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Why Democrats are bringing back the Black Codes in the form of Race-Neutral Vaccine Mandates.

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( First, my apologies. My laptop past away four weeks ago and I have been in mourning. I purchased a new one on August 6 but did not receive it until August 30th (says a lot about Biden economy).

A few weeks ago the acting Mayor of Boston Kim Janey made a statement comparing the request of Covid-19 vaccination passports to slavery-era freedom papers. This ruffled some feathers and she later retreated from her statement. I wish she had not because it was as accurate as anything I have heard regarding the requirement of people to reveal any information regarding their medical history to people who have no right to such information. Surely, she lacked the historical acumen to call these slavery papers by their accurate identification (manumission papers), however she was nonetheless on point. And although her position was based on outcomes regarding race, it is important to know that in 2021, race has nothing to do with the oligarchical and plutocratic desire to turn citizens into slaves by requiring them to show their papers.

The recent government effort attempting to mandate and coerce folk to prove that they have received one of the many the Covid-19 vaccines is an authoritarian and unconstitutional act that is the antithesis of freedom, liberty, individual self-determination and free will. Once upon a time it used to be my body my choice, but not anymore. Everyone from hotels, airlines, local government and hospitals are attempting to mandate that people receive a medical procedure regardless if they require such or not. They claim that this is for the greater good and the egalitarian expectation of collective well-being, but is it? I would argue in the negative.

The people pushing this slave narrative of mandate and requirement are mainly leftist, progressive liberal democrats. I will not call any names but many of these people have a lot of loot invested in the companies that produce these vaccines and cell therapies. So given the economic benefit, and the inability of the Democrat party to shake off its historical racist ways, it should not be surprising to anyone since these are the same cat’s post-reconstruction that put in place similar laws in the deep south under the title of Black codes. The Black codes were constructed to control former slaves and deprive them of the access to equal opportunity enshrined in the Bill of Rights. They represented a specially devised codes of state law that would punish Blacks/former slaves for just exercising simple human and civil rights.


Mayor Bill de Blasio announced New York City will be mandating proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter certain indoor businesses, including but not limited to including all indoor restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms, unless you are a famous athlete, actor or entertainer. New York City is 25 percent Black, which means given a population of 8.8 million, around 2.2 million of the city is Black. Add to this that statewide just 13 percent of Blacks have taken the vaccine and that citywide, just 28 percent of Black New Yorkers between the ages of 18 and 44 are fully vaccinated. This means that only 616,000 of the 2.2 million Blacks in New York City will be allowed to engage in their constitutional rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as pronounced in the United States Declaration of Independence.

How is this different from what we observed in South Africa prior to the end of Apartied? It isn’t. Although what the Pass Laws Act of 1952 did when it required black South Africans over the age of 16 to carry a pass book (dompas) everywhere and at all times, what de Blasio and other mostly liberal politicians are attempting to put in place are on the surface race-neutral but by default punish Blacks disproportionately for expressing the free will to select not to receive the Covid vaccine. This is not only true for Blacks but equally for all Americans regardless of race. In California, it includes progressive atheist. Still California will require all of nearly 2.2 million health care workers and long term care workers to be fully vaccinated by Sept. 30.

How is this different from the ancestor pass documents used by the Nazi’s to confirm the Aryan lineage of people of German blood in under the reign of Hitler? They are not. Americans are being forced to take the vaccine while the vaccine is not mandatory for Afghan refugees airlifted to the U.S. (they will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine but won’t be forced to take it). This makes no sense seeing that Secretary of Defense Austin has issued guidance for mandatory Covid 19 vaccination for all Department of Defense service members. Even Texas Instruments will require that all U.S. employees prove their vaccination status by Oct. 29

Mayor Janey spoke a truth that many did not want to hear regarding how mandates of any kind will impact Americans living their daily lives. Covid-19 vaccine mandates are not supported by science and will not have any major impact on epidemiological outcomes in terms of infectious disease morbidity or mortality. Before these vaccines and cell therapies existed, the case fatality rate from Covid-19 in the U.S. was around 1.5 – 1.6 percent. This translates into 195 deaths per 100,000. It remains the same currently after the vaccine. The issue is that democrats know this and just like the Black Codes, have devised special state laws to subjugate Americans to arbitrary rules that have no impact on fighting Covid-19 and will disproportionately impact Black and working class communities.

