of other medical problems. I laughed and shook my head when they said there was a shortage of baby formula. What the bleep is baby formula anyway? What about what grandmama gave your parents? It worked didn’t it? And nobody said in this decade there was a milk shortage, so what’s the problem? Too many people are hooked on processed poison because it makes life easier, at least until it catches up with you.

Black Man Shopping - Junk Food.



So you trusted the USDA and FDA to protect you, did you? That is a problem because every single item they have turned around and pulled off the shelf is an item they approved years earlier when they told you it was “safe”.

You do not need to eat titanium dioxide, polysorbate 80 (in some ice cream sandwiches) or propylene glycol, all dangerous and in foods on the store shelf and freezers. TBHQ, another chemical poison “goodie”, is found in snack foods, especially those frozen pizzas some of you stack up on. Did you ever stop to Google “the truth about TBHQ”? Or “the truth about _______ (you fill in the blank)”?

Now you have to wonder about GMOs, genetically modified organisms. They are all over the store shelves where you shop. So are cloned and bioengineered foods. Are the foods you are eating actual real foods? And you have to ask the question why Bill “poison vaccinate the world” Gates is buying so much farmland in the United States. And by the way, the cheapest foods in the largest quantities are the most dangerous. These foods are targeted to the poorest of the population who want the absolute most for the money. They are not expected to read.


The poisons I named and many others (like EDTA) are slipping through and approved because in small quantities they appear not to damage the body. But the researchers know you are going to eat the foods you like and the foods that are cheap and convenient over and over and over again. So over time those poisons build up in your body, especially when your body cannot digest them, when they enter your bloodstream and when your body cannot detox them.

Another way these poisons slip through is bogus studies doctored to make the chemicals look safe or non-threatening. So when a study comes out that tells the truth, 3 more arise that refutes the truth and convinces people to keep on eating and drinking the poison. One acquaintance of mine stated it well. He said “they have to get rid of toxic chemicals some king of way, so they make them taste good and away they go right down your throat”. Truer words were never spoken. And combined with the lack of interest in your health until sometime goes horribly wrong, the zombie approach to prevention, the laziness of people not wanting to read labels, the disbelief any of this is true and the mistaken idea you can’t do anything about it but eat and drink it anyway, the poisons have a wide-open path right down your throat then all over your body.


The charcoal you grill with is a carcinogen, a cancer-causing ingredient. And the lighter fluid some of you still use makes it worse. So that char-grilled look and taste you brag about is poisoning you. The shiny stuff lining the bag of your microwave popcorn – another carcinogen. Even the white sugar. Oh the famous white sugar in the 4 or 5 pound bag. Dominates or Dixie Killer or store brand. Sugar is not naturally white, and neither is that white rice you eat. Both bleached with guess what? BLEACH and/or chlorine gas. And all the while all you had to do is look up higher on the shelves, pay a little more and buy organic, unbleached pure cane sugar. But wait, you will love this. Have you ever heard of L-cysteine? It is a sticky substance used in many breads (especially the cheap bread) and a lot of pizza dough.


Do you wonder why some of us buy organic, read the labels and use our phones to look up ingredients to know what they are and what they do? It’s called being smart. And for those of you who thought you were swearing off meat, hear is a surprise for you. Have you ever eaten a marshmallow or Jell-O or a processed box cupcake or twinkie or the meringue on a cheap processed fake pie? You were likely eating meat something. That stuff comes from the gel you see oozing out of the turkey, ham, steak, chicken or pork chop bones. When it is whipped fast and a little color and sugar are added, presto – you have cream filling or bootleg meringue.  And the cellulose in your cheap cheese? Oh it may not be poison, but cellulose is wood pulp – yes wood pulp from the tree. Finally, one more. That strawberry smoothie you get from StarB****, in fake shakes or elsewhere might just be the dye from the butt of a beetle. Talk about Beetlejuice? No thanks.

When the poison comes to bite unsuspecting consumers, all of a sudden some want to go on a health kick, a meat free diet and turn over a new leaf. But by then the damaging is in place and growing. And some of you will simply use the doctor as if you are in a boxing match. You go to your corner to get patched up, only so you can go right back out there, keep making the same mistakes and get beat up (or beat down) all over again. Finally, just like in boxing, when your body cannot take anymore, you get knocked the bleep out. Then you die, develop heart problems, diabetes, failed kidneys, brain fog, poor eye sight or whatever else the poisons you ingested could conjure up.

I had colon cancer, and likely because of my diet. I had phenomenal doctors, specialists at the top of their fields. All until I asked them how I got cancer in the first place. Then all I heard was crickets and all I saw was experts who looked like deer caught in headlights. Cancer for me was Hell times 100 and you do not want to get it. Especially self-imposed cancer. In fact, wisdom dictates that you should not want to get sick period. Once something is thrown off, it triggers something else then something else and so on. You do not want that so I hope you are listening. Now is the time for insight, not hindsight. READ THE LABELS!

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