The Beginning Of The End For Kanye West.

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( My fellow African Americans, We saw it coming from a distance in the same way that we saw  the American mainstream media come after Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Prince, Kevin Kaepernick, Kevin Samuels, Tommy Sotomayor and anybody else who is a proud black men and women attempting to speak their mind and acquired things that could facilitate the independence and empowerment of African American communities in America. Now, we are witnessing another “Negro, Biting the Dust!” Yes, brother Kanye West was put back in his place and was reminded that He is still a servant and nothing more. Remember, Kanye that being  a rich black men does not make you equal to those on the top who control the music industry, Entertainment, mainstream news media, television and Hollywood and who are the same who put Brother Nick Cannon back in his negro cage for been out of pocket towards God chosen people and out of line using the platform of the chosen in ways not acceptable to the eyes and ears of those who control America.

About a week or so ago, Kanye West, a talented, musician, clothing designers, billionaire and outspoken personality  made certain remarks about the Religious Community that many believed it was racist and anti-Semitic and others believe it was not; but, instead was just a fact been presented to America to let everyone know the truth about who really owns and control the entertainment and music industry when it relates to Rap, Hip Hop and R&B music. Indeed, it is truth that the people that created rap, Gangster rap, hip hop, freestyle rap, R&B and the genre of music that has created billions dollars in America, do not owned, control, operate, manage or distribute their own music. Of course, I am talking about the African Americans, Blacks, Negros or what ever you want to called them  or refer to them as super predators, monkeys, thugs or bastard children since it does not matter in America, because no one respects or cares about the plight of the  black men and black women of America. Indeed, The black men and  black women of America Do Not Control anything, Do not owned  the music they write, sing,, inspired, create and  produce; but they do control and owned their own sweat.

The Rap and Hip Hop industry brings billions and billions of dollars in revenues every month to the hands and pockets of people who are Not black, African Americans, negros or descendants of African slaves. At the same time, this type of music also refer to as Gangster rap have brought death and destructions to all the inner cities across the nations where there is a predominant black population. The Rap music have destroyed more life’s in the last 20 years than any other disease found in the world. The music that is push by the powers at be of America have created a state of chaos, hopelessness, rape, drugs, murder, bastard children, sexually transmitted diseases, pedophilia and hatred among and within our young black population who are move in the wrong  direction by negative frequencies created by the rap music and hip hop industry also known as “The Music of Death and Destruction“. It should amaze everyone to know that this type of music of Ganster rap is encourage by Hollywood, the Democrats and Racist America towards the black community which promotes the violence in the black inner cities under the guidance of those who controlled the music industry and who are certainly Not Black and neither African Americans.


Just recently Kanye West came on national television on an interview in which He stated that the people controlling Hollywood and the Gate Keepers to the Rap Music industry and Music distribution were not black and have never been black. Now, was He lying or was He telling the truth, which is something that all rappers, entertainers, comedians, athletes, investors etc.. Already know about but refuse to speak about or have any type of conversation with anyone out of fear of loosing their careers and been blackball for not knowing their place as  negros among those in charge. Well, if you are afraid to speak out, then it is time for all  black rappers and black entertainers to walk away and create their own media platform that is control and operated by blacks for blacks for the benefit of blacks under the supervision and management of blacks for blacks. The same goes for athletes in the NBA and NFL were 75% of the players are black or African Americans; yet,  do not control or owned these billion dollar sport industry and neither  control the distributions of endorsements revenues per each game played.

Why Do Rap Music Promote Death and destruction in Black America?

In one of my Articles titled “A Message to Black Rappers destroying the African American Community“, I explain how the Young generations of black rappers are writing songs and singing verses and lyrics promoting killing, raping, shooting, beaten, assaulting, robbing, and or stealing into the listening ears of black America, while at the same time calling our beautiful black sisters the “B” word for bitch and our brothers the “N” word for niggers in every song that is pushed by Hollywood and those who controlled the industry into our broken homes and impoverish community. These types of vulgarity and indecency of black rap music creates negative vibrations, negative energy, negative frequencies that inadvertently causes negative, violent, aggressive, sexual and emotional unstable behaviors into the minds, souls and hearts of our  black Christian Children which has resulted in the continuous downfall of the African American communities in America. No other race or culture allows this type of music to be created, shared, propagated and sold into the minds, souls and hearts of their children and their community. So why do we black people allowed it to happen to us and to be control and manipulate by individuals  who do not look like us, think like us and suffered like us.

Dear Kanye West, I hope now you understand that you will always be a “Negro” regardless if you are poor, rich, educated, single, married, unemployed or successful in the eyes of the people you claim or assert to control the black music industry. Well, you have been put you in check and America has cried to Hollywood to cancel  you completely and demand other corporations to cancel all contracts, businesses, and schools that you build and or have partnership. You are now on the list and they will make you disappear like Michael Jackson, Prince, Bill Cosby or they might just have you on a worldwide apology tour similar to the one that super star Nick Canon was put through in order to get back his own show that he created but did not control or owned. Mr. Ye or Danda! since America has given you a “Nigger Wake Up Call”, it is time for you to give them a goodbye call by taking your $100 million dollars out of your saving and checking accounts help by the ones you dislike and proceed to put it all in a Black Owned Bank such as One United Bank. It is time for You, Kanye West, to tell your black followers and friends such as Candace Owens that if they really love black America and care so much for the well being of Black entertainers and the black vote, then you must begin the black transition of putting all your wealth and sponsorship in all owned black banks, black businesses, black private schools, Black HBCU’s and black neighborhoods. Yes, Kanye, it is time to come back home where you came from and begin to make amends with black America, but, mores to advise all your fans to boycott any business that turned their backs on you  and your vision for the world.

I am calling on all the black fans and supporters of Kanye West to show your support for Kanye by demanding that all rap music and distribution of the black music that created the Hip Hop standard around the world, to be owned and control by black people who are loyal to the plight of the black men and black women  and who are proud to be black and willing to fight and die for the black movement of freedom, empowerment and reparations and retributions for slavery. All black men and black women listening to rap music should only purchase black music that is owned and distributed by black people.  All black rappers must stop, making, writing and  singing music that provokes and instills negative stereotypes of their community; Additionally, black rappers need to stop using the N-word and the B-word towards anyone who is black. All black rappers need to  deposit and invest their money and employment earnings from all income sources into Black owned banks and black owned financial institutions. No black men or black women should put any money or invest or spend a dime or nickel in a store or business owned by someone of a different race or culture. All African Americans need to invest and support everything that is black and owned by blacks in order to established a balance of check and systems that will benefit our black community and thus create generational wealth for our black young generations and the ability to build dozens of Black Wall Streets in every state were there is a black population that is willing to fight and die to protect their neighborhoods from Racist America and from those who are preventing black America from controlling our own Rap Music and Hip Hop industries.

With that said, I hope this article reaches Kanye West and Candace Owens and hopefully they will see that their little theatrical event of “White Live Matter” did not saved Kanye’s reputations from been tainted and from been called something that He is not. Kanye West, all your business ventures and contracts have been thrown to the garbage and dispose like sewage in a treatment plant; So, welcome to reality, Ye or Danda! since You are a negro regardless if you are rich and a superstar because the ones who control the music industry have made it clear to let you know that and let the world know to stop doing  business with you. Anyways, come back home to Black America, Kanye. I love you and poor black people love’s you to, so start fixing and helping the poor black communities by putting your schools, businesses, and black owned banks in the ghetto’s of the inner cities of black America.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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