Black Sistas FREE YOURSELF from the Clutches of the UN-Conscious Community!

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( Black women, free yourself from the ideologies of the so-called conscious community. Knowing what I know in this moment, I wouldn’t follow a black man anywhere on this planet and especially into an all-black society, as I no longer trust in the ability and willpower of most American black males to put the animals in check in our community and respond appropriately to the violence perpetuated upon black girls and black women. I thank goodness for the few black men who have done what they could within their power to bring attention to the abuse, molestation, rape, murder, slut-shaming, and domestic violence that black women and black girls often face at the hands of sociopathic and abusive males whether it is a spouse, boyfriend, friend, or relative. But unfortunately, there are too few good black men that are making an impact in stopping the violence against women and girls in our community.

Black men aren’t even scratching the surface in making a dent in the sex trafficking industry, especially in the Atlanta area where the masses of sex trafficking victims are young black girls and black women. Black men have also failed to make a significant impact inside their own homes and families as it relates to their pedophilic brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc., many of whom have never been reported to the police for molesting and raping children. In fact, many tend to protect their pedophile uncles, brothers, cousins, husbands, boyfriends, and even the next-door neighbor whom they know rape and molest little girls and boys. Black men know who the pedophiles are in the neighborhood, but the man code often prevent them from having integrity and protecting victims. Because little girls and women are expendable to many men, it’s not a top priority for them to protect us. It’s not important for them to report whenever a crime has been committed against us.


While I have observed the online community, especially YouTube for the past year plus following the news that broke about Brother Polight’s arrest in Miami on August 16, 2021, for sexual assault against a minor, which is a 14-year-old girl who is the daughter of Polight’s 31-year-old girlfriend whom he had dated for one year, I have seen people not condemn pedophiles and make excuse after excuse about a little girl seducing a grown-ass man, which is not something that any defense team in America would argue in a court of law before a judge and jury, as it is illegal to engage sexually with a minor between the ages of 12 and 17 in the state of Florida. In fact, it is called statutory rape if a man or woman of legal age have sex with a minor who is under the legal age of consent, which is 18 years old in the state of Florida.

Not only are there certain individuals making YouTube videos who are incriminating themselves publicly while they talk about everything from the mother being a whore and allowing her daughter to leave the hotel with Brother Polight to vehemently slut-shaming both the mother and daughter, a 14-year-old girl who is the victim of Brother Polight, these individuals have somehow concluded in their mentally underdeveloped brain that the little girl threw herself at Polight, made him gain an erection, made him ejaculate on a little girl, and that he is a possible victim. I even heard a black woman during a YouTube livestream who came out in defense of Brother Polight making asinine statements which says more about her psychotic mentality toward girls and women than it says about the pedophiles who molest girls and boys.

This woman said, “By the time these girls are teenagers, that they have a predatory Jezebel mentality.” This woman continued saying, “Yes, there were things that were found on this woman’s clothing or this young girl’s clothing. But let’s just…let me paint a picture. What if this young girl was the predator, that anytime anyone is raped doesn’t mean that the bodily function don’t adhere to nature’s response meaning that if she was a predator in a given situation that Polight may have been in a situation where he was vulnerable that there was a female young predator that he may have given the Y to a situation unvoluntarily pushing her off in an aggressive manner to get away from the situation.” This woman sounds completely brainwashed! More than likely, she is a bonafide member of the conscious community!

She’s referring to a 14-year-old victim of Brother Polight’s as a sexual predator! Neither Florida police officers on the night that the girl’s mother reported Polight for her daughter being inebriated and her mouth swollen, and the State of Florida who charged Polight with sexual assault, sexual battery and engaging with a minor between the ages of 12 and 17 will see a 14-year-old girl as a sexual predator, as she is not of legal age to consent in the state of Florida. Not only did Polight’s DNA come back in July conclusive with the semen samples collected from the minor’s neck and clothing on the night of February 27, 2021, but the DNA match puts Polight at the scene of the crime on the 27th of February. The State of Florida doesn’t see a 14-year-old “predator” who seduced a grown-ass man.

