Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A Bucket of Watermelons for Black HBCU’s and $40 Billion Dollar for White Ukrainians.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Well! Here we go again. Your space Cadet President Biden and Happy Feet Karmala Harris have push forward the bill to give over $40 billion dollars in Aid to the European Country of Ukraine which is mostly a country of racist Nazi supporting white people and like always, the Senate have gave their blessing and approved this large sum of money for white Europeans none-American citizens; Yet, the black community, African American Citizens, but more so the African American HBCU’s have received nothing with the exception of a bucket full of watermelons and Juneteenth symbolism.

Why is it so easy for White America and for the Democratic government of Lewd, Lascivious, Deviant Biden to quickly approved aid for European countries and any other race, ethnicity in America within a 30 day period; but, when it comes to approving and giving aid to the African American community the Answer is always “No” or It is impossible, or they need to conduct a 50 year study to see if they can help us or they need to think about it and 400 years later they still have not given the African American Community an answer. The African American community where the ones that gave child molester Bident and Phallus lover Karmala the White House; Yet, the first thing that these two lunatics did after been elected as our leaders was give the Hispanics community the prosperity act, guarantee jobs and citizenship to illegal migrants; they gave the Asians the Covid-19 Hate Crime Bill and $40 million dollars for investments, they gave Afghanistan refugees safe haven in America and $125,000 thousand dollars per family; as well as, guarantee jobs and citizen shipment. But, What about the African American community reparations for slavery and the federal grants for our HBCU’s.

Why do African Americans continue to allow the Democrats, Republicans and the entire United States government to lie to you over and over and over again; Yet, you continue to vote, support, march and spread your support for these lying government entities pretending to be your friend, while stabbing and killing you softly every year since they abolished physical slavery but they did not get rid of the psychological slavery and the institutional slavery for which millions of black Americans children become victims and for which many of us African Americans are contributing supporters of these white supremacy system by giving them our rightful vote during elections and where they have use and based every action against us by using the teaching of the Willie Lynch letter on how to control a black slave and free black slave for centuries to come.

Enough is Enough Black America! You need to wake up and realize that you will never be accepted as equal and you will never get anything that you really want for your community because it is not in the best interest of white Ameria to help or allow black people to become self sufficient. White America will never allow your black children to surpass their white children, No white teacher in America is going to give the necessary tools to succeed to your black son or daughter, knowing that their white children and other white people children will have to compete for the little wealth that is available in America. Let’s not forget that other races such as the Hispanics, Asians and Middle eastern also understand this concept and they themselves will never allow your black children to become more educated and successful than their children, Indeed, Hispanic men are the most racist than white men because they follow they same racist behavior towards black people but they are willing to become your friend and then stabbed you in the back when you less expect it.

Every other race in America gets whatever they want when they asked for it and even without asking for anything; while African Americans asked for a little hand out and they get nothing except for a Juneteenth holiday which is going to be use by every other race to enrich themselves by selling Juneteenth memorabilia to black America while pocketing all the money and not give back anything to the black community. African Americans have a bad habit of always including every other race when you are asking for something for you and the U.S. government certainly has a way of ensuring that if they do decide to give a little something back that it includes the word “Minorities” which includes white women, Asian, Hispanics, LGBT, Jewish, Pacific islander, Middle eastern, black women and then black men; which in turn means that people receiving any aid for Minorities will be those that are non black first and whatever is left will be given to single black mothers and then the scraps for the black men to fight over it.

So what can African Americans, Afro-Caribbean-Afro-Latinos do about this? Well, very simple we must unite, make peace with each other, organized, mobilized, armed ourselves and prepared to fight for what belong to us and be willing to take it by force from those who wish death upon us and from anyone who wished to enslaves us, oppress u, destroy us, poison us, lye on us, discriminate us and defame us. We must do everything in our power to fight back against injustice, discrimination, racism, bias, double standard, systemic racism but more so we must fight back against those pushing the Replacement Theory; as well as, those who speak with a fork tongue and pretend to be our friends and supporters. I am asking all individuals descendants of African slaves in America to stop voting and supporting the racist Democratic Party and to stop believing that a white men or white women is going to save you and your community.

African Americans and black America in general are the only ones that can save ourselves and we must do so promptly because as you can see summer time is around the corner and according to many Racist white Americans:: “It is going to be a White Boy Summer”. it is time to prepared as we have seen all over the United States the daily attacks on the life of black people by the hands of racist white American men and women infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear the shortcoming of having small private parts. Black America we are living in dangerous times to the extent that you have Firefighters in California attacking, assaulting with close fist punches, kicking and stomping on an elderly homeless black man for simply trespassing into their property. Yes, Those that are entrusted in safe guarding the life of American citizens are the ones preparing to attack, lynch and killed black people; therefore, African American must also prepared to defend yourself and fight these racist people with everything that we have and should have. Remember, it is your second Amendment right to own a weapon and protect yourself and your love ones from anyone that wants to harm you, your love ones and specially harm or destroy your black community.

Space Cadet Biden whose only interest is steering at little blond hair blue eyes little girls crossing their legs. will never give or promote the idea of reparations for slavery and neither will He or happy feet loving Phallus Karmala do anything to stop racism and violence toward the African American community; Neither, will they issue a bill to create jobs and housing for the African American community. These racist Democratic leaders as well as any other Republican Leader will never represent or give African Americans anything that could make our community self sufficient and better that their racist white community. Black America is in danger and by 2035 African Americans will become obsolete and will no longer be need in this continent; therefore, it is time to prepared, mobilized, organized, armed ourselves and rightfully so apply our second amendment right to own weapons legally and know the law of your state pertaining to the ownership and storage of your weapons, ammunitions and bullet proof vest. Yes, it is time Black America because we have no friends here in America except for ourselves living in a land of snakes and demons who speak daily with a fork tongue.

With that said, All African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latinos and Descendants of African slaves need to invest in their black communities by putting and transferring all your money, savings, checks, retirement, crypto currency, annuities to all black owned banks, we need to spend our money in black owned business only, we need to enrolled and attend black owned private schools, HBCU’s; we need to make appointments with only black doctors, black nurses, black dentist, black tax preparers, black financial advisers, black psychologist, black investors, black mechanics, and pretty much we need to help ourselves in other to help our black communities. We need to bring back the family values and father figures in our black homes, we need to trust each other, we need to help each other, we need to stop doing drugs, we need to stop drinking the white men’s fire water aka alcohol/liquor/wine, we need to stop having children out of wedlock, we need to stop killing and fighting each other, we need to stop the oversexualization of our black women, we need to stop twerking on the street and we need to do everything in our power to make black America strong and be read to fight back against all enemies from other races, cultures, skin colors and within our own black community. It is time for a change and it is time for us to wake up from this nightmare

Black America! We all need PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black Ameeria by Dr. Claud Anderson.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; islam4infinity@yahoo.com.

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