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LGBT; Pride Month Means Black Pride Too.

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( June is Pride Month, commemorating the violent police raid on the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969, when GLBTQ activists fought abusive police officers who beat gay men, lesbians, and those who cross-dressed.  So-called law enforcement also participated in blackmail and extortion against those who were closeted.

It took 50 years, until June 2019, for the New York City police commissioner to apologize for the raid.  While the GLBTQIA community has increased visibility and acceptance, there is also the putrid and hateful resistance to the very existence of this community. In a tiny Texas town, a bakery that offered Rainbow cookies in honor of Pride Month faced a detestable backlash when a patron who ordered five dozen cookies, a sizeable order for a small family-run bakery, canceled their order (having not paid for it) because they felt that a Facebook recognition of Pride month was “gay propaganda.” (

In Jacksonville, Florida, a planned bridge lighting in honor of Pride Month was threatened, some say over intergovernmental jurisdictional issues, while others say it was simple homophobia.  In a Washington, DC suburb, a teacher says he violates his religion to refer to young people by their preferred pronouns.  He was fired, and he sues saying that it violates his faith for him to be courteous and compassionate to others.  The court agrees with him, and he is headed back to the classroom, intolerant as ever.


These are incidents that have bubbled into the national consciousness, but there are others that go unreported.  The bottom line is that hate – racism, homophobia, and more – thrives in our nation, and few are prepared to stop it.

Police violence is at the root of Pride Month, just as it is at the foundation of the Black Lives Matter Movement.  The Movement for Black Lives has been firmly and fiercely supportive of GLBTQIA rights, especially sensitive to the rights of trans people, focusing on the trans women who are exponentially more likely to be murdered than others.  But with police violence as the common root of two vital movements, why is there so little visible collaboration between those communities).  Gay pride is Black pride, too.  Let’s call the roll of Black GBLTQIA leaders and thinkers –Bayard Rustin, Pauli Murray, Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, so many others.  And let’s look at hate and hate crime from an intersectional perspective and solutions from that same place.

Pride Month has to be about Black Pride, too, about embracing all LGBTQIA identities.  After all, as we experience major demographic shifts, the population, and the electorate, are increasingly diverse.  We need to see the intersectional in our commemorations, celebration, and more.  And we need to be vocal about our opposition to hate and hateful behavior no matter how it is directed.   For example, in an ideal world, the NAACP would have bought some Juneteenth cookies  (and maybe they still will) from the Confections bakery in Lufkin, Texas.

Our task is not to respond to each hateful incident but to build a movement that rejects hate.  And our mission is to do it “at a time such as this” when the haters empower many who are fearful of inevitable change.  Now is a time for a mass movement against racism, homophobia, sexism, and hate.  It begins when we know our histories and share them.  It starts when we acknowledge that Gay Pride Month is about Black Pride, too, that Women’s History is not White Women’s History, Native American History is not a footnote, and hatred is contemptuous.

The carte blanche that so-called “officers of the law” have to terrorize communities they don’t like is especially contemptuous.  The same way they bullied gay folks in the 1950s and 60s is the same way they terrorize Blak communities today.  Building on Stonewall’s history, the GLBTQIA communities should be some of the most vital voices supporting the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

Dr. Dorothy Irene Height was fond of speaking of collective strength.  She would say, if I tap you with my finger, you may never feel it, but if my fingers turn into a fist and I tap you then, you’ll feel it.  If Black folks and LGBTQIA folks join with others, perhaps we can stop the hate.  The folks who patronized Celebrations Bakery in the face of hate put a firewall between ugly and love.  They are the fist Dr. Height referenced.  Are we part of the fist?

Written By Julianne Malveaux

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2 Responses to “LGBT; Pride Month Means Black Pride Too.”
  1. Anirban (Abner) Bhattacharya says:


    GWU Law Prof. Cynthia Lee knows that gay men harass teen boys & gay men usually get away with sex abuse, until they get haughty & either finally get reported to the police by the victims or the gay man get beaten up by a teen boy who defended himself against the sex abuse or where a teen boy who was victimized by a gay man finally reacts violently by bashing or killing the gay. Homomen (sometimes lesbian women) look for who they think are easy victims, especially teenage boys, as what LGBT icon Harvey B. Milk (1930-1978) did, where he targeted teen boys who ran away from home. Teenage runaways are easy targets for pederasts such as Harvey B. Milk but GWU Law Prof. Cynthia Lee sides with the pedophiles rather than the victims.

