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The Vaccine Protection Lie Exposed.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) By now there should be no doubt in your mind  that  the vaccines for Covid-19 are not protecting people and in fact people are actually getting Covid-19 after taking the vaccine and then dying, having strokes, heart attacks and blood clots.  And while you are saying that is not going to be you, short-term or long-term, all the people who are dying probably said the same thing. But it’s going to be somebody obviously and nobody in their right mind took the vaccine expecting to have a stroke, heart attack or die. Yet it’s happening. So is it really smart to roll the dice and take that chance when there is no coming back if you’re wrong?  Why take the chance that you could be one of those who ends up dead, having a stroke, with blood clots or the almost 2 dozen deadly side effects (adverse outcomes) the FDA projected on their website? Vaccines that time after time after times 10 times  100 do not prevent infection like they told you they would. Vaccines that therefore do not prevent contagion and spread. Vaccines for a disease that barely 10% of America’s population has and over 98% of the people survive anyway.



This is not coincidence and all of these people are not simply having an “allergic reaction”. That is a bunch of Fauci BS and those behind the vaccine know it. Look closely in the faces and eyes of the medical doctors who try to defend  the vaccines after we have seen what is happening. If you can spot a con job or a liar, you know what I am saying is true. And many of the medical doctors defending these experimental unapproved death-dealing vaccines don’t even believe what is coming out of their own mouths. Wouldn’t you like to hook them up to polygraphs and ask them if, after all that has happened, they think the vaccines are “safe and effective”? Pinocchio himself would be in shock to see their results. I am tempted to offer a cash challenge to any medical doctor who is willing to take that polygraph is he or she passes it. But I better hold on to all my cash instead for now. So let’s get to the data.

Recent CDC numbers show 5,800 people got COVID-19 AFTER THEY TOOK THE VACCINES.  But did you know 396 had to go to the hospital and 74 DIED? Yes DIED AS IN DEAD. And these deaths, strokes, blood clots, seizures etc. are hitting people who received ANY OF THE 3 COVID-19 VACCINES. Wake up people, sadly, more to come.

These are not the results of a “safe” vaccine that didn’t even help the vaccinated people to survive. And these are not the results of an “effective” vaccine that stops infection as the public was deceived into believing. Not by the standard definitions in the dictionary and not by looking at this with common sense.

Vaccine Protection Lie


Since it has now been clearly established that a person vaccinated for Covid-19 can still get Covid-19,  that means he or she can become contagious. So all those people who got the vaccine then went on vacation, went to see Mom or Grand Mom or thought everything was fine should know they might be infected with Covid-19 and not even be aware of it. We say many of them are infected and many more than the CDC and FDA will admit to.

If you took the vaccine, shouldn’t you get tested 14 days or more after the shot? Couldn’t you be infected? Apparently 5,800 people were. And now I guess the Fauci Liar Group  wants to say 5,800 people got infected after taking the vaccines because all of them had pre-existing conditions, genetic defects or it was otherwise in some way their own fault. The game is “blame the victim, not the vaccine as often as possible”. If I had taken the vaccine, I would get tested. And since so many of the tests are unreliable,  wouldn’t it be smart to get tested twice? Once people start doing that, watch how many people find out that they are infected.

Now they want to vaccinate young children with the same poison that people are dying after taking. People who were alive then took the vaccine then died is not coincidence and not all about pre-existing conditions. How many times can you call something coincidence before you realize it isn’t? And will it take children to start dying (some already have but it was kept quiet) for people to wake up? And all those who know these things are true but won’t stand up or speak out are actually complicit and a cover-up that is destroying families everywhere. All for false protection and a false sense of security regarding a disease that over 98% of the people in the United States recover from anyway and a disease that barely hit 10% of our entire United States population in over a whole year.

If you live in Georgia, you should check the Georgia Department of Public Health and see that the African American Community is not at the highest numbers of death or infection. in fact, I am looking at them right now as I write this article. And we suspect the African-American community has been deceived about this in several other states around the country as well so they could again be pushed up front as Guinea Pigs. Here we go again. And again people are still asleep. Welcome to the new Tuskegee.

