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Youtuber Cynthia G. Asks Are Black Men A Global Threat To Black Women?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In Cynthia G‘s recent video commentary, she and Nylah have literally described exactly how many Black Women have been feeling concerning Black Males. I live in Atlanta, which I call the new modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah where heterosexual black males have become effeminized and are aggressive, and abusive toward black women, and also blame black women for the position they’re in globally. Recently, I wrote an essay stating that the men of the city of Atlanta are just like the men of the city of Sodom: dangerous, unpredictable, predatory in nature, sociopathic, narcissistic, criminal-minded, and have a history of violence against not only women, but also children.

Even now, there are Pickmeeshas caping for a group of men who have refused to accept their roles as men, which does not include abusing and raping women and children, and becoming gangbangers. Pickmeeshas who cape for black males that keep refusing to accept responsibility for their actions are directly contributing to the derelict behavior of black males who today are very arrogant, don’t want to hear reproof or correction concerning their bad behaviors, are aggressive and abusive toward black women, and also hate black women while competing with black women. This same group of men want to blame black women while not doing anything to better their position in society.

Many have gravitated to the manopshere where they sit up all day long on social media degrading, verbally abusing, bashing, and dragging black women. Many of these black women haters usually hate their wives, or baby mamas, or their mothers, or they’re extremely effeminized, like Cynthia G said. Black males in the manosphere are cowardly, and can’t compete with the dominant male in the society, and have chosen to blame black women for their failures. They often blame black women for their cowardly behavior, or lack of leadership in the community.

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There are many black males in the pro-black conscious community, Kemetic community, Hebrew Israelite community, Pan-Afrikan community, RBG community, the 5 Percent Nation, the Nation of Islam, the Moorish Science Temple, even the black church that are very abusive, controlling, misogynistic, and treat women and girls like second-class citizens. Because I’ve lived in the midst of modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah and have lived in the Deep South for all of my life, I’ve had a front-row seat to the behavioral patterns, the pathology, and sociopathic tendencies of most Black Males in Miami, and especially in Atlanta. Unfortunately, most American black males have shown the disdain and utter hatred that they have for not only Black Women but for their own skin color. They hate themselves; their own skin. Often, they project that hatred unto Black Women and Black Children.

In addition to black males choosing to behave unsavory toward black women, they don’t want to take responsibility for anything they’ve done to contribute to the delinquency of the black youth. Why would any black woman in her right mind want to continue subjecting herself to the abuse of black males in this society when we already live under a lot of pressure in a racist society and often are subjected to sexual abuse and assault by men in the workplace, and also suffer workplace discrimination and harassment by other black people?

Why should black women even continue procreating with black males that hate us? As a group, black males have not only pushed black women to lessen her femininity but to take on the role of the man because often she is the breadwinner in the home. She is often more educated than her man, and, therefore, earn more money than her man. A lot of black males have a history of criminality; a history of domestic violence. Many of them have criminal records before they reach the age of 20. Many black males aren’t that interested in furthering their education beyond high school. Therefore, many of them are stuck in a certain financial bracket for much of their adult lives. Many black males constantly blame black women for their failures in life. Often, black males don’t marry their child’s mother, and don’t want to pay child support. The child’s father is often not stepping up to the plate and handling his responsibilities like a man. Why can’t black women just rest in our femininity?

But we often can’t because black males are acting like children, and they’re not taking responsibility for their choices. They create all these babies, and don’t want to marry the baby mama. They have multiple children by multiple women they often don’t provide for. And white men are looking at these effeminized and buck broken black males in this society, and they’re quickly devising plans to do something about black men in this society. And this is also why a lot of black males are calling for defunding the police, because you know you can’t get away with what you want to get away with as long as the white man is in power.

Many black males are white supremacists in chocolate-covered skin. They like white supremacy. It’s just that they want to be in control; they want to be the ones in power; they want to be the socially dominant men in the society; they want to do what traditionally and historically white males have done. THEY WANT A BLACK SUPREMACIST NATION.

