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LGBT & America: The New Homosexual Babylon.

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( Today is a very sad day in America, or should I say “The New Babylon“? Today morality and the ability to tell right from wrong has been lost that much more in the United States. Today the Supreme Court of the United States overstepped its authority and made the law instead of interpreting it. Today the perversion of Homosexual Marriage is legal all over the country. The country voted against it (as a whole, the majority of states). Presidents both democrat (Clinton) and republican (Bush) signed executive orders against it (The In Defense of Marriage Act). But then came a President like Barack Obama, claiming to be Christian but supporting homosexuality when clearly the Bible does not. Thus either our president is confused or he will intentionally sacrifice his morality for votes and hidden agendas. The Bible says you will know a spirit by the fruit it bares so what do you see?

While we all should have equal rights in this country, that does not mean equal on every single thing. An expectant mother can kill her unborn child but if the father does it, he will be charged with infantacide or maybe even murder. An adult cannot have sex with whomever he/she wants because there are age requirements. You cannot drive your very own car unless you have a license, you are of legal age and you carry insurance. Even then, there are emission restrictions, speed and window tint limitations. All of these things even though it is your car. Rights do not always apply in every area of American life. The freedom of speech, for example, does not apply to hate speech, terroristic threats or threats against the president. American citizens cannot say whatever we want so why should we be able to do whatever we want to do? And at some point, doing whatever you want to do with whomever you want to do it will trample on the rights of others.

This country promotes “In God We Trust” but are these hollow words? The bible says if we trust in the Lord….He will direct our paths. But you and I both know those paths will not be contrary to His Word – and God has a major problem with the abomination known as homosexuality. Ironically, our government says it trusts God on the back of our money, places the Ten Commandments in the halls of Congress and the courts, starts off sessions with prayers and then goes in the complete opposite direction. So maybe the question should be what “god” is our government (the courts, the president and the legislature) trusting in? And for those who support homosexuality, it is NOT the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

No matter what religious belief you have, you know that MARRIAGW WAS INSTITUTED BY GOD, in the sight of God and with God as a part of the covenant – not the United States Supreme Court. Therefore, if the courts cannot uphold the original blueprint, they should stay out of it all together.

What does the Supreme Court ruling mean? It means far less people will reproduce because two people of the same sex biologically were not made to have a baby. It means that homosexuality “sensitivity” will be shoved down the throats of heterosexuals. It means that those of us who stand with God’s Word on homosexuality will be looked at as wrong, homophobic or out of place. It means children will grow up with confusion over the roles of men and women – roles defined by God, not man or the “Supreme” Court. This is the perversion of Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. But remember what happened to them both?

The homosexual movement was never about equal rights. It was about perversion on public display and forcing others to accept it. Why do I say this? Because the sex partner of a man or woman should have been private business for in the bedroom – not in the media, the public square and in the office. The homosexual movement is about hypocrisy – wanting to be accepted for their choices and preferences but not accepting heterosexuals for our disagreement with those choices when they encroach upon our values, spirituality and businesses.

The homosexual movement was and is about power – the power to force others to accept a lifestyle the majority of us know to be sin, perversion and the result of confused people as they rebel against God. But it is bigger than the issue of homosexuality. Once a nation or it’s people start down a road of immorality, it’s only a matter of time before the whole system disintegrates into chaos, anarchy and unspeakable perversion. We have laws on the books today that say people cannot have sex with animals, but they do it and believe it is their right. We have laws on the books against having sex with corpses, but people do it because they believe it’s their right. A man married his pillow last year because he felt it was his “right“. Where does it end? WILL ANYBODY ELSE STAND UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH?

The church in this country (all denominations or non-denominational) has been far too quiet on taking a stand against homosexuality. Does the church stand for much of anything today? Does the church that says it represents Christ actually fear being politically incorrect? Mega-churches around this country and people like Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyers and Joel Olsteen could easily strike a blow in the community against homosexual immorality but what are they doing? Staying behind the safe walls of the building, speaking softly against sin and preaching to those who already know the truth. Christ is/was both the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah. The church has been the sheep amongst wolves long enough. It’s time to take on the nature of the Lion and tear the wolves apart. Will the real church please wake up and raise up? And as for Muslims, this same message is for you. Read your Quran and stand up!