And as we told you when the vaccines came out, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines contain the spike glyco-protein from the virus itself, the very part of the virus that invades human cells and reproduces until it becomes Covid-19 in the body in some people. That is a big part of why people are getting Covid-19 after they get the vaccine, because the vaccine has the virus in it that turns into Covid-19. Also, as we told you ahead of time months ago, when someone develops Covid-19 in their body from the vaccine and then comes in contact with Covid-19 out in the community or environment, it is a double attack against the immune system and that is called ADE.

The CDC, FDA, vaccine companies and Dr Fauci all know this is true but don’t expect them to admit it. Meanwhile, we have proof. Do you believe we know what we are talking about now? If not, keep watching and listening.  Before any of this came out , we told you the CDC, FDA and vaccine companies were lying. We told you these vaccines were dangerous, not safe and effective. We told you the vaccines were killing people.


Please don’t fall for the weak and bogus argument they make about these only being small numbers. First of all, the numbers are not small, as you will see if you keep watching and listening. They are getting bigger and bigger, if you know where inside the CDC, FDA and HHS to look. And second of all, even if the numbers were small, those people suffering or dying from the vaccines and their families are not concerned about how small the numbers are. If you are on a plan about to crash, you are not thinking about how many other planes did not crash.


Now reportedly Morehouse, Spelman, Clark Atlanta University, Duke University, Rutgers and other educational institutions have made it mandatory for the students, faculty and staff to take the vaccine, simply ignoring all the people who are dying. That means the  academic future of the students, the jobs/careers of the faculty and the lives of both are at risk. Don’t let your family members be placed at risk by experimental unapproved Tuskegee 2021 type vaccines that are killing people, still allowing them to get infected and become contagious. Why take a vaccine when over 98% of the people who get Covid-19 out in the environment survive it without a vaccine anyway? You can’t attend Morehouse anyway if you are dead. You can’t come to class and do your homework if you have a stroke or heart attack. You can’t think straight if you have blood clots in the brain that become tumors. These are the side effects that happen in the lab to guinea pigs and lab rats. But since the vaccine manufacturers skipped most of that part, they inserted you instead and most of you don’t even see it.

There is scientific evidence that is growing day by day which indicates the antibodies built up from getting the actual Covid-19 disease in the community or environment may be stronger and may last longer than the vaccine protection. Now you know the vaccine may not even protect you anyway.

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The CDC, FDA and vaccine companies told you these vaccines were “safe and effective”. WRONG. Why roll the dice and trust what they are saying by taking an experimental unapproved vaccine that has been proven to kill people, cause strokes, blood clots and many other problems. And that’s just in the short-term. Long term data is not available yet because the vaccines have only been out in the population since late December of 2020. Basically 4 months and in some cases less than 6 months of monitored lab trials. And yes I know I am repeating myself often in this article. That is because repetition is an effective tool and many of you need to keep  hearing the truth so it can de-program you from all the lies of the CDC, FDA and Dr Fauci.


So for those people walking around thinking they’re just fine, we hope so but we’ll see in the next three years which is the length of most vaccine trials. That is because the vaccine companies, the CDC and FDA know that anytime within that 3 year period the vaccine can take someone in the wrong direction. Open your eyes. And for those of you who took the vaccine, don’t defend an unwise decision to allow yourself to be used, deceived and manipulated.  There is no justifiable here reason to let someone else place your life at risk when you see and hear what is happening. None.  And if you can’t see that now, you would not have seen it in Tuskegee either.


Reward and punishment are techniques of psychological warfare, as I explained in a previous article. And ostracizing any group builds contempt for that group from the majority around them. So what do the culprits, perpetrators and bad actors of this pandemic do? They create and promote a climate that looks down on those of us who are awake, speak the truth and refuse the vaccines. Expect more penalties and punishments to come and prepare yourself. Ironically they are going to make you look like satan for refusing the vaccine and stereotype you as part of the problem almost as much as Covid-19 itself. That is exactly how it began in Nazi Germany. WAKE UP!



Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


One Response to “The Vaccine Protection Lie Exposed.”
  1. Margaret says:

    The clinical trials showed Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to be 94-95% effective. Real life data to this date has demonstrated a 91% efficacy for Pfizer and 90% for Moderna. Those are fairly remarkable efficacy rates. However, nowhere do you see that they are 100% effective. No vaccine is 100% effective. That’s why you get breakthrough infections like those you are citing in your article. And those breakthrough infections are highest in areas of high transmission – where people avoid vaccinations, and are unable or unwilling to follow masking and distancing protocol.

    This article will be responsible for the illness and death of many people.

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