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HBCUs Tricked By Bill Gates.

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( They say nothing in life is free. And when it comes to Bill Gates offering money to historically black colleges and around the country, it’s not an open door, it’s a trap door. A trap door that several historical black colleges and universities have fallen into. And I should note that a dangerous and deadly trend has begun that also includes other schools like Emory University. But let’s get to the matter and Guinea pigs at hand.

Around October of 2020 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave 15 million dollars to several historical black colleges and universities. The first trick was that they had to function as testing hubs throughout the African American community. It sounded like a good thing so all of these intellectuals bought into it without realizing what was happening. That is simply because most of them don’t see the big picture and welcome the opportunity for someone to contribute money. Apparently they forgot that all money is not good money.

The requirements for the use of the money called for historical black colleges and universities to do the dirty work for Bill Gates. Gathering the numbers and statistics within the black community to, in many cases, falsely justify the rollout of the dangerous experimental unapproved vaccines, even as people were dying from these very vaccines rolled out by Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Apparently many of the educated intellectuals within the African-American community embedded in historically black colleges and universities have no idea how the serpent in the garden operates. The money was given to Howard University, Morehouse School of Medicine, Florida A&M, Xavier University, Hampton University and others. So just like good little unsuspecting slaves or zombies, whichever fits their actions, they smiled and took the money.

If you do not want to take the vaccine but you are faced with coercion to make you take it anyway, contact us by going to our website and sending us an email. We will share information with you that might help. Go to and send us an email.

While the prep Act seals and protects vaccine manufacturers and distributors, the same protections are not available on the same levels for businesses or academic institutions that force you to take a deadly, experimental, unapproved vaccine that some insurance companies will not even cover if you get sick or die.

These historically black colleges and universities were likely very faithful in their commitment to the grants, all the while with no idea what the endgame was. And sure enough, by April of 2021, the serpent agenda reared its head. Now at various historically black colleges and universities, suddenly the faculty, staff and students are required to take the vaccines. The same vaccines that are killing people, causing blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, seizures, Bell’s palsy and then some. The same vaccines that are experimental, unapproved and are not protecting people from getting Covid-19 nor preventing some from dying after they get it. The same vaccine that we ( can prove actually contains the spike protein from the Sars-Cov-2 virus which causes Covid-19. At least the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines do for a fact.

If nobody else knows this within the network of historically black colleges and universities, surely Morehouse medical school should know. And if they don’t, that is scary and can prove deadly for students who have to be vaccinated before they go to school this fall.

So now the Gates fangs in the mouth of a snake have gone deep into historically black colleges, surely with more to come and follow suit. All with the heads of these institutions claiming to be proud academic intellectuals. Really?

Students whose parents have borrowed and saved so their children could enroll in these institutions are now faced with a dilemma. After talking to several of these students myself, I can recall them saying they did not want to take the vaccine and they were not planning on taking it. But now they have very little choice if they want to attend the schools. And you might as well say these students have been fed to a snake the size of a mutated Anaconda.

So what happens when some of these students get sick, contract Covid-19 from the vaccine or after taking the vaccine, develop numerous negative side effects and even die? Then what? Maybe college leaders were paying so much attention to the George Floyd case that they missed the serpent strike. And if the best and the brightest of professors, administrators and faculty and historically black colleges can be so gullible, deceived or willing to drop the students in the mouth of the snake, a whole lot of people are in danger.

Our agency has began receiving calls and emails already from people who want to know how they can be exempted from taking the vaccine. And ironically, I have to ask where are all the African American attorneys to challenge the decisions of these colleges and universities? Or are all of them tied up with the police brutality cases that can’t touch the amount of damage that is happening and about to happen to the African American Community from the vaccines?

The argument these school leaders will make is that they need to vaccinate the students, faculty and staff in order to protect the community from Covid-19. But unfortunately the science does not support that in many more cases than the FDA, CDC, HHS, Surgeon General and Dr Fauci are willing to admit to.

In Georgia, for example, the data is crystal clear from the Georgia Department of Public Health that the African-American Community is not and almost never has been the largest group at risk of infection and death from Covid-19 since it began. See for yourself and pay close attention to where African Americans fall in the death and infection rates. And if you do the research, you will likely find others States where African Americans are NOT at the highest risk.

So why are these schools just overlooking these facts that can be easily be found on the website? Facts and real evidence that are so clearly spelled out which require no interpretation as long as you can read. Facts from the CDC that the vaccines are not blocking Covid-19 nor making it easier when people get it. Facts that people are developing blood clots and even dying after taking any of the 3 vaccines. And not just a few people as you were led to believe.

So whether you want to call these leaders of the colleges and universities zombies, slaves, snake employees or lab rat recruiters, they are placing lives of the students, faculty and staff at risk when over 98% of the people who get Covid-19 survive without a vaccine and the data shows 90% of the country has not even gotten infected in a whole year. Watch what happens.

Am I sounding nice and polite and cordial when vaccines that are killing people everywhere are being shoved into the arms of our children? No I’m not. But I’m being a lot nicer with my assessment than the demons who are rolling out this agenda and the zombies in the black colleges and universities who are standing by and letting it happen or helping them do it.

Finally, the evidence is clear that the money Bill Gates dropped into historically black colleges and universities was a payoff by a man who wants to vaccinate the whole planet and ignore the deaths caused by the vaccines in the process. How easily people are deceived and how easily they trust a serpent with a checkbook. How easily they will betray their own.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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