If you are a homosexual and want to rebel against God, don’t shove it down the throats of those of us trying to do the right thing. Yes I have sinned in a dozen other areas and made mistakes, but I don’t blame it on God, I don’t say others have to accept or tolerate it and I don’t make it seem as if it’s my right to do wrong. I do not want my children taught about homosexuality nor brainwashed to sensitive and tolerant of it. Man and woman were created with parts that work together. Man and woman were created with the ability to reproduce. Man and woman were created with clear cut roles – long before the United States existed. Who are we to change these things?

If you are a homosexual and this article makes you angry, the truth usually does. You are lost, confused and headed down a perverted, immoral path that you may realize later on in life. Ultimately rights come from God, not from man. And Johnny can never have two mommies any more than Suzie can have two daddies. Truth is not just about what each person wants to do. And the African American community needs to increase our numbers, not decrease them. We must realize what one person does affect another and return to determining right from wrong. Sure you can come up with a bunch of excuses why you should engage in perversion and immorality. But doing the right thing is a much harder task that requires courage and strong moral values. WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


One Response to “LGBT & America: The New Homosexual Babylon.”
  1. Anirban (Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    Detective Craw:

    I had thought I would give up posting on Internet (last time I posted was March 20, 2020 on Thyblackman). There’s nothing good about homosexuality/lesbian. It’s just bad to worse, with some homosexuals being worse than others. Transexuals are worse and they must abolish this.

    I’m not a Christian and even I know that childhood sex abuse is linked to homosexuality/lesbianism, as if a person is molested by homosexuals, then they’re more likely to turn out gay/lesbian as a result. LGBT have high depression rates which worsens to drugs, drunkards, incl. drunk driving and lgbt people

    Sadly, so many straights have accepted this, incl. this Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman who used to be a prosecutor and since then does criminal defense along with Amerindian civil rights(I used the word Indian rather than native American because all people born in Americas are native American regardless of ethnicity), but if people want to say Native American than that is fine.

    See these posts where this lawyer Brett A. Chapman (who happens to be 1 of the top lawyers in the nation when it comes to Indian reservation law) makes excuses for homosexuality.

    1. Brett Chapman
    Jul 29
    Replying to @brettachapman @precatlady
    Yes, it is odious to be homophobic and treat tribal members who are LGBTQ horribly. But it’s common. It’s literally the norm. Why is that? It doesn’t make them “less Native” or you “a better Native” than them, they just are still influenced by what influences us all.

    So if not mistaken, Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman in subtle language is saying the supports gay pedophiles.

    2. Brett Chapman
    Jul 29
    If we’re being honest, most “tribal elders” in general are going to be homophobic and engage in some sort of Christianity by virtue of their exposure to White supremacist views from Day One. Why are they like this? Colonialism. There’s no degrees of being Native. You are or arent

    So in this post unsurprisingly, Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman blames ‘White Christian supremacists’ for why American Indian elders in general are against LGBT. King James Pastors Roger O. Jimenez and Patrick Alan Boyle have both said that God is not White, he’s not American and he isn’t any race.

    There’s many more but lawyer Brett Alan Chapman must know as he prosecuted and defended drunk drivers in that people who are LGBT given that they have high depression rates, that when it worsens it goes to drinking and being a junky and you get DUI, disorderly conduct, etc. but lawyer Brett A. Chapman even with his high intelligence, is a mindwashed like many others on the lgbt topic.

    Lawyer Brett A. Chapman lived over a year in Germany and if there’s a case of broken clock getting the time right it’s when the Nazis killed the Pink Triangle Tattoo inmates in the Auschwitz gas vans. When I called the USC Shoah Foundation on June 1, the woman got offended when I said that ‘never again, will the pink triangle tattoo inmates harass any more boys’ where the woman told me thanked me for giving my views (in a hostile tone) and then hung up.

    So many people have been mindwashed by the gay topic. The United States Holocaust Museum every June commemorates the LGBT people (Pink Triangle Tattoos). killed in the concentration camps and ghettoes. It seems that Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman justifies killing a missionary who went to an Indian reservation but got killed because the people didn’t like the missionary’s message, when they could’ve just said ‘no’ and closed the door rather than kill him.

    But Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman mourns gay pedophiles (Pink Triangle Tattoo inmates) who were killed in the gas vans by the Nazis. Nazis killing Pink Triangle Tattoo inmates in the concentration camps & ghettoes during the HOlocaust (in this case the homocaust) is the right thing to do.

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