Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Book Review; “Half Empty Half Full” Forces a Conversation about Choices.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Life is a game of choices that has a domino effect worth of consequences. It seems too easy to point fingers when life appears to hit rock bottom, but we must be reminded that this state doesn’t happen overnight. Author D-Revolution invites the reader to take a journey down the road of choices in his new book, “Half Empty Half Full”. The reader will find this book entertaining, relatable, and easy to read; however, the most important thing it will do is make the reader think about choices and consequence. It is exciting to have a book out that can speak directly to urban traps in a way that can give power back to the reader. Regardless of how hard a situation may appear, or the past one has, it is important to sit with a book that can empower you to change.

“Half Empty Half Full” can speak to any reader, but there is a specific message of accountability especially for young black men. Instead of writing a self-help, or preachy type of book, D-Revolution has decided to teach young black men about the power of choices, love, council divine intervention, and correction through crafting a story they can see. The book is written in a manner by which the reader will be able to visualize the settings, characters, and challenges as clear as if they were standing next to the situations. The challenges will feel very real, and reader will be able to clearly see how choices and consequences dictate life path. The reader will be able to bear witness to what happens when sound council is ignored for the idea, “I have to do what I have to do”. Through this book excused are stripped away; the reader will walk away from this experience wanting to evaluate their own choices to make positive changes.

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Today many of our young black men are faced with hard decisions just to make ends meet. They live with a constant threat on their life from the powers that be, as well as within the community. Those that are blessed to have family, elders, and even a significant other that love them, must be able to see the wealth in that community. This is a community that would hold one spiritually and naturally accountable; there is great blessing and wisdom in such. Even when mistakes are made there is still the opportunity to right one’s path. It is important not to harbor a fear of success due to one’s own failures. It’s easy to have someone explain these concepts; but when you find your back is against the wall, they might feel hard to implement. D-Revolution has a heart for his community. He wants to see young black men and women slay the challenges they face. Through writing D-Revolution is giving a voice to the trials he knows many young black men are battling. “Half Empty Half Full” is another example of this dynamic author taking a stand with his pen to fight for his community.

I recommend “Half Empty Half Full” by D-Revolution. This is a book that young brothers, and sisters, should read; they should allow themselves to meditate on what they see when reading. This book can show them in a very realistic tangible way how choices & consequences directly effect life. It can also remind them there is always a higher power, so they aren’t alone. This book can be found at soulconsciousbooks.net.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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