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Life’s Purpose.

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( Greetings Brothers,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I’m writing this letter in the whee hours of the night. It’s about 2:00 AM. I’m awake this late, or early contingent upon how you look at it, because I was unable to sleep. I’ve been toiling with my purpose for some time now. Although I know what it is; I find it difficult to live in it sometimes. Not because it’s difficult, but because sometimes I get lazy or distracted or disheartened because the results, I tell myself I’m supposed to yield aren’t there.

The latter reason is what I struggle with the most. I often feel like I’m not where I’m supposed to be. Because of this sense of little accomplishment, I often question if what I think is my purpose is my purpose. This doubt caused me to step away from the work I should be doing. Every time I step away the following days, weeks, and months are disastrous. Because the thing is once you pray and meditate or however you communicate with your higher being; and you’re made aware of your calling; you must stay on that path.  It’s mandatory. No negotiation. All hell breaks loose when you deviate from your path. However, life’s blessings are multiplied while when you’re following that path.  Life opens to you in a way that you never thought was possible.

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A long introduction I know but a necessary one for you to understand why I’ve been communicating with you through these letters.  I have a profound love for our people.  We are the most majestic people on Earth.  I’m aware that some of us are absolute trash, however it is my contention that those people receive too much attention.  Society has always utilized the worst of us as our representation to the world while utilizing the best of other communities. Of course, this is done purposively to justify our mistreatment, but I think it is also used to control weaker and younger minded blacks.

Giving young people and weak-minded people role models that encourage them to do drugs, scam, be promiscuous will lead them to become deviants and unproductive members of society.  We cannot afford our youth becoming anything but productive members of the community.  Weakening leadership and a misguided moral compass are resulting in the stagnation of blacks.  I’m not saying this applies to all of us, but we are not moving forward as quickly and powerfully as we could.  The cornerstone of every community is strong families.

Our youth are not being encouraged to be a part of strong families.  The men are encouraged to make as much money as they can through any avenue they see fit and have sex with as many women as they can. Often getting those women pregnant without any intention to raise that child with the woman. The women are being told they don’t need a man or to trick men out of their money using their bodies. None of this promotes healthy family units.

But I digress. I didn’t intend to go on that tangent here.  My intention was to share with you my purpose, to elevate our people. I know God has given me the tools to do so. In the past I would wonder if I would be able to affect change on a global level. I no longer concern myself with such thinking.  That is not conducive to me doing what needs to be done. All I know is I’m doing my part.  Hopefully, I have inspired you to do your part as well.

I will no longer play with my blessing. Ah Beloved.

Staff Writer; Christian Johnson

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