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Sync between Einstein Activity Capture and Salesforce.

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( Salesforce users often hear about the Einstein Activity Capture platform.  But not everyone understands what the main functions of this tool are and when it can be used.  So below you can read about the purpose of Einstein Activity Capture, see the advantages and disadvantages of this application.  You will also understand in which situations it is appropriate to use this platform.  To make your job easier, many free online resources are now being created to help you understand einstein activity capture salesforce.

Why was Einstein Activity Capture created?

Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) is a special platform that improves your performance with potential customers.  The efficiency gains come from automated interaction between the three primary applications: Salesforce, your email, and the calendars in which you schedule events.  This is more often the case with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.  The prominence of this tool is growing because of the automation of data migration.  That is, the data that users enter in the calendar, email, is added to the activity schedule of the corresponding account records in Salesforce.

 Einstein Activity Capture focuses on scheduled events, contacts, and emails to keep the data up-to-date.  Depending on each of these three types of data, the integration has different features, which you can read about below.

Features of interaction between Einstein Activity Capture and calendar events

The Salesforce platform has a special “My Events” page.  This is where the synchronized data from users’ calendars is transferred thanks to Einstein Activity Capture.  This applies to Microsoft or Google accounts.  In the integration settings, you can allow your contacts and potential customers in Salesforce to see your events in their calendars.  Not only does this interaction make it easier to communicate with possible customers and your partners, but you can see additional analytics through reports in Salesforce.

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Features of interaction between Einstein Activity Capture and emails

If you start using Einstein Activity Capture, your emails will sync with Salesforce.  You will be able to see email information in your account activity graph.  Another benefit for a select group of users using Inbox or High Velocity Sales is the ability to generate more robust interaction data through email data.

Features of interaction between Einstein Activity Capture and contacts

The interaction between Einstein Activity Capture and contacts happens in a similar way to the interaction with users’ emails.  Synchronization also applies to Google or Microsoft accounts.  Once integrated, user contact data becomes visible in Salesforce records.  Data retention is supported by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Salesforce platform.

Benefits of using Einstein Activity Capture

Like any platform, Einstein Activity Capture has its advantages and disadvantages.  But managers and developers are constantly working to improve the program so that there are fewer and fewer drawbacks to using it.  As for the advantages, users can get data on the reporting and analytics of their work.  That is, the Einstein Activity Capture platform automatically calculates key indicators and shows them to users.  This includes information about days of high activity of potential clients, days of low activity, and dates of last meetings, calls.  This way you can analyze which actions on the platform lead to a successful result and which ones are ineffective.  Therefore, thanks to Einstein Activity Capture, you can optimize your work and increase its productivity.

 Another benefit that works in tandem with the previous benefit is the activity graph.  Partners and enterprise members can see the totals of sales activities and improve analytics.

 One proof that the platform is constantly improving its features is the introduction of a new recommended action tool.  It allows users of Salesforce to learn about interactions with potential customers or specific contacts and the impact of those interactions on sales performance.  It also has a positive impact on overall performance.

A Critique of Einstein Activity Capture 

There are some problems that make the platform imperfect.  To fully understand working in this program, it is necessary to become familiar not only with the advantages, but also with the disadvantages:

  • The first problem for users is the lack of sales reports in Salesforce reports.  That is, the system is imperfect in that you cannot create reports in Salesforce based on Einstein Activity Capture data.
  • A similar flaw applies to the transfer of email data.  Enterprise members have noticed that emails delivered to Einstein Activity Capture are not stored as physical records in Salesforce.  They are stored in another AWS application.
  • Another complaint concerns the limited ability to make changes to the amount of data synced with Salesforce.  For example, if users don’t want to sync all contacts or events with the platform, limiting this setting is difficult enough.
  • Another big disadvantage is that the data is not stored in the database of the two platforms, but is migrated to the database of a third program – Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Because of this complex data storage system, users have no full control over their data.  There is also the danger of privacy and security breaches.  And the greatest danger is the possibility of data loss when transferring databases from EAC to a third platform.
  • In addition to the problems already mentioned, there is a disadvantage with data reporting.  When data is sent to Einstein Activity Capture, it is stored there for 6 months in the free version and 24 months in the paid version of the platform.  After that, they are automatically deleted without the possibility of updating.  That is, there is a risk of data loss due to the lack of a backup copy.  This has a very negative impact on the overall assessment of the use of Einstein Activity Capture

To summarize the above advantages and disadvantages, we can say that each business must weigh the risks and benefits of the Einstein Activity Capture platform independently.  The program’s interaction with Salesforce saves time, streamlines work, and facilitates communication with potential customers and within the team.  

It also increases overall performance through reporting and analytics.  But at the same time there is a danger of data loss, limiting changes in data synchronization.  Perhaps the biggest problem is the lack of backup.  But for many users, these disadvantages are insignificant compared to the opportunities arising from the integration of Salesforce with Einstein Activity Capture.

Staff Writer; Mark Jacobs

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