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Spiritual Warfare.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul” Yeshua Ben Joseph

            We find ourselves engaged in an epic spiritual battle whose outcome will determine the fate of this planet and humanity. By spiritual battle I do not mean a religious crusade, a doctrinal or dogmatic confrontation or a sectarian battle. By spiritual warfare I am talking about enlightenment versus benightedness, profundity against profanity, righteousness opposing depravity and life itself against anti-life. This spiritual conflict involves the quintessential reality of life, that we are energetic beings infused with a DIVINE ENERGY and INTELLIGENCE that animates all of creation that energy/intelligence is benevolent, nurturing and expansive.

The antagonist is a consciousness that sees itself in opposition to this energy/intelligence, that thinks it can usurp this energy/intelligence’s authority and alter the very nature of humanity and the earth and alter it into its own perverse image. This war is going on now as we speak and there can be no neutrality, you are a warrior, a usurper or you are collateral damage!

            Some might ask why do we have to fight, how do we fight a spiritual war and isn’t the essence of spirituality peace and harmony? To answer these questions we have to fight for survival because the fate the usurpers have in store for us is worse than death! How do we fight, we fight by transforming ourselves using spiritual alchemy to raise our consciousness, our energy and personal vibrations from the base selfish, animalistic, fear based living to a higher level of thinking, living and being; a level of selflessness, empathy and confidence far beyond the myopic materialistic mindset propagated by the usurpers and their minions. We must realize raising our consciousness will bring more peace and tranquility into our lives but our lives will not be without struggle, tension or challenges. These are all part of life and the law of consequence.

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            We will have to work assiduously to make our new elevated/elevating consciousness our new pattern and develop ways to employ our empathy and confidence even when it appears difficult to do so. We must realize one of the laws of the UNIVERSE is the law of consequence; every action has a cause and a consequence and the resulting consequence can be opposition or tension that we must subsequently initiate another action to dissipate using spiritual alchemy.

            On the societal level we must acknowledge there are truly evil, wicked and psychopathic people in the world who wish us ill. Human history is full of examples of those who connived to lord it over others, who dedicated their lives to manipulating and exploiting, harming, maiming and murdering people due to their lack of empathy and their lust for power and control.

As spiritual warriors these people are our adversaries. We must see them for who and what they are: people who have forfeited their souls, people who are oblivious to their spiritual essence who have placed a higher priority on attaining “power”, wealth and position, or they are literally possessed by demonic spirits, captive to a consciousness of depravity who love to do evil.

            Modern society eschews any discussion of spirituality except in an extremely limited and misguided way. In order for the usurpers to control us they must keep us ignorant of our true nature, of our power and potential. Now they have moved beyond mere manipulation and ignorance, now they want to transform us and the world! They have and are developing the technology to accomplish this. This is what the trans-humanist movement is all about. This is what the so called Fourth Industrial Revolution is about.

It is no secret. They are openly telling us what their intentions are, “Microchipping, human/computer hybrids, artificial intelligence, and genetic alteration of human DNA using CRSPR and other approaches are all aspects of the Transhuman agenda being advanced by Silicon Valley luminaries such as Elon Musk and Ray Kurzweil, one of Google’s more prominent thought leaders…The leaching of Transhumanist technologies into everyday life is what James O’Dea, former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, has called the “mechanization of culture”. For all the seductive benefits that hypertechnology offers, it seems fair to wonder if these strange, unsettling, and in many cases unwanted intrusions into our everyday lives will in the long run ultimately enslave us under the guise of liberating us.” A Peek Inside The Transhumanist Agenda by Tom Valovic.

            These people want to play god, they want to negate our very spiritual essence by bypassing our souls and minds and hooking us to a massive computer that they program and control.  What?! That’s crazy, what could possibly go wrong; plenty given the history and nature of a debased and desecrated humanity led by psychopaths. This is why we are in an epic struggle and your choices are limited; there is no neutrality you are a righteous spiritual warrior, a usurper/evil doer or collateral damage.

Written by Junious Ricardo Stanton

Official websitehttp://fromtheramparts.blogspot.com

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