The State of Florida sees a grown man who is a possible sexual predator of women, and a pedophile that groomed the mother and daughter, which led up to him sexually assaulting the mother’s daughter in a hotel room. The evidence that the Florida DA’s office has of Polight’s DNA, collected after a DNA warrant was served against him on June 8, 2021, matching the semen samples collected from the young victim’s neck and clothing is enough for the State of Florida to get a solid conviction against Michael Noak (aka Brother Polight). I doubt if this narcissist takes a plea deal. If he does, I will be shocked.

The same statements expressed by the woman who made comments comparing the 14-year-old victim to a sexual predator is what pedophiles think about young children they rape and molest. They either blame the victim for their sexual abnormality, or they say the child lied on them. In fact, pedophiles don’t see the children they rape or molest as victims. The pedophile often sees himself as the victim. According to pedophiles, it was the child’s fault that she or he got raped or molested. Most pedophiles in the world are not only mentally underdeveloped, but they have a mental disease or defect. They cannot reason normally like a normal thinking person, as they often have a history of mental illness as well as mental illness in their family history.

In truth, the mother of the 14-year-old girl never agreed to allow Polight to take her daughter off the hotel premises. According to the mother’s statement to the police on the same night that the sexual assault took place against her daughter, the mother was freshening up inside the hotel room when the daughter complained of being hungry. It was Polight that offered to take the daughter down to the hotel lobby to join the other people they’d been traveling with. The daughter was supposed to join the other people in their traveling group that was already downstairs in the lobby, so she could have dinner with them. It was Polight that manipulated the 14-year-old girl by telling her once they were downstairs in the hotel lobby that the other people had left the hotel, and went to an after party at a club, and they should go there.

He also told her that he’d get her something to eat on the way to the after party, which there was no after party at any club. Polight drove her to a vacant club and told her that he needs to find out where the after party is being held, and that they should go get a hotel room, and wait there to find out where the others had gone. He supplied the girl with alcohol containing several various drugs. The victim fell in and out of consciousness inside the car and again inside the hotel room where he started dancing in front of her, and then pulled out his penis and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. But she passed out, and he put his fingers inside her mouth to cause her to regurgitate the illegal substances he’d given her unbeknownst to the victim. At some point, the mother called Polight asking, “Where is my daughter?” Polight lied saying, “We’re at the after party.” The mother demanded him to bring her daughter back and said that the group never saw the girl in the hotel lobby.

Sex trafficking of black girls and black women is very much a business in which black men have given up their integrity for money, because mostly, black men are about themselves and what they can get. In sex trafficking organizations, victims are regularly supplied with drugs and alcohol. Next to being a paid soldier, prostitution is probably one of the oldest professions on the planet. Minors have always been victimized in every civilization, every country, every nation, especially the ancient nations. In ancient times, young girls (i.e., virgins; 11, 12, 13-year-olds) were betrothed to much older males. In certain Hebrew Israelite groups, it is taught that girls of 9 years are of ripe age for child marriage and birthing.

In 44 U.S. states, child marriage is legal. Only in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island must a minor be 18 years old to get married. American Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have ended child marriage. There is no place on this planet where children are completely safe from sexual predators and pedophiles. In fact, there is a current movement in which pedophilic activists and perpetuators want to get pedophilia written into law as a sexual orientation and make pedophiles a protected class like the LGBTQ community.

Can you imagine living in the United States in which pedophilia became legal? All the persons we see currently on YouTube caping for Brother Polight, and other known pedophiles while slut-shaming Polight’s former girlfriend, which is the mother and slut-shaming her daughter, continuing to place blame on the victims of childhood rape and molestation, would actively go after people’s children, even child relatives. Because their sexual desire for children is a mental defect, and a lack of mental development, pedophiles do not recognize any morality or present-day legal issues pertaining to having sex with minors. Unfortunately, pedophiles see their behavior as normal as a grown person sees having sex with another grown person as normal. A minor cannot legally consent to sex with a person of legal age because the minor’s brain is not fully developed for the complete capacity of understanding his or her actions when making decisions about sex. Because pedophiles are of legal age, this puts complete culpability upon the pedophile because a minor is not of legal age to consent to sex.

