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Strong Alpha Black Men are no Longer Going to Church for a Good Reason.

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( For the last 400 years the African Americans previously referred as slaves and prior to that as Africans have been manipulated and coerce into following a religion of many other man made religions created by Neanderthal cave dwellers in order to control, dominate, enslave, confuse, emasculate and indoctrinate mankind into believing in something that differ from their actual cultural and spiritual beliefs. The Europeans Demons who will become white Americans after taking America by force from the true native American Indians and with the passage of time, conquer other faraway lands and bring the spoils of war known as Africans with them to the new lands only to make them slaves and give these Africans who became their slaves the Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity. This religion was force onto the African black alpha male slave who in turn took the message of the Neanderthal cave dwellers to his black wife, black children, black parent and black slave neighbors living in the plantation for them to worship the word of white murderers, killers, thieves, rapist, child molesters and conniving lying savages, also known as Caucasians and or White Americans.

The black slave male negro was force to adopt a white man’s religion, God, bible and accept everything written in it as true while the same white men were raping the wife, daughters and son’s of the devoted black male Christian slave negros. Yes, the white man and or white men during slavery use the strong black alpha man to spread their garbage religion preaching words written by Neanderthals, who did not know how to properly wash their hands, wiped their buttocks and cook their food properly until they encounter the Africans that taught them and build everything that white people own today and claimed to have done it themselves. The Religion of the Slaves aka Christianity was very effective in maintaining all the slaves in order, following rules, not revolting against the slave system, not raising their hand against the white slave master while he was away again raping the 7 year old daughter of the strong black alpha slave negro. The Christian Religion was so effective that it turn slaves against slaves to protect their master, it made black slaves snitch to their slave masters about any possible revolts or escape from slavery, it turn brothers against brothers; sisters against sisters and parents against children; which is the current issued affecting the African American community were the Christian religion with their black pastors have pushed the strong black alpha men away from their black women’s and from their role as role models in the home and as father figures with strong family values and structures.

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Christianity in America is the root cause of anguished among the African American community; while, white Americans laugh and giggle at our black community for following something that they created and gave us in order to control us and divide us while they stood and still continue to stand on the backs of strong black men. This is all possible because the white men have ensure to leave in charge of spreading their garbage religion, to the beta black males also known as pastors, priest and bourgeoisies. who are now going around preaching the same garbage and selling dreams to poor black people with no solutions for the future using words of the past. Indeed, when our great leader Martin Luther King was assassinated, it gave racist America a way to now use the black churches as the tool to destroyed the black homes, dissolved black marriages, instill single mother hood and division between the strong black men and the strong black women’s of America in order to never allow another Martin Luther King and Malcom X to resurface knowing that strong black alpha men come from a home with a strong father and a strong mother living together and married to each other which is something that today we do not see in the African American community.

Once upon a time, the African American community had the highest number of marriage and in wedlock children where every black woman was married to a strong black alpha man prior to giving birth to a child and in those times, we as a people were doing better and we were far more united among ourselves and we had less crime, less violence, less stress and less drama within ourselves. Today, it is a different story and black America is dying and collapsing at a high rate with black sisters having dozens of kids with a dozen different beta black males and out of wedlock. So whom do we blame for the madness knocking at the doors of our black community? Well, the blame lies in the U.S government agenda of the welfare system and the Christian black churches for making our black beautiful black women’s jump into the vast ocean without been able to breathe air because they do not have a strong black alpha black man to help them breathe and exhale. Indeed, it take two people ( a man and a woman) to raise a strong family, it takes two to support and maintain a healthy relationship, it takes two to nurture and be a role model to a child and it takes two to fix the black family home, So why have we deviated from the norm that other cultures continue to follow and succeed while the black home are failing by having just a single mother?.

The United States government use the Welfare system to separate the strong black men from the strong black women by telling her that they will give her a monthly allowance via EBT and food stamps to take care and support her and her children and offered more money for the more children a black woman had; but, there was one condition and dozen of ulterior motives for our beautiful black queens to receives such aid. That condition imposed by the white American government was for the strong black women to get rid of the black men and removed him from the home, away from his children and away from his black queen. Yes. White America told our black sisters that if you want government help you cannot have a boyfriend, husband or fiancée living at home with her and she could not lived with the black men otherwise she will not qualified for such financial aid. Yes, our strong beautiful black sisters were trick into accepting this deal for financial help and sadly they choose the food stamps, EBT and turn their backs on the strong alpha black man which eventually led to the collapsed of the black family and our children to grow up fatherless without guidance and a role model from a strong black male figure.

The black Christian churches also had a lot to do with the high rate of single mother homes in black America and with over 84% of black women in America been unwed, unmarried with 3 to 10 kids out of wedlock with 3 to 10 different beta black males wearing saggy pants, unemployed, on parole or probation and no interest in putting a ring on a black woman finger that was only good enough for them to have sex but not good enough to married and make her a wife and the mother of their children. Indeed, the black pastor and priest have preached the religion of the slaves into the black community by spreading the idea to our black women that they do not need a man, boyfriend, husband that they only need God to solve their problems and satisfy their needs. Quite interesting, so I guess God or his cave dweller son Jesus will be satisfying over 20 million black women: Yet, our so called strong black Christian women are still dying old alone or with a dog on their lap as a companion with a white men’s bible sitting on the coffee table. The only thing African American churches do in America is steal money from the poorest black inner cities using the white man’s dictionary also know as the bible and given false hopes, symbolism and fake dreams to black women and their baby daddies beta males.

