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ARK 2 Release Date, Story, Gameplay, and Everything You Wanted to Know.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Ark 2 is the follow-up to Ark: Survival Evolved, a survival game featuring primitive monsters that debuted on PC in 2015 eventually moving to other platforms. The core gameplay design of Ark isn’t expected to change significantly in the sequel, as per the developer – it’ll definitely be a multiplayer game, and players would be able to battle and tame monsters to help ensure their safety.

Ark 2 Release Date

Although no exact date has been given, we have, however, given a release window for Ark 2 which is 2022. Since Ark 2 might have a similar release pattern as its successor Ark: Survival Evolved, Microsoft has yet to explain if this is a complete game release or an Early Access release. Ark 2 will be a console exclusive title for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so it will only be playable on certain consoles before being launched outside Microsoft’s platforms, such as the Sony PlayStation 5. It would, of course, be available on PC as well.

Ark 2-2021-videogame


Ark 2 Story

Santiago, played by Vin Diesel, seems to be venturing through dinosaur-infested forests with women who may be his wife and daughter. Santiago is a 24th-century freedom fighter, as per his biography from the animated series preview. He also has a small tribe with him, who get themselves into some problems when a gang attacks them. Vin Diesel manages to hold them off until a T-rex turns up and creates more challenges. Ark is receiving its very own animated version, titled Ark: The Animated Series.

ARK: The Animated Series tells the story of a strange ancient world occupied by dinosaurs and some other prehistoric animals, in which communities from all over history are being revived. As Helena Walker, an Australian paleontologist wakes up on the ARK after a disaster, she should therefore adapt to live in the wilderness and meet new friends or face death at the hands of cruel warlords while also attempting to sort out what their mysterious new world is all about.

Ark 2 Gameplay

We expect the presence of Vin Diesel in the game to be more than just a marketing gimmick, considering the crucial role Vin Diesel got to play in the new trailer. Although the tribal group he represents seems to be almost killed, he seems to have a family to look after. Perhaps players will be helping Santiago go on quests and complete in-game missions. As far as the animated series is concerned, there will be 14 episodes in Ark: the Animated Series and each of these 30-minute long episodes will present an original story that will tie through or include characters of Ark 2.

The Fast and Furious actor is contributing more than just his appearance, voice, and movements to Ark 2. Vin Diesel is currently working on the game. He has assisted Studio Wildcard as an exec producer for Ark 2 and will also work as an executive producer on the animated series which revolves around the upcoming game. The animated series will air in 2022 according to a press release shared by the game developer Studio Wildcard. As per the studio, Vin Diesel understands the game well and provides clear input towards the production process.

What else to expect from Ark 2

ARK 2 is an action-adventure game in which players must survive and succeed in a deadly environment riddled with predators, environmental catastrophes, and sometimes even fellow human beings who are out to thwart your every move. ARK 2 drops gamers into a gritty modern world of barbaric survival between monsters and humans, with hyper-realistic humanoid reptiles, hostile alien wildlife, and the wild landscapes of an otherworldly place as constant challenges. ARK’s epic eons-spanning tale of evolutionary history will be carried by witnesses.

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