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The False Advertising Inherent in Black Lives Matter.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) I am a Black man and my life matters. But I also believe that all lives matter, a concept engendered through my faith. I also am anti-abortion and anti-death penalty. For me, consistency is paramount in all personal beliefs and practices. The same cannot be said for the Black Lives Matter Organization. Don’t take my word for it, even the families of Michael Brown and Breonna Taylor are on the record calling BLM fraudulent thieves.

In Philadelphia this past week a triple shooting in Southwest Philly left a father dead and his 6-year-old severely injured. This past weekend in Chicago, 24 people were shot of which 3 resulted in fatalities. Most disturbing was that of a 7-year-old girl who was killed in a shooting Sunday afternoon while she and her father were getting food at a McDonald’s drive-thru kiosk. Her name was Jaslyn Adams. There is no outrage or protest for Joshua Butts (shot dead in Philadelphia) or 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams from any who constantly claim black lives matter. My question is why not?

We all know the answer to this, and we allow the false advertising of this organization built on phony sloganeering to continue unchecked. The simple reason is folded up in the hypocrisy that people show when they do not truly believe in what they purport to stand for. Case in point, yesterday in Burnsville, Minnesota, it was reported that police shot and killed a man allegedly involved in a carjacking and who shot at officers in pursuit. Upon hearing this and without any hesitation, BLM and ANTIFA activist – while surrounding the governor’s mansion and chanting, took a knee in a moment of silence. According to news reports, they were preparing to go to the site of the shooting until they received additional information that the person was an armed carjacker.


Correct me if I am wrong, but the criminal history of past people shot and killed by police never mattered to BLM before, so why now? It did not stop them from protesting and rioting on behalf of Jacob Blake who was wanted for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house, physically and sexually assaulting her in her own bed, then returning later to rob her, steal her vehicle and kidnap her kids before being shot by Police. He was armed at the shooting left him paralyzed after bullets fractured two vertebrae in his back. Blake had a warrant for “third-degree sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse” earlier in the year.

It was not even a consideration with the recent shooting death of Daunte Wright: which has been followed by more than a week of rioting, arson and looting.  Wright had a warrant for his arrest at the time of his fatal shooting for failure to appear in court for prior fleeing and weapons charges. He had also been formerly charged with first-degree aggravated robbery. The real story is that BLM just assumed that the violent carjacker was black. It wasn’t that he was a criminal that made them stop, it was because of his skin color. Honestly, I don’t think they had much of a problem with the carjacking as much as with the victim being white. It also demonstrates how easily these folks can be triggered: meaning they do not require fact but rather an excuse. These people on the streets conducting this uncalled violence do not care about George Floyd or Mr. Wright or else they would honor them in death as opposed to spiting on their graves through their despicable criminal actions.

This is reflective of the hypocrisy evident in most of the Marxist policy position these organization proffer and it is not limited to reasons they select to support or not support through their violent and destructive “demonstrations.” Take the general Marxism angle that asserts the spoils of capitalism and greed are at the root of all evil and what is wrong with America. They do not really believe this shi#. One of the organizations co-founders, Patrisse Khan-Cullors has been able to start a massive real-estate empire that would make any capitalist land baron proud. It includes four homes for $3.2 million in the US alone according to property records. One has a private airstrip – so much for global warming and reducing one’s carbon footprint.

There is also proud squad member and U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’s 7th congressional district Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley who goes around advocating for landlords to cancel rent & mortgage payments under the guise of protecting people of color from “mass evictions.” She along with her TagTeam partner Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN-05) just re-introducing the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act. This bill would establish cancellation of rents and primary home mortgage payments through the duration of the coronavirus pandemic across the nation. The catch is Pressley has “made as much as $15,000 in rental income in 2019 after purchasing a $658,000 Boston home, according to property records and financial disclosures reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. The income appears to come over the course of four months—the unit was first listed for $2,500 a month in June 2019 and the posting was removed in August.” I doubt that she as stop requesting rent payments from here tenants.

I have no problem with Ms. Khan-Cullors wanting and becoming a real-estate mogul nor with Rep. Ayanna Pressley wanting and seeking secondary income via a rental property – this is the American dream these individuals claim is hard to reach and doesn’t exist anymore. What I consider problematic is the inconsistency which they reveal daily. Just admit that capitalism and making money is good and that all black lives don’t matter equally. Their intentions are so transparent it is painful. They know they are walking hypocrites, but it is hard to explain the concept that Justice has no color when one is blinded by race. Maybe this is what Jonathan Swift meant when he wrote:“Reasoning will never make a man correct an opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired.”

Jaslyn Adams will never return and there will be no one to standup and venerate the value of her life to the levels of the criminals BLM radicals care for so much and admire. Likewise, there will be no one that will remember the name of the 6-year-old son of Joshua Butts who lost his father. You see, when they chant “say his name” or “say her name,” only certain Black deaths need apply.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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  1. chrome dynamo says:

    All I have to do is look at the murder stats in places like chiraq to see that black lives don’t matter to other blacks. Clean up your own sh*t.

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