Personal preference aside, let us look at the science. Studies have demonstrated that those who had received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine who were double jabbed, were 6 times more likely to be infected and 7 times more likely to experience symptoms compared to unvaccinated individuals who had recovered from the virus. In addition, they demonstrated statistically that individuals with natural immunity were up to 13 times less likely to contract Covid than those who received both shots. A CDC study reported that 74 percent of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated. Then there is the fact that fully vaccinated people who get infected carry as much of the virus in their nose as unvaccinated people.

There are even reports of more members in the Navy dying as a result of Covid-19 vaccine complications than of Covid-19. In the UK, about 80 percent of adults are fully vaccinated yet deaths from Covid-19 are up 10 times compared to this time last year and infection rates are steadily growing. Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 after receiving the Pfizer’s BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. In Massachusetts, coronavirus breakthrough cases are up 3,704 from last week, which mean more than 500 fully vaxxed people a day are getting reinfected with Covid. The same is true for Minnesota where breakthrough infections account for about 30 percent of new Covid cases reported in August.

The question is, why is it so problematic for others to accept that some people still have valid questions about the long-term effects of these vaccines? Since April 2021, there have been more than a thousand reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of cases of inflammation of the heart (myocarditis) among individuals, especially healthy young adults and teens after receiving the mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer-BioNTech & Moderna) in the United States. Another concern is the well documented occurrence of Anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination.

In simple terms, all medicines have the capacity to yield negative outcomes in some people. Not all can take, aspirin, Tylenol or penicillin. The same is true with vaccines and what they are calling vaccines but are really genetic cell therapies. I won’t even go into natural immunity (research shows that “cumulative incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection remained almost zero among previously infected unvaccinated subjects“) because you will never see a physician advise a person who has had the Chicken Pox or Measles to get vaccinated as they do with the Covid-19 – such would be the picture perfect image of medical malpractice.

The CDC and FDA are also watching accounts of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in people who have received the J&J/JanssenCOVID-19 Vaccine. GBS is a rare disorder where the body’s immune system damages nerve cells that can sometimes paralysis. These cases have largely been reported about 2 weeks after vaccination and mostly in men, many 50 years and older.

The current mRNA Covid-19 vaccines were not developed in accordance with the standards of the Biologics Control Act of 1902 and seem to being forced upon the public in the name of what Hegel called rational utility. In this instance, the rational utility of economic prosperity for big pharma and their shareholders. No other time in history, even with smallpox, rabies, plague, cholera, and typhoid vaccines have a vaccine been put on the market for consumption so quickly.

In 1909, Dr. Frederick F. Russell developed the first US typhoid vaccination but it did not become available among the general American public until 1914. In 1918, researchers developed what they thought was the first successful yellow fever vaccination but it was not approved for public dissemination until 1926 with the current standard not being considered effective until 1937.

These people pushing these mandates know they will hurt the poor and middle class citizenry of America. They know it will intentionally hurt Blacks, especially in urban areas. The CDC and Biden administration are aware of this but select to play politics. The Black unemployment rate across the nation has increased under the present administration. The unemployment rate for Black men 20 years and older is at 8.4 percent compared to 5.7 percent at the start of 2020 and as of July, overall at 8.2 percent. Start demanding people get vaccinated in order to work, then the economic inequality liberals claim to fight will only get worse. And bst believe this is a control thing and has nothing to do with science or epidemiology. The will keep throwing new Covid-19 new variants to the media to scare everyone to following their orders. They have already moved on from the delta strain with WHO monitoring ‘mu’ variant in Colombia and Ecuador.

They speak as if they, by demanding vaccine mandates, will hit Trump’s electoral base hard, but it won’t. When demographic characteristics, like race/ethnicity, of people receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at the national level, are considered the fact remains that as of August 16, 2021, CDC reported that what data we have on race shows is that barely 10 percent of folk who have received at least one dose of the vaccine are Black. Now you want to tell this parameter of the population we can’t enter certain indoor businesses, including but not limited to including all indoor restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms? Miss me with that shit. You want an insurrection you will have one because this is truly Jim Crow 2.0, not showing an ID to vote.

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