But Black Supremacy is the opposite coin of WHITE SUPREMACY. And women and children always lose under any supremacist culture. These black males also want to be in a position to enslave black women, and by proxy the children. Black males have declared black women as their enemies, as Cynthia G said. Most recently, Cynthia G has come under fire due to allowing a white male to call in to her show and talk about the new documentary by Tariq Nasheed called Buck Breaking.

The caller’s name is Brian, and he told Cynthia G what he thought about black males, and how they are being groomed to be effeminized by other effeminized males, and how black males are overly aggressive toward black women. Brian also spoke on how the metro New York area has become a bad area due to violent black males that commit crimes against black women.

Cynthia G asked Brian if he was threatened by black men, and he started laughing. He said that he doesn’t know why black men expect you to act feminine when they’ve taken on the feminine role. He said black women have had to follow nature and play both roles, and black men call black women overly aggressive, overly possessive, matriarchal when they’re not playing their natural role. Brian also said that he was very confused why black men who act like women would want you to submit. He said that he doesn’t see black men as a threat, not physically, not economically, not intellectually. He also said that he thinks black women can compete with white men. Brian said, “You’re not the problem. Black women, at least, you can sit down at my table and have a meal with me and discuss problems openly. Black men are just irate.” I concur with everything Brian said about black men who want to use the past as an excuse to not do anything in the present to help our current condition as a group in this country. Brian said that he is tired of being blamed for black men’s failures.

I think black males chose to align with white supremacy as far back as the late 1800s. Even in the midst of the Jim Crow era, black men who were afraid of white people were harming black women, raping kids, marrying underaged girls, and many even though they fought in both World War 1 and 2, they acted like they were scared of white men when they returned home from both wars. Black soldiers were being lynched returning to the United States after World War 2. Whole black families were being lynched throughout the Deep South, and the country, but black males were more interested in opposing marriage laws, which prohibited interracial marriage than they were abolishing the system of racism and white supremacy.

Black males were fighting for integration during the 1960s instead of fighting to end racism, discrimination, and the system of white supremacy period. This is why most black men are a global threat to black women. As long as black males in this society hate black women for a myriad of reasons stemming from psychological or emotional trauma or abuse suffered in childhood, or they just simply believe black women betrayed them, they’re going to remain a global threat to black women. This is rather unfortunate because we all have a common enemy, which is tyranny in any form whether government tyranny or religious tyranny.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

One may find this sister over at; http://blackpoliticomedia.blogspot.com.


4 Responses to “Youtuber Cynthia G. Asks Are Black Men A Global Threat To Black Women?”
  1. Stepen William says:

    I’m not surprised that this is to be expected, if we are serious and concerned about getting to the root of this problem, who should be asking the question of these men who refuse to accept their role as men? by stepen william

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    I hear you ” loud and clear ” Ms. Parish. I don’t think that ” Black Men are A Global Threat To Black Women”, and this is why. Black men and women having to make numerous adjustments to varying cultures globally have changed over the years, and will continue to be changed in how we relate to each other.Ethically, much of our innocent love for each other has been trained out of us.Certain acts of endearment leading up to natural, procreactic sexual encounters in America are easily misinterpreted as brutal acts of aggression rather than displays of genuine love.I feel fortunate to still remember what first attracted me to a black woman. First there was the collective visual appraisal of her beauty ( eyes, lips, hair,shape of her body ). Secondly there was the sound and intellegence communicated through her voice.Thirdly through the fifth sensoral observations,were the smell of her breath and body, softness of her skin in general. The whole of the black woman black man encounter can cause both to surrender, each to the other. Surrender is where threat ends, and love begins.The black man is only a threat if he is perceived as such, but I warn you,black men have been welcomed into the beds of all races of women all over the world.

  3. 7dubbz says:

    This article would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ignorant, sad & westernized in limited, myopic, disobediently Jezebel-Spirited scope. Keep on playing with fire, Babylon babbling, lmbo!

  4. I am not surprised it’s been expected, if we are serious and concerned about getting to the root cause of this problem the question that should be asked is who raised these males who have refused to accept their roles as men?

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