Friday, September 22, 2023

A Bucket of Watermelons for Black HBCU’s and $40 Billion Dollar for White Ukrainians.

Tweet ( Well! Here we go again. Your space Cadet President Biden and Happy Feet Karmala Harris have push forward the bill to give over $40 billion dollars in Aid to the European Country of Ukraine which is mostly a country of racist Nazi supporting white people and like always, the Senate have gave their blessing and approved this large... [Read more...]

How the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres responded to the horrific Buffalo shooting.

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Tweet ( There are still aftershocks from the May 14th mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, by suspected killer Payton Gendron, who chose a supermarket named Tops Friendly on Jefferson Avenue in East Buffalo, to carry out his disgusting act.  Tops is located in a lower-income Black neighborhood in Buffalo. Gendron sought out Black people... [Read more...]

Compassion Cannot Be a ‘Political Strategy’ With No Relevant Action.

Tweet ( A public crisis has a way of revealing the best and the worst sides of people when it comes to helping others. A prime example is the Flint water crisis. In 2014, an ill-fated decision to switch the city’s water source for cost savings resulted in high lead levels in Flint’s drinking water. Soon after, residents of this majority-Black... [Read more...]

Immigration and inflation.

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Tweet ( There are three numbers I’d like you to keep track of as you read this column: 11.3 million, 6 million and 1.6 million. The 11.3 million is the number of job openings in this county. The 6 million is the number of unemployed in the United States, and the 1.6 million represents the number of attempted illegal border crossings.... [Read more...]

Was Abraham Lincoln right?

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Tweet ( Abraham Lincoln was a complex and conflicted human being. By most accounts, he genuinely detested slavery. However, like many prominent white abolitionists, Lincoln was not committed to full equality for African Americans. In fact, at times he strongly argued that Blacks should emigrate to other countries — and openly encouraged... [Read more...]

Sync between Einstein Activity Capture and Salesforce.

Tweet ( Salesforce users often hear about the Einstein Activity Capture platform.  But not everyone understands what the main functions of this tool are and when it can be used.  So below you can read about the purpose of Einstein Activity Capture, see the advantages and disadvantages of this application.  You will also understand... [Read more...]

Brother Malcolm X, a Real-Deal Soul Brother.

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Tweet ( Brother Malcolm X, though not with us physically, is still strongly connected spiritually and psychologically, to serious Black folks. As we celebrate on May 19 his 97th birthday, we remember him having a blend of intelligence, vision, talent, self-confidence, persistence and boldness. In a 1992 column celebrating his 67th birthday,... [Read more...]

Dress Codes Are About Respect, Not Money.

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Tweet ( There was a time when spending big at a swank restaurant would be regarded as an occasion requiring dress-up. Then the slob culture took over so that even when an establishment made great effort to arrange flowers, iron tablecloths and provide formal service, customers would turn up in sweatshirts and ratty sneakers. Dress standards... [Read more...]

Buffalo suspect Payton Gendron Just the Latest to Point Up The Never-Ending Hate Crime Peril.

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Tweet ( What’s almost as terrifying as the targeted murder of 11 African Americans in Buffalo by the alleged shooter Payton Gendron, is his age and the motive behind the mass racial murder. Gendron is only eighteen years old. So young, but yet so imbued with every hodge-podge crackpot racist, hate-filled theory and belief about Blacks.... [Read more...]

Someone like Trump, but not Donald Trump.

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Tweet ( Former President Donald Trump remains the GOP front-runner in the next presidential election, but many have expressed they are amenable to another candidate if former-President Trump does not decide to run. Throughout President Trump’s four years in office, many supported him; as a member of the media, I was invited to the... [Read more...]

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