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Letter To Black Women.

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Dear Black Women,

Hello ladies. My name is Christian Johnson. I am sending you this letter because I have grown tired of the gender war.  Black men and women have never been this divided.  This letter is an attempt to understand why the divide exist. And more specifically to find out why you all do not like us. Before you say anything; you need to understand that I know this does not apply to all of you.  The group I am speaking to may be a small portion of you guys, however that small portion is louder than the majority and thus need to be addressed.

I once heard someone refer to the black woman as the white man’s attack dog. Now while I didn’t like hearing black women compared to dogs; I understood what he meant.  The black woman is constantly attacking the black men.  You all refer to us as “ain’t shit niggas”, “dusties” and a plethora of other derogatory names.  The white man no longer has to attack the image and character of black men because you guys do it much more often and a hundred times better than he ever could. Don’t believe me? To verify what I’m saying, all one must do is go to the latest SpiritualWord Instagram post. Read the comments.  They are full of you guys tearing us down.  Regardless of the nature of the post, you all find ways to say something vile about us. The hatred is so prevalent that you even attack one another if you say something positive about us.  The question I have is why? Why do you hate us so? Why is it that out of all the groups of women; you all have the most disdain for your men?

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I once conducted a social experiment for an article I was writing.  I went around asking random black women if they had the opportunity to say something to all black men, what would it be. An overwhelming majority said something negative.  The common theme was that black men ain’t shit and we need to get ourselves together. It’s as if black men are doing horribly as a collective. Now don’t get me wrong we can do better, however considering the circumstances I think we are doing damn good.  Especially considering that 64% of us are in the middle class.  And there are more of us in college than in prison. Shocked huh? Yes, I know. White people have sold the world this idea that black men are good for nothing low down vile creatures. You all have bought this idea more than anyone.

I know this to be true because during my conversations with the biggest detractors of black men; the talking points and complaints do not come from personal experience.  Majority of the things that black men have to say about us comes from what you have heard, what you have been told to be true and what the media tells them to be true.  Example. I was having a conversation with a pro-black  black feminist. An intelligent sister. Let’s call her Jazz. Jazz and I were discussing interracial dating.  It is my stance that you cannot be pro-black and have an interracial marriage.  I say that because being pro-black means building strong black families that turn into strong black communities.  Building wealth to pass down from generation to generation in the black family.  But back to my conversation with Jazz.

Jazz believes in interracial dating. So, I asked how she can proclaim to be, in her words, super pro-black, but believes in dating someone outside her race.  Her response was something along the lines of ‘black men are dating outside their race and no one is talking about it.’ Ordinarily I would have asked her to stay on topic, however I decided to debunk what she was saying.  I told her that 85% of married black men are married to black women.  She flat out refused to believe that. So, I asked her if she knew a lot of interracial marriages. Her answer was no. Out of all the married black men she knows; all of them are married to black women. Her real-life experiences confirm the data; however, her indoctrination would not allow her to change her position.

So many of you are this way.  Your real-life experiences have shown you that black men are exceptional, however you hold on to the notion that “black men ain’t shit.” There are some good brothers out there.  I’m sure you see them every day, however you refuse to acknowledge us and spend time combatting those of us that are not on their purpose that are bad people.  So, in conclusion, black women stop being so hateful towards us. You have no reason to have such disdain for us.  We are not the people that you have been made to believe we are.

P.S. We still love you all.

Staff Writer; Christian Johnson

One may also connect with this brother over on InstagramCJTheWriter.


One Response to “Letter To Black Women.”
  1. Brad Botwin says:

    “Letter to Black Women” – I found the discussion on interracial dating and being pro-Black to be interesting to say the least. Had I not known what race (Black) was being mentioned I could have sworn the author was a White Supremist discussing that you can’t be pro-White and approve interracial dating. How times have changed….or not.

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