Book Review; “Talon of God”: I Really Want a Movie.

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( Wesley Snipes has teamed with Ray Norman to write a story that will have the reader turning pages, eager to find out what happens next, and losing sleep. Given Snipes background with action films, and of course Blade, he brings a sense of reality to a story the reader knows is fictional…but feels all too real. Though there have been many tales about the battle between good and evil this stands alone. The reader will be engulfed into a darkness where there is a dangerous that between those that believe, and those that do not.

“I don’t how they got to this state, but I can tell you there’s no way they did it on their own. No matter how addicted or hopeless or fallen to sin a person becomes, you can never fall farther that God catch. No soul is cursed beyond salvation. There is always a road back. But for some reason these people seem to be stuck in a dead in.”

Exactly how far can humans go on their own? What kinds of true evil walk amongst us every day? These are questions, given the state of the world, the reader might begin to wonder. “Talon of God” reminds us in the darkest way that there are things around us that can’t simply be explained away by science, now the skepticism of our own mind. The characters are relatable and, the battle of purpose is a clear theme. Is what I have fought to do with my life my true purpose, or is it just a preparation for something greater?

Talon of God
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“I understand your skepticism, Detective, but if you can’t see the devil’s hand in a disaster where hundreds of otherwise normal sinners are struck down by an unknown malady whose primary symptoms is an overabundance of brimstone in their blood, I wonder how you can see at all.”

I admit, the more I read the more I wanted a movie. My imagination is great, but I wanted to see te battles on a big screen. I wanted the vivid interaction, and I wanted to see the characters as they evolved through the text. I believe this is one of the biggest contributions Wesley Snipes bought to this narrative. Because of his experience as an actor and playing complex characters that battle with who they are…he is able to pour that into the story. For me, as a reader, he’s Talon.

“Not every evil in this world comes from hell. I’ve met men whose cruelty would put devils to shame.”

The reader is reminded also that there is something that can considerably be worse that evil…humans. Everything can’t be the devil made me do it, or God didn’t’ stop it. Humans have the power of choice and decision. This is something too many take for granted. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting an action-packed rollercoaster ride, that will leave them with much to think about that is very real.

Talon of the Gods” can be found at your local bookstore, Amazon, and anywhere books are sold.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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