Polight, 38, has absolutely no remorse for what he has done to a 14-year-old girl, as he doesn’t recognize anything immoral or unlawful about his sexual deviance for minors and underaged girls. Like many pedophiles, he has no moral compass when it comes to engaging illegally with a young girl, which is probably why he will plead not guilty on September 15th in court. Polight’s master teacher and god, Dr. Malachi Z. York, was also missing the empathy chip and, therefore, as the narcissist he was, groomed and seduced hundreds of children whose parents were members of the Nuwaubian Nation.

Dr. York is currently serving a 135-year prison sentence inside a supermax prison in Colorado on conspiracy and fraud, and multiple counts of child rape and molestation. His son, Prince York, took a plea deal in his 2017 case of child abuse of a five-year-old boy. In this case, the child’s mother had knowledge of the abuse, and because she knew, she was charged as an accessory in the abuse of her son. Because the mother had knowledge that Prince York had been abusing her son, that made her complicit in the abuse of her own child.

Whenever I see old niggas on YouTube and Facebook caping for pedophiles while condemning victims of childhood rape and molestation and blaming their parents or guardians without any evidence of the parent’s complicity in the abuse of his or her minor child, I immediately question whether these old niggas have touched somebody’s child whether in the past or present. Unless you know the full story, it is best you keep your mouth shut. No black man in America should be caping for pedophiles while blaming the parents or the child for a sexual deviant’s mental disease and fetish for children.

Watch these old niggas on YouTube caping for sexual predators and pedophiles, and slut-shaming women and victims of childhood rape and molestation while proclaiming they love black women. It’s all an act. It’s all pretend. These old pedophiles are prevalent in the UN-conscious community, and there are those who separate themselves from pro-black circles, formulating their own rules and moral code. But it’s all a façade. They’re performative. Putting on a show. Then, the next thing you hear these perverts proclaim is they’ve been falsely accused of touching a child or saying a child has lied on them.

Black male degenerates have been a nuisance since the post-Civil War era. The degenerates in black families, and in the neighborhood, continue to be a cancer that is wreaking major havoc upon our families, in the school systems, and even in religious institutions. Many people have turned their back on the black church due to the pedophiles that have wreaked havoc among God’s people and have turned many away from the faith. These wolves in sheep’s clothing have deceived many and have stolen the faith that many Christians once had for the True and Living God (i.e., the Source; the One).

Although my childhood abuser was not a member of any church organization, he played a pivotal role in shaping my early development. My abuser was an older man in his 20s who had a girlfriend at the time. In the late 1970s, my mother and I were living in Miami, Florida. My mother had this older black woman named Ruth look after me while she was working. In Ms. Ruth’s care, I was sexually molested at age 5 by this woman’s nephew. This pedophile sexual deviant put his penis in my mouth and made me suck it. I did not tell my mother what was done to me until I was in my 30s.

Whenever I hear old niggas caping for pedophiles, I am immediately triggered. It sounds like old niggas who are incriminating themselves. It seems Brother Polight’s charges are bringing many people to the forefront and exposing many older pedophiles in the black community and the UN-conscious community even the atheists and skeptics whose been hiding in plain sight, behind computer screens, pixels, and soundbites, disseminating false information and turning many of God’s people away from faith in Him. These false “YouTube” prophets are all over social media deceiving God’s people, and my advice to black women is to regain your faith in God and not allow these wolves in sheep’s clothing to continue tricking and deceiving you into a zombie-like state of nonbelief and ignorance in the True and Living God.

Free yourself from the ideologies and falsehoods taught by the so-called conscious community, as most black males who propel these teachings not only want to replace the True and Living God but are unfit to lead by example and lead the black nation into any form of liberation and freedom. Many in the UN-conscious community even the self-proclaimed atheists and skeptics are some of the biggest degenerates I’ve ever seen in all my 47 years on this planet. They are unfit and unqualified to lead black women anywhere!

It is a time for a revival of the true Church, and every lying demon that has been out here turning God’s people away from their faith and wreaking havoc upon the saints (called-out ones) are going to be in for the rudest awakening of their lives in the next coming years, as the world will see the wonder working power of the True and Living God in our modern times.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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