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America’s Extremely Anti-Black History.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) America has always put out this false notion of being “the face of democracy” when in reality they’re the world’s biggest imperialist country in the world who has attacked many countries for no reason like Libya, S Korea, Vietnam Columbia, & many African countries other than to enrich the pockets of wealthy upper class white men in D.C. 

While the media and many people on social media focusing on Anti-Asian violence in America which is a real legit thing, but let’s be real here: America has long perpetuated anti-black violence against blacks ever since the days of slavery in this country.

I also find it very insulting and hypocritical of The U.S. Government to condemn the ongoing anti-Asian violence here in the country while deliberately feigning ignorance to the extreme historical anti-black violence in this country from slavery, Tuskegee Experiment, redlining, gentrification, Planned Parenthood, white feminism, welfare, the school-to-prison pipeline, police violence, negative depictions of black men and black women in the media, The Racist “War On Drugs” aka War On Black People, & modern day holocaust called mass incarceration.


Also, there have also been stories of anti-black violence coming from Asian immigrants in this country and the most notorious of which was when a petty female Asian merchant in South Central Los Angeles had shot and killed a 14 year old black girl all because she thought that the girl was “stealing orange juice”. This incident along with The Infamous Rodney King beating by 4 LAPD Officers led to The LA Rebellions of late April through early May Of 1992 where many Asian stores in South Central had been looted and then burned down into the ground as a result. A year after that, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur did a song in 1993 in honor of the 14 year old black girl who was killed called “Keep Ya Head Up” which was sampled off little known 1980 song from Zapp called “Be Alright”. 

When you look all around, anti-blackness is everywhere to be found from the media to even Corporate America. Some of the most common forms of anti-blackness in America include, but are not limited to:

The Media

– It’s definitely no secret that the media in this country has always been extremely anti-black from negative depictions of black women as thots, jezebels, baby mamas, thots, bad bitches, ratchet, angry, and even ghetto. Black men get in my opinion the most negative and destructive portrayals from the media like gangsters, thugs, criminals, looters, rappers, never allowed to show emotion, coonish black men, and instantly vilified by the general public for making mistakes that whites are allowed to get away with. 

The Police

– The relationship between the police and the black community in this country overall is a very tumultuous one because since the days of slave catchers that were assigned to either capture or kill rebellious field slaves. The police are an extension of modern day slave catchers whose job is to commit violent acts like killing innocent young black men and women and then use the media to slander and criminalize the black community by blaming them for their own deaths which absolutely angers me. I personally call them “Triple K’s behind the badge” which is what they really are. Police killings of black people especially young black men and women are basically an extension of modern day lynchings.

The School System

– The school system is a hotbed for extreme anti-blackness in this country. Some examples of this are modern day anti-black laws called “dress code that were created by the colonial ruling class that serve only to specifically target and criminalize black students. An example of this are a high school in an predominant black area in Kentucky had made changes to their school dress code policy after black female students had legitimate reason to voice their utter disgust over two pieces of paper that clearly perpetuates very discriminative guidelines under their dress code which states:

“The policy says that students can’t have their hair in cornrows, braids, twists, and locks. It also says students cannot wear braids, and that cutout designs are forbidden. The new policy also has rules for male students. Under the policy, they cannot have hair beyond their shoulders, and it cannot go below their eyebrows. They are also forbidden to have highlights or colored hair not qualified as a “natural hair color.” Additionally, students cannot have hair colors that are two-toned, or sharply contrasting” 

The Prison System

– Over the past 20+ years, our family structure has been greatly decimated by mostly mass incarceration that the system has used to forcibly remove the parents from the lives of our youth and into their prison system to be used as economic commodities for them. 

A notorious example of the harsh sentence given to black people for nonviolent drug offenses is when an black man named Mario Lloyd was one of the biggest drug dealers in Chicago during the 1980s and then he was arrested and later given 15 life sentences for felony drug trafficking. They not only incarcerated him, they also incarcerated his mother, brother, and sister. The system basically destroyed this guy’s family with these draconian sentences and it’s egregious. 

Mass Incarceration is a form of genocide against black people because of not only the disgusting, vile, inhumane, and just horrendous conditions that currently exist inside the colonial prisons across the country.

It’s also a form of genocide against our people for several reasons.

1. The rapes that happen against black women by corrupt colonial prison cops.

2. The psychological abuse that black inmates often endure in colonial prison. 

3. The horizontal ciolence against black prisoners coming from other black prisoners that are caused by the inhumane, genocidal conditions of the colonial prisons.

4. The killings of black inmates particularly by corrupt colonial prison cops.

5. Takes away The Black Nation’s ability to reproduce future offspring by continuously locking up black men and black women.  

6. The sterilization against black women that are currently happening inside colonial prisons that are being carried out by the state that takes away their ability to give birth to their kids.

7. Many of our sons and daughters grow up without their parents in the home which in turn not only causes them to go down dark paths but are also vulnerable to sexual abuse from pedophiles and vulnerable to being kidnapped by the foster care system (an arm of The State)

I’ve been personally affected by mass incarceration ever since my childhood when my the state took away my oldest brother on a nonviolent non-drug related charge when I was just a little boy. I’ve had some of my old homies from my old neighborhood that have been incarcerated by the state and some of them are still incarcerated to this day. I’ve had some relatives that’s been incarcerated by the state and some of them are still incarcerated to this day. And I’ve had 5 of my 6 older brothers that have also been incarcerated in the pen and my two oldest brothers are still incarcerated by the state to this day. 

The Conclusion – Whenever America tries their hardest to portray themselves as a “post-racial society”, just know it’s all BS because anti-blackness is still allowed to be running rampant throughout the country.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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