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Leave Unstable Women Alone.

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( What I am about to tell you could save your life, your sanity, your health, your finances, your future relationships and your freedom. Do not play with unstable women, leave them alone. There are many absolutely beautiful women out there with incredible figures, angelic faces, soft voices, alluring demeanors and yet as crazy as a loon. You really cannot and must not judge a book by its cover. I know from experience because I have counseled hundreds of them in relationship counseling and mediations. I know because I have dated too many of them before I met my wife. And I know because I have seen the horror stories play out in case after case after case. So I am not here to judge, I am here to help you avoid falling into a pit of vipers where there is often no return.

You see her and she is beautiful. She could stop traffic, including airplanes in mid air. She has the shape, the smile, the look and she seems to be interested in you. Or, in many cases, you pursue her. And while this is not a movie, I suggest you watch the following movies: Obsessed, Thin Line Between Love and Hate, We Belong Together and Waiting to Exhale. These movies represent the reality of unstable, vindictive, bitter, mean, evil, needy, bi-polar or borderline personality disorder women who have enough baggage to fill a jumbo jet. and yes sometimes the guys play immature games that can backfire times 10.

Yet remember you won’t see unstable traits in most of these women up front because most of you are not looking at the looming dangers and red flags. You are captivated, mesmerized and seduced by these sirens and that keeps you from paying attention to what you should be aware of. There is a reason she has no man, even though she seems to be such a great package. And it is not because she has been “working on her career”. Nor is it that she “can’t find a good man”. The danger is in what she is NOT telling you, what you hopefully won’t have to learn later and the hard way and what she hops you will not find out until you are trapped in her web.


So you think you can sleep with her, kick her to the curb, keep it light or keep her on the side, do you? Unfortunately those behaviors push crazy and unstable women right over the edge. So you say “I got this”, but do you know how many men who ended up in jail, court or financial ruin have said just that? I tell you again from counseling hundreds (yes hundreds) of them, these women are not playing. And the courts will take their sides almost every time. These women make victims like you change your socks, yet they know how to play the victim and get others to come after you all at the same time. All while looking for their next victim.


While it is often true that some of these women are unstable because of what males camouflaging themselves as men did to them, that is not true even half the time. And you would be shocked to know how many women take antidepressants, bipolar medication, should be in mental health counseling or enrolled in anger management university. Yet because society almost always sees, promotes and accepts women as the victims, the unstable ones slip right by. And the other unstable women may be the mediators, judges, district attorneys, police officers or pastors you may face. That means there is a massive support network to support unstable women and instead blame you for whatever happened.

They  say it is hard to find a good man. But I tell you it is just as hard to find a mentally stable woman. A women without a hidden agenda. A woman without a ton of baggage in her life and another  ton of revenge in her heart. A woman who is not on the edge and just waiting to punish the next guy for what the last guy did.

Unstable women always blame anybody but themselves for their problems and circumstances. And they usually start with a man as the culprit. So whether you are just being nice, you are running game or you are sincere, leave unstable women alone. This will be hard for many African American men because the women know exactly how to appear as what you want, when you want it. That is their biggest deception, persuasion and covert distraction. And very often men don’t even see it coming. Other times you may ignore it, think it isn’t that bad, think you can just drop her or be so busy running game that you don’t realize you are the underdog by a mile.

The more devious the woman is, the more she will allow you to think you have the upper hand because she is baiting you. In reality, she is watching what moves you, what distracts you, what tempts, persuades and manipulates you. So understand that women are not automatically smarter than men, it’s just that men don’t pay attention while scheming women in particular pay attention to almost everything and how to use it.

No matter what she does to you, the unstable woman will find a way to make it your fault and find a way to pay you back for it. And she will not stop until she believes you have suffered enough, unless she moves on to the next victim. Once she is set on her quest, you will see a different person, the real person she was all along. Whatever you did for her in the past, even if you took her in off the street, that will not matter to her once her venom rises. Trust me, I have seen this pattern play out over and over and over again on unsuspecting men, men who thought they had everything under control.

I also know quite a few brothers and I have counseled and listened to so many guys whose egos kept them connected to the succubus demons I just told you about. Many guys thought they could handle it, only to find out they were wrong. I could tell you of men who came home to find the entire contents of their houses gone. I could tell you of men who were set up, just like in the movies. And dozens of men whose car windows were smashed, motorcycles were banged up, tires were cut, homes were set on fire, pets met an untimely end and even men who were fired from their jobs because of unstable women. So I don’t care if she is Beyonce’, Nikki Minaj, Halle Berry, Pam Grier and Serena Williams all rolled into one, if she is unstable, leave her alone. It is not likely that you have the patience, the training, the time, the money and the desire to fix a crazy, unstable woman, especially when she will swear there is nothing wrong with her.

What are the red flags to watch for? Mood swings, and don’t let her tell you “it’s just women’s hormones” or “that  is just how women are”. Bossy, controlling, deceptive, manipulative, extremely jealous or even using sex to get her way. And when you speak up against these things, don’t let her tell you that “you just can’t handle a strong woman”. If there is a struggle over who will take the lead on where the connection is going, you best believe she wants the power. Or she already believes she has it and that it should be hers, not yours. Never let her put you in the dog house if you are not a dog. Never let her make you sleep on the sofa in your own home, unless you are not a man. But watch for her attempts to test how much control she has over you by doing these things. And remember, unstable women produce instability and confusion around them. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is obvious, but it is coming. And they often choose female friends who are very much of the same.

This is my advice to you. Don’t play with unstable women and don’t make excuses to yourself to stay connected to them. Don’t date unstable women. Don’t get serious with unstable women. Watch for the signs and indicators. And when you see them, leave, run, flee, escape fast. Women who are not playing with a full deck are often dangerous, sometimes deadly and usually a pain that you can do without.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


3 Responses to “Leave Unstable Women Alone.”
  1. sgrant48 says:

    That advice is spot-on and priceless!!

  2. Vader says:

    The dysfunction in our community is so ramped I have learned to leave many black women alone. There’s nothing but a big population of grossly used up black women with multiple baby daddies, over weight and looking for a simp to pay their bills. smh.

  3. Jharris says:

    The writer is on point.Look at Meghan Markle, mentally unstable and the racism in England put her over the CD edge. But she had problems before she got there.

    Look at Gabriel Union, beautiful and rich but mental and never happy. Oprah, single, no children and no concept of the creator. I could go case by case.