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Top Places Locals Love to Go in Sapporo Japan.

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( One of the main delights of a vacation to Hokkaido Island is the opportunity to visit its capital city, the powerful Sapporo. This area of the island is considered one of the most fascinating towns in this part of Japan and both modern and more traditional aspects of Japanese life are available.

Although the city has a population of over 2 million, you can also spend your space in the various parks across Sapporo and enjoy the surrounding countryside and mountain views that are stuck in picturesque traditional Japanese temples.

Odori Park:

When you book a ticket from Cathay Pacific for a visit and fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sapporo, the Odori Park (Home to K?en) is a verdant oasis in downtown Sapporo that crosses the city. It contrasts sharply with the high-rises and offices around it and is the perfect point to start exploring this lively location. This deliciously spacious one-and-a-half kilometre-long stretch of parks offers a huge open space with gardens, founderpieces, and art sculptures, and does not stand alone from the many broad avenues typical of European cities like Paris. There are also many of the main attractions of the city, such as the Sapporo TV Tower and many museums, galleries, retail, and entertainment districts.

Sapporo Clock Tower:

The Sapporo Clock Tower is an emblem of a city that since the Meiji era has been adored by the Sapporo people. It is approximately a 10-minute walk from the JR Sapporo South Exit. On the timber building with red roofs and white walls, red stars are grafted as the insignia of the Hokkaido Development Commissioners. It was built in 1878 as a drill hall of the previous Sapporo Agricultural University, now a University of Hokkaido.

The Meiji building in the western style is a major cultural property of Japan. The clock tower features in several novels and poetry, notably Takeo Arishima’s “Constellation,” and despite its 130th anniversary, the clock continues to tick.


Sapporo Beer Museum:

While searching to find the attractions of Sapporo, you can take a stop and drink freshly brewed beer right from the plant. The local brewers demonstrate their expertise with very smooth and enriched beer that nicely matches local cuisine.

Here you will visit the museum and distillery for two hours, learning about the history of beer brewing in Japan, such as Sapporo, the most popular brand named after the city.

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo:

When you decide to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sapporo and book the tickets from Cathay Pacific. You should go to the Maruyama Zoo that is Hokkaido’s oldest zoo in eastern Sapporo. The major attraction is the enclosure for polar bears. Unfortunately, as the polar bear is nearing extinction, this is a rare opportunity to witness the animal. The zoo is easy to explore and the nearest metro station is within walking distance.

Okurayama Viewpoint:

This tourist site is on a ski jumping hill on the west side of Sapporo City. This is a 20-minute drive from JR Sapporo Station or a 20-minute walk and bus trip from Maruyama Koen Station on the Tozai Line.

The facility was used at the Winter Olympics in Sapporo in 1972 and is still in operation. If there are no contests, athletes can ride the ski lift and reach the viewing point at the top.

JR Sapporo Station:

The JR Sapporo Station is an ideal spot if you visit Sapporo for tourism and fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sapporo. There are various commercial locations in the vicinity around the station where you may buy souvenirs. There are also a variety of restaurants to consume local food. You may visit Kinotoya Bake, a specialty cheese tart, and enjoy the famous Kono Kinoto tart. This pastry is created using cheese and fish of the highest quality. You can also enjoy plates made of Wakasaimo sweet potato in a number of places.

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway:

Since Hokkaido is also a hilly location, several landmarks offer great panoramic views of the city and its surrounding areas. Mt. Moiwa is one among them.

Following improvements, the ropeway and the commercial complex at Mount Moiwa Summit restarted in 2012. The observation deck at the top provides the nightlife perspective of the cityscape of Sapporo. You may reach the observation point by following the route and a little cable car. Besides the observation deck, there is also a restaurant where you may dine with your special person or family and enjoy the city lights below. The view is one of Japan’s New Three Major Night Views.

Sapporo Dome:

The base for the Baseball team, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, and Consadole Sapporo was well known as the Sapporo Dome. It’s the same as the sports mecca in Hokkaido. If the games are not on, the Dome Tour takes place to visit other interesting attractions and activities.

You can watch the baseball match or the football match in the dome, but the Dome Tour is a more valuable experience. The date of the Dome Tour varies according to the other events. Please check it on your official HP before you start.


Of course, Kabukicho in Tokyo or Dotonbori in Osaka could be lacking excitement. But Sapporo is proving boring in Japan’s northernmost entertainment zone of Susukino.

When you book a trip and fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sapporo with Cathay Pacific, the Susukino is one of Sapporo’s coolest spots to see like entertainment zones in any modern Japanese city. The district is blinking with neon signs. The mild hues make the way for a host of karaoke bars and pachinko salons. Among them are some of the greatest eateries in the city.

Shiroi Koibito Park:

“Shiroi koibito” literally means “white lover” and is the name of a renowned Hokkaido cookie (white chocolate is there simply to ask, where the “white portion” comes from). This park, which is a theme park more than another green park, was developed by Shiroi Koibito, the head firm.

You can only see the chocolate production process; there are no tours, but you can make your own cookies at classes. There is a shop (of course you can buy a lot of chocolate stuff) and a restaurant, otherwise. The building itself is also beautiful and you may enjoy the day outside in a lovely place.

Staff Writer; Craig Moore

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