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Joe Biden Building Back Better China and Russia by Destroying American One Brick at a Time.

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( My apologies for my hiatus but I have been dealing with a few things that came to the fore unbeknownst to me including but not limited to the IRS and four clients terminating contracts with me for statistical data analysis. Strangely they had no problem with my professionalism, skill set, meeting deadlines and performance, rather my personal opinions. Fortunately, which I was somewhat astonished by, my university has remained by my side suggesting my performance and professionalism was more important than my personal views. But I digress. One of my favorite groups, song and albums of all time (forgive me Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove and Parliament – Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome), predicted the emergence of the Biden administration. The song spoke of repeating neoliberal wars, the cancellation of sarcasm and education being secondary to political indoctrination: “We don’t need no education, We don’t need no thought control, No dark sarcasm in the classroom,All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.” This was Pink Floyd, and this was prophetic.

I pen this to provide an argument that the United States of America is on a downward spiral. The way I see it, what is best for this nation is being put on the back burner for what is best for select individuals and every other nation that comprise our global order. On the campaign trail, Joe Biden spoke frequently of what he called “Build back better.” Although to be truthful, the first time I heard “Build Back Better” was by the United Nations in 2015, and it referenced a tactic aimed at tackling social problems that would require modifying capitalistic economies and the environment. I also heard the phrase used by Boris Johnson many moons before Joe Biden used the phrase – but plagiarism, am I right? The problem is that all of what the present administration is putting in place policy wise is doing the exact opposite, at least for American citizens. Thus far, every policy he has taken negates and retards the personal expanse of the average American and benefit the collective prospects of China, Russia and other nations – not to mention the pockets of many progressive politicians and organizations.


First there is the devaluation of our currency due to massive unadulterated spending. Yes Virginia, economics is a reality and you cannot pretend they are not because they do not make you feel good. Overall, what the present administration desires is just dumb. They want working class folk who took up a trade instead of going to university to major in Gender studies or Queer literature to pay off the college debt of the self-defined elites who did while at the same time dropping the biggest corporate welfare deal in U.S. History under the guise of Covid relief and infrastructure. All this makes me wonder why no one in our hallowed halls of government have never come up with the idea to stop taxing working people to give to the rich, but that is just me. This increase in the federal governments participatory role in society is on the rise and this is not a good thing. The advocating for example of a universal basic income is something we already have. Just imagine if you were born in another country. The technology we have, the bridges, indoor plumbing and in most times, continuous electricity are things none of us built or developed. Yet we have and benefit from it. It is as if they desire a nation of folk who should be entitled to things but without having to work for the things they want. Just take a look at the prices of oil, chicken, gas, lumber and plywood from this time last year until now. It pains me personally because I wanted to have some work done on my house.

Next there is the border. Although true inflation by my math may be somewhere between 10 and 15 percent, the current administration seems committed too let as many folks in our nation as possible before we can provide jobs for those born here looking for work. In fact, the policy appears to be aiding in human trafficking and at the same time taking $3 billion or this purpose as opposed to addressing the needs of citizens born in the United States. I take it any policy that results in child and sex trafficking, people being raped, dying on their way to reach the U.S. or drowning is what they consider humane. Since January 20th there has been a five-fold increase in illegal immigrants crossing our borders and this doesn’t include the ones that have not been caught.

Then there are the rockets exploding over Israel that through money given to Palestine have been used to purchase munitions from Iran. Hasn’t been a major outbreak in the region since 2014 when the Obama-Biden administration were in charge. It is funny how things revert to the normal which was abnormal that once was.

Feels like our future will be a mixture of idiocrasy never seen before as long as this corrupt moron is dead set on destroying the country. The first week in office the President halted the Keystone XL pipeline on the premise that the US must take to lead to address climate change. A few months later he lifts sanctions Trump put in place on the oligarchs overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany. I repeat, it is okay for Putin and his nation to have a major fossil fuel pipeline but not citizens of the United States. What better gift could he give Putin’s Russia? In particularly now, after the Biden administration has banned new oil and natural gas leases on Federal lands when we have high gas prices, gas lines and the Keystone closure at a time when half of the East coast was shut down due to a ransomware attack by Russian hackers. It is as if the current administration wants to push Germany into the hands of Russia. Both NATO and Ukraine are against this. The only rational explanation is that according to Biden, US pipelines BAD and Russian pipelines GOOD. Take it he doesn’t see what the average cat does – that he basically paying Putin’s Russia state-owned fossil fuel industry via direct deposit. Remember that NordStream basically gives Putin control over the oil of Western Europe. Biden just handed it over to them.

