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Tips on Natural Hair Styling.

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( Black hair requires the proper care and lots of free time to make it look healthy, glossy, and stylish. Without the right tools, it will be dry and fragile. Yet, after you learn the basics of hair treatment, you will quickly become professional. You may choose the flat iron for African American hair and a wide range of moisturizers, hair masks based on the style you want.

Factors to Consider while Picking Your Style

If you want to do everything right, you have to find out which style is the most suitable for you based on the hair type. Considering the shape of follicles, you can decide whether it is easier to make curly or straight hair. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The breadth of the cuticle. The outer layer of your hair is called the cuticle. Black hair has a thinner layer than other types and is more affected by all heating tools like flat irons and even blow dryers;
  • The density of your locks. African descents have fewer hair follicles than others. Hair loss may be more visible;
  • Dryness of hair. We all have natural oil produced by our heads. It protects the hair from over-drying and further damage. Curly hair is less protected because it does not seal the moisture and oils as much as straight.


Saving Tips

Although natural hair is more demanding, it does not mean you can’t tame it. You may start with a simple trimming of the ends every month. You may also try the next styling procedures for your hair.

Styling with heated tools

You may change your style significantly by using heated tools. Try heated rollers, curling, or flat irons. You can check straighteners. Keep in mind the following rules:

  • Use only the lowest temperatures that work on your hair;
  • Pick tools with ceramic coating only that will protect the moisture in your hair from drying;
  • Dry the hair before using any tools;
  • Always apply reliable heat protection products;
  • Don’t use heated tools every day. Once a week is more than enough to keep the hair healthy.


If you prefer good old braids, you may already know the wide range of styles you can create with them. This hairdo is less time-consuming than others – from simple braids to the tightly woven ones that you can wear for weeks or even more. Keep in mind that braids pull the scalp, so you have to let your hair rest for some time. Don’t forget to use hair masks and keep braids loose if you can.


You may twist or matt the hair in rope-like locks. They can be either thick or slim. Locks are time-consuming and not easy to undone. If you want to do them, you have to consult with your hairstylist. Make sure that your hair is healthy.

Easy Natural Hair Care

Any type of hair requires some time spent on making it healthy and beautiful. When it comes to black hair, it may take longer to receive the effect you want. Daily care is a must, including proper heat protectants, hair masks, and natural oils. Follow the basics recommendations and treat your hair right.

Staff Writer; Latasha Carter

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