I have spoken before about black churches with black pastors and priest selling the written words of white slave masters in order to keep the black community docile by putting dozens of churches within five blocks of each other in every African American community and within those churches they have place a liquor store every two (2) blocks in order to also keep black America in a state of drunkenness and drug addiction. The black pastors at this Christian churches tell our black queens to donate money to the church and that God will bless them with good things to come; Yet, our black sisters receive nothing and the black priest use the donated money to purchase luxury cars, jewelry, houses in white neighborhoods and more important they take that money and put it in white banks who in turn use that money to give out loans and grants to other white men and their families to use it to open business and create generational wealth for their white children. Now, why isn’t the black priest and pastors taking that money and putting it in black banks so the black banks can give it as loans and grants to black families to open business and hire more black families to create generational wealth for our black children and their generations to come? No, they are not doing that because there is no Alpha black male in the life of our black queens advising them and telling them what is and what is not acceptable. Of course, this is why the white American government has created the black churches to separate the strong alpha black men from his queens, so the black family structure will be in disarray which then creates violence and crime in our black communities due to the lack of a black alpha men in the home next to our black women.

Our African American churches do not encourage our black women to get married to our black men, to stop having kids out of wedlock, to stop been oversexualize, to stop wearing thing on their head that are not natural to the black race and culture, to stop emasculating black men, to stop the a feminization of young black boys, to stop twerking on the streets, to stop having unprotected sex etc.. Our black pastor have done the opposite and told all black women in America to do whatever they want and to be single and raise their children alone and that they don’t need any men in their life. Ironically, these black sellouts pastors and priest do not tell that to other women of other cultures and races and neither those other cultures and races allow the Christian church or the government to tell them not to have a husband and neither do they allow their women of their culture to have bastard kids out of wedlock. Indeed, black women in America are the only female group bringing babies out of wedlock from beta black men who are not worth been a man or a male. Black women in America are loosing in every aspect of family life; Yet, they are been told by the government that they are independent and powerful so they do not need any black men and again you do not see the United States government telling the white woman, Hispanic woman, Asian woman, middle eastern woman and other woman of America to stay away from their men and to have kids out of wedlock and even if they did, those other ethnic/racial groups will never listen or obey the white American government.

The Strong African American Alpha Men as always been a threat to white America and to the secret agenda of the church and all other religions to control men who are not willing to fight back and question blasphemy scriptures written by a savage white people who speaks with a fork tongue. An Alpha black men such W. DuBois, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Kwame Nkruma, Judge Joe Brown, Dr Umar Johnson, Thurgood Marshall and many more black men are a few who refuse to bend the knee to system racism, white agenda and the black Christian churches that are use as a tool to keep black men docile and never to rise up against white American supremacy, Yes, that is the job of black churches to turn black beta male into feminine men by using the black women raising their children and other children on their own without the guidance of an alpha black men. Remember, that in America crime has a direct correlation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and the most important reason is fatherless homes, a home with out a father figure is doomed from the very beginning which is the main reason why our black community has the highest rate of youth and juvenile crime. Over 98% of Gang members, drug dealers and drug addicts in the black community came from a home without a father figure and or the lack of a male role model to teach our young boys how to be a man and productive members of society. In addition, over 84% black women walking around unmarried and unwed with 3 to 10 children from 3 to 10 different black beta males also came from a home without a father and without a strong alpha male to teach them how to be ladies and make the right decision when choosing a man as partner for life and not giving themselves out so quickly to any man walking down the street and not having kids before marriage.

Having a strong men in the house next to his queen will bring back the old ways of the black communities of the 1920’s thru the 1960’s where we had family union, integrity, honesty, jobs, education, respect for one another, loyalty to the black cause, respect, pride and success. Indeed, having a father in the home is the solution to black crime in the inner cities but more so it is the solution to becoming what we were before integration with the white demons which was peace of mind, harmony and the strength to build a black wall street. Yes, when we had a black men in the house and black people were united we were able to build things for us by us until the white racist angry men with his small private parts came over with lies and pretext and burned down all the black wall street communities out of jealousy, envy and fear that African Americans were taking control of their own life and economical success.

With that said, I called on all African American women to stop having kids out of wedlock, to stop having unprotected sex, to stop emasculating our black men, to stop twerking on the street, to stop having abortions, to stop listening to black pastors or any pastor and priest about raising your children on your own, to stop doing things that reflect negatively on all black women, to stop drinking alcohol or fire water that was introduced purposely in every black community to destroyed the strong black men, to stop putting things on your head that does not grow naturally or belong to your natural given African black hair, to stop fighting each other, to stop oversexualizing your body, to stop swirling, to stop doing any thing that will make you undesirable for a descent and respectable strong Alpha black men. It is time for our beautiful black sisters to abandoned all churches created by the white neanderthal cave dwellers and to adopt and build your own church from within your soul next to your strong black soulmate. I love you my black people of all skin tones and gender, so please lets bring back the black men to the homes and show the world that we are actually the chosen people that build America.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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