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6 Unique Ways to Announce the Birth of Your Newborn.

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( So, you’re a new parent — congratulations! 

While in the throes of those magical first few weeks, you likely are thinking about different ideas to announce your baby’s arrival to the world; after all, it’s a perfect way to let friends and family in on the celebration of a new addition to your family.

There are countless fun and creative ways to announce the arrival of your newborn. Here are six of the best:

1. Send a Unique and Personalized Card

The idea might be traditional, but the card doesn’t have to be. Sending birth announcements is one of the easiest ways to get the word out that your baby has arrived. In addition to picking out announcements that suit your tastes, they can also be personalized with your own text and photos and feature a minimalist or humorous theme — and anything in between. It’s totally up to you. Whatever you decide on, know that most cards can include a photo of your new arrival, which is a perfect addition to any recipient’s refrigerator.

2. Use Creative Wording in Your Announcement

While many parents choose classic wording, many more are getting creative with the way they announce the arrival of their baby, which can show off your personality just that little bit more. Examples include:

  • “Our zoo just expanded! Welcome to the tribe, Isaac Peter.”
  • “Welcoming our brand-new tiny human, Isaac Peter.”
  • “The name’s Isaac. Isaac Peter.”

The choices are endless, so use creative wording for your Instagram-friendly baby announcement perfect for boys, girls, twins, younger siblings, preemies, and more.

3. Throw a Silent Disco Party

While everyone knows the importance of sleep for any newborn, friends and family may very well want to swing by and celebrate at your home. For a short time, while the idea and follow-through are nice, it may also be a bit of an inconvenience, as the get-togethers can keep your baby up, which doesn’t make for a happy newborn or parent.

To provide a bit of unexpected fun, as well as some peace and quiet throughout your home, why not throw a silent disco party for your friends and family while your newborn takes a nap? Simply create a playlist with an online streaming service, get everyone to bring their own headphones, share the playlist, and get everyone dancing around the living room — quietly, of course!

4. Arrange a Professional Newborn Photoshoot

As the calendar flips to a new month, your newborn will continue to grow and develop a personality all their own. To document their growth and maturation, a professional newborn shoot is a perfect way to keep a record of their first few months in the world. For something more fun, find a photographer who specializes in location photography. It could be your backyard, the local park, or even just in your house. For something really fun, why not dress them up in a way that reflects their emerging personality? How awesome would a professional photo look on a birth announcement? The answer is, very much.

5. Plant a Tree

Another popular way to commemorate a new arrival into the world is to plant a tree in your backyard or in the garden of someone like a grandparent. Indeed, it’s a wonderful way to mark the birth of your newborn, because as he or she starts to grow, the tree will grow along with them. Not only would it make a beautiful addition to any backyard or even front lawn, but it’s also great for the environment, too.

6. Make a Cast of Your Baby’s Feet or Hands

A trend that’s growing in popularity is to plaster cast your baby’s feet, hands, or both! It’s a safe activity that creates a 3D cast of their tiny hands or feet and makes a wonderful keepsake for the nursery. You can go to a studio and have a professional do the work, or you can buy a DIY version to make at home. It’s certainly a unique way to commemorate a birth, and as your child grows, they can marvel at the size of their hands and feet when they were born. Even better? A photo of the cast could also make for a unique picture for a birth announcement card.

Find the Right Way to Announce Your Baby’s Birth

There are as many ways to announce the birth of a child as there are babies in the world. Each one is unique and deserves to be celebrated as such. Whether you decide to create a unique personalized greeting card, arrange for a professional photoshoot, plant a tree, or host a silent disco party, these ideas and more can be personalized to suit your taste and budget. Indeed, you won’t regret marking this special time in your and your baby’s life.

Staff Writer; Craig Brown

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