RnB Crooner R. Kelly Is A Perfect Example of Black Male Mental Underdevelopment.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Like R. Kelly, many black males are so badly mentally underdeveloped that they don’t even see the judgment in error when it comes to behaviors and practices that are both detriment and illegal. In fact, the behaviors and actions they deem normal are not only seriously illegal but can land them behind prison bars for decades.

What many mentally underdeveloped black males constitute as normal are abnormal and even more so abhorrent. No so-called civilization should be engaging in such deviant practices as child rape and molestation. Yet, these are common practices around the world and predominantly among the human male population in every culture and nation on earth. Most pedophiles, if you ask them whether they feel they should be punished for molesting children, they will lie to your face and say they’ve never molested a child. Many who have also been institutionalized inside an insane asylum will tell you that people lied on them or the system railroaded them and kept them there for nothing. These mentally unbalanced black males will lie to your face and tell you they’ve done nothing wrong. It’s always some excuse they have. The excuse that the little girl lied is the most popular excuse to date. Mostly males who are mentally insane or have been diagnosed with a mental disease, whenever they want to deflect or take attention off of things they’ve done in their past, will often create false narratives about being raped by a woman or sexually violated by a woman whether in a past romantic relationship or friendship.



There are many lunatics that cry about being raped by women, and they don’t seem to comprehend mentally that every time they make these accusations, they’re incriminating themselves by projecting unto other people. As soon as these male lunatics open their mouth talking about a woman raping them, they are deflecting from things they’ve done in their past, as they attempt to get people to not focus on what they’ve done. What all pedophiles and sexual predators have in common is deflecting, and the things they’re trying to deflect you from is often tell-tale signs about their psychopathy or sociopathy. What they are really telling you is they’ve sexually violated or assaulted a woman or child, and will do it again if the opportunity ever presents itself. In fact, most pedophiles have a history of violating children and will groom a guardian, parents, grandparents, and other people in a specific community to get in close proximity of children, or their intended target.

Up to 85% of all pedophiles are never convicted of being a pedophile. They usually end up in prison or inside a mental health facility for other crimes! In all pedophile cases, usually the perpetuator has been to jail and/or prison for lesser crimes, ranging from petty theft to drug possession/use. Many pedophiles and sexual predators also have a history of mental illness in their family.

Most sociopaths start displaying tendencies to harm others usually around 5 years old. And they become progressively worse over time. Unless you can curtail a black boy’s tendencies to harm other children by diverting his attention to a wholesome religious organization or someplace where real discipline is taught, you may need to hone in on the violent nature that many boys seem to have, especially toward girls, by getting him into a specialized treatment program that deals with mentally unstable children. Many black families are hiding their child sociopaths.

Many sociopaths that are sexual predators also have a history of using social media and the Internet to stalk women and prey on children. These predators create fake profiles and false identities. Girls are the most vulnerable and targeted group on the Internet, because most males with a fetish for children tend to target girls first. They always leave a digital print whether they engage in child porn or teenage-adult porn, which means teens having sex with grown-ass men. The porn industry is full of pedophiles.

If this government ever legalizes pedophilia, you will see all the men that you thought would never touch a child, begin to act upon what their internal selves always lusted after. From the mentally insane to the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, all pedophiles have one thing in common: grooming women, men, and children. This is what R. Kelly did for years, as he engaged in illegal sexual activity with minors and had a team of people who covered up his crimes against minors and women.

How many times black girls have been raped by an uncle or daddy, and the mother and other female relatives told the child to not say anything to anyone? How many black women did not report a brother or uncle for molesting a child relative? There are so many pedophiles in black families who have never been reported or turned in to the police.

These old pedophiles sit on Facebook and YouTube all day making videos and talking shit about people, claiming women have raped them and deflecting from their sexual predation of children. Meanwhile, if you look far enough into their family history, you will see incest and pedophilia spanning back to post-Civil War era. Black male degeneracy is as ancient as slavery. Look at what they’re currently doing in society, and you can see the psychiatric and psychotic behavior many display toward women and children today. Many of them are too mentally underdeveloped to stop putting their foot in their mouth and incriminating themselves. Those men are already a lost cause. We’re just going to have to move forward with the men who don’t think it’s okay to molest and rape babies, young children, and underaged girls and boys.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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