The Biden administration is like a hybrid movie that combines Demolition Man, V is for Vendetta and Canadian Bacon. The Congress is set on a stupid January 6 probe commission, but has not made one effort to form a committee of cybersecurity even given the immediacy of the Colonial Pipeline hack, the ransomware attacks on the City of Tulsa and the Scripps Health, which operates five hospitals and a number of clinics in San Diego. Likewise, there is no house committee up to examine why Customs and Border Protection seized 6,500 pounds of fentanyl as of last month which suggest in the first five months of 2021, more fentanyl has been seized at the border by authorities than in all of 2020. There is no committee formed to look at the rise of antisemitism, anti Asian hate or the rise in crime in urban communities or the spread of Chinese communist propaganda.

Meanwhile back on the home front, things are looking bleak. Punk kids block traffic, loot businesses and burn-down property while on unemployment. Race and division are all that matters given that it is the focus of the present leadership. Biden has taken the democrat party back to their Jim Crow origins and has set race relations in the U.S. back 100 years. The single issue for democrats seems to be reduced to racism by defining it as equity such to assign value on the basis of skin color singularly. Problem is that the belief that skin color is the primary basis of life is racist. Minions like the mayor of Chicago runs muderville but would rather focus on not taking questions from whate or Asian reporters. Reminds me of the time when when white politicians wouldn’t take questions from blacks. Cosmetics is everything currently seeing people would rather feel safe than be safe. Race has even fallen prey to relief. The Small Business Administration is giving out loot based on race and biological sex. If we keep this up – ignoring the constitutional rights to sustain equality for all (that folk fought and died for) – it won’t be a United States of America for long.

What we are seeing in real-time is what the Biden administration means by building back better. This has nothing to do with building back to make America better, but actions implemented intentionally or unintentionally to aid in the development of nations like Russia and China. Wonder what the news cycle would look like if 5 days after Russian hackers shut down a US Pipeline causing gas lines, Trump lifts sanctions on a Russian pipeline. Thus far all policy efforts taken do nothing to improve the lot of Americans and what domestic policy is implemented leads to the moral decay of our national social fabric. What we see are the actions of people raised without a moral compass. Once this was easily erased, but now those who were raised with a moral compass have adopted the morals compassion of irrationality proffered by the mob. When a population is governed without out morals it is no different than an atom without a nucleus. The result of such is homogeneity via division and conformity to a single view or perspective which is equal to a broken world without truth.

Foreign policy should never Trump (pun intended) domestic policy. It makes no sense to say that Germany needs a pipeline, but America doesn’t. It makes no sense to destroy the U.S. energy economy. It is as if Bert and Ernie are running our federal government. Until this year, I had never heard a U.S. President venerate and (mis)quote Mao Zedong. If we do not look into the mirror, we will watch our nation destroyed one brick at a time. You think no Walgreens in a major city is bad, wait until the track your bank transactions, tax you ammo and tell you what to eat. Laugh if you want, but there goal is to build, build back better – no. Build a collision of victims – yes.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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One Response to “Joe Biden Building Back Better China and Russia by Destroying American One Brick at a Time.”
  1. glen says:

    Having been white and privileged i can state with absolute absurdity. that the average white leftist believes, that the average black american share these 3 Things;
    That black people are skitish of and do not understand the internet.
    That black people do not have State issued ID because it is so hard to prove who they are.
    That voter ID laws are intended to disenfranchise them due to no ID.
    I dont think i have met two black people that did not have a cell phone.
    I have never met a black person that did not have an ID.
    And i have never met a black person at the polls. Thats due to the fact that i dont vote. I appolagize for them idiots and if i could i would slap the living shit out of everyone of them.
    Glen Chadwick
    All Rights Reserved

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