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Black Americans to Boycott Asian American Businesses beginning August 1, 2021.

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( The time is up Black America! If you are physically, psychologically and proud to be an African American men and woman, then it is time to wake up and be completely unified for the black agenda with a common goal to make Black America independent from white America and put a complete stop to the onslaught of discrimination and accusations of Asian Hate crimes towards the African American community; Therefore, Black America will boycott all Asian businesses beginning on August 1, 2021 for a period of 6 months or until white and Asian Americans accept our demands of equality, respect, employment and investments in America’s poorest black communities.

Beginning August 1, 2021, All proud African American men and woman will cease, stop and avoid doing any shopping and/or business transactions with any store that is owned by and/or operated by Asian Americans and any stores or business that only employees Asian Americans. This is a decision that has been already been discuss between leaders in the Black community but have not been implemented; but, now due to the continue portrayal in the media such as ABC news, CBS news, Fox news (Tucker Carlson) and Newsweek stating that it is only black Americans attacking members of the Asian community then it is time for black people to put a stop to the tarnishing of our community once and for all by those who are reaping the benefits of the black wealth.


The only way to stop the accusations by the Asian American Foundation against black Americans and the actual violence against Asian Americans “who have already profited from getting everything they asked for from President Creepy Joe Biden to include a bill passed in less than a year protecting their community and receiving millions of dollar; while the black community have been waiting for hundreds of years for a bill to protect them from police brutality, systemic racism and the still pending Emmitt Till lynching bill”, is to completely separate and segregate both racial groups from each other. Indeed!” Blacks for Blacks and Asians for Asians”

Black Americans will no longer purchase, procure, consume, order, spend money and/or conduct any business transactions in any stores owned and or operated by members of the Asian American Foundation and or the Asian American community such as Nail Salon, Beauty shops, Liquor Stores, Gas Stations, Fast food restaurants, Markets, Groceries etc… This decision will limit the amount of visual and physical contact among the blacks and Asian; thus far, making it safe for both communities. In addition, Black American will redirect their dollars into black owned business and invest and deposit their money in black banks and support black businesses and black communities. Black Americans have a 2 trillion dollar spending power that goes to the hands and pockets of people who are not black and who do not have the best interest in the black community; therefore, this drastic action will make it possible for the black wealth and money to be kept and be redistribute in the black community.

In the last Article ” Asian Hate crime by whom? whites or blacks or Asian Themselves Published on July 7, 2021” It was clearly stated and fact-check that Asian American owned almost 90% of businesses in the black community such as Liquor stores, Nail salons, beauty shops, fast food restaurant etc… and these Asian business owners only hired their own Asian people and refuse to hire black people. In addition, they DO NOT invest in the black community and neither do they support or patronized black businesses; In turn, these Asian American businesses owners and employee’s take the hard earn and little income of black people and use it to build their Asian private schools and businesses, send their kids to college, send money back to their Asian countries and support their Asian agendas similar to those of racist white communities.

Additionally, black woman spends about 40 billion dollars a year in wigs, hair extensions, hair closure, hair product, and skin care from Asian Americans beauty shops; Black men spend about 12 billion dollars a year in hair products from the same Asian American businesses and Yet, these Asian American businesses do Not hire any blacks but more so They do not invest a penny or a dollar in the black American communities. The Asian Americans Nail Shops that are located all over the United States of America received over 10 billion dollars a year from black woman and black transgender spending their hard earn money in Asian Nail shop stores; Yet, these Asian Nail shops do not hire any black woman or black transgender to work. and neither to they invest in the well-being of all black woman and black transgender in America. So why do black woman and black LGBT continue to support theses racist Asian businesses who continue to use black wealth in order to support their Asian Foundations committee which are in fact stealing all the wealth from America’s poorest black communities

If you are physically black and psychologically black person, who cares about your black community then you will share and disseminate this information with all your family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers and colleagues via social media such Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tik Tok, you tube, worldstarhiphop, Myspace, clubhouse. etc… Now, just in case you have any doubts then remember what our great civil right leader Martin Luther King did for black America and He successfully conducted several boycott against the racist white American machine and he overcame many obstacles and suffered for us without any fear or remorse; therefore, we owed him to follow his example by never bending the knee to white or Asian American bias, prejudice, racism, double standard and discrimination.

Now, why should black Americans boycott all Asian business? Well here are 20 easy answers to separate from the Asian American Foundation and the Asian American Community and their businesses.

  1. Asian Americans are racist towards black Americans in a subtle way.
  2. Asian Americans DO NOT consider blacks to be human beings.
  3. Asian Americans DO NOT support or patronized black businesses.
  4. Asian Americans DO NOT invite any blacks to any of their celebrations or holidays.
  5. Asian Americans DO NOT hire black men and black woman.
  6. Asian Americans DO NOT give back to black communities.
  7. Asian Americans DO NOT invest in the black communities.
  8. Asian Americans DO NOT stand against police brutality against black children.
  9. Asian Americans DO NOT rent or lease apartments or homes to black families
  10. Asian Americans sell alcohol, cigarettes tobacco products to black Children.
  11. Asian Americans take wealth and money away from black communities.
  12. Asian Americans support white people with gentrification of black communities.
  13. Asian Americans make racial remarks about black communities.
  14. Asians Americans called the police on black children for no justifiable reason.
  15. Asians Americans store owners have killed black children’s.
  16. Asians Americans support police brutality against black people.
  17. Asian Americans put spit, urine, semen and feces in the food they sell to black Americans
  18. Asian Americans refuse to stand and sit-down next to black Americans.
  19. Asians Americans sell low quality food products to black communities
  20. Asian Americans raise the prices on their products they sell to black communities and neither do they provide receipts as proof of purchase.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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