    LGBT people are more likely to commit crimes related to drugs & alcohol such as DUI, disorderly conduct and of course assault & battery while high on drugs such as Meth incl. sex abuse or chemsex violence. GWU Law Prof. Cynthia Lee knows that people who are depressed are more likely to turn to alcohol and drugs and given the high depression rates among LGBT, if the depression worsens, then they’re more likely to go to bars and pubs.

    Yes, gay pubs and bars are where you’re likely to find the LGBT people with the more serious depression. & in many cases, the LGBT people get drunk, get high and then you get DUI, etc. Some of the people who were killed & wounded in the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting were drunk drivers, drug junkies, drug dealers, pedophiles and people who commit violence while high on drugs such as chemsex violence. Luis Javier Ruiz, the gay man who survived the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting talked about how homosexuality ruined his life such as getting drunk, high and AIDS.

    I’m again a secular person, but I agree with King James Pastors Roger O. Jimenez and Steven L. Anderson on the fact that homosexuality is bad. King James Pastors Roger O. Jimenez and Steven L. Anderson were critiqued for calling the June 2016 Orlando Pulse victims pedophiles, but some of the people who were killed and wounded in the June 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting were drunk drivers, drug junkies, drug dealers, pedophiles and people who commit violence while high on drugs such as chemsex violence. DRUGS ARE GAY or DRUGS ARE SO LGBT.

    While most gays and lesbians don’t molest kids, they make excuses for pedophiles such as their icon Harvey B. Milk the homosexual statutory rapist & they push for laws to lower consent age, which the people give to them. GWU Law Prof. Cynthia Lee makes excuses for the pederast Harvey B. Milk. Most boys victimized by gay men usually don’t report to the cops they have been victimized & most gay man who commit this don’t get caught. & again, in many states, they have lowered the consent age to 16, so pedophilia (statutory rape) has been made legal in many states.

    It makes no sense that Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman with the job he has done as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, along with Amerindian law, doesn’t correct the dishonesty told by people such as GWU Law Prof. Cynthia Lee.

  2. Anirban (Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    June should be called Pedophile month and the Rainbow Flag is a pedophile flag. Homosexuality&lesbianism are bad in and of itself-only bad and worse. Some gays and lesbians are worse than others. Abolish sex changes, because transexuals are worse (they’re mutilated homos&lesbians).

    I’m not a Christian but even I know that childhood sex abuse is linked to homosexuality&lesbianism esp. male homosexuality. If a boy is sexually abused especially repeatedly by let’s say a gay priest, then the possibility is more that he will turn out gay in adulthood. A common theme I hear from gay men is that they were molested & in some cases, they were molested repeatedly & it could easily be that it caused their homosexuality.

    LGBT people have high depression rates & given that the depression often worsens, homosexuals or LGBT people have higher drug junky rates, higher drunkard rates, which also leads to higher DUI rates. They have also found since 2020 that LGBT people have higher early dementia rates, as it’s believed that the depression worsens where they lose their minds. The common argument mindwashed groups such as the APA, AMA, etc. rerun to justify homosexuality is that it’s homophobia that causes LGBT people to get depression, drugs, drunkard, dementia, etc., when the problem is being an LGBT. Homosexuals also have higher VD rates (including AIDS and monkeypox).

    When it comes to this topic, so many people including straights have been mindwashed by this. It’s expected for LGBT groups including GWU Law Professor Cynthia Lee (if she is a lesbian) to make excuses for homosexuals who molest children & she doesn’t want boys defending themselves when a gay is trying to molest them. It’s just as bad , when straight men are mindwashed that they don’t correct dishonesty given by people such as GWU Law Prof. Cynthia Lee.

    An eg. of a straight man is Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman who is 1 of the best lawyers in the U.S. on Indian Reservation law, who was both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman is a very intelligent man, but Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman is an example of a straight man who is a mindwashed fool on the LGBT topic and who doesn’t correct GWU Law Professor Cynthia Lee’s dishonesty, because Oklahoma lawyer Brett A. Chapman has said that he also supports LGBT Amerinds just as he supports straight Amerinds, when Brett A. Chapman should be against the LGBT regardless of ethnicity.

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