Former President Donald Trump’s Scheme To Overthrow American Democracy.

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( The Republican Party has revealed itself to be the ultimate hypocrites and un-American wimps. Wasn’t it the Republicans who’s been preaching to all who would listen that they were the quintessential patriots and the most fierce defenders of American democracy, and who claimed to believe in law and order and personal accountability for one’s actions?  But now that their guru, Donald Trump, has spit on the Constitution, incited insurrection, and tried to overturn the will of the people for his own personal gain, they’re desperately searching under every rock to find a justifiable excuse to protect him from having to answer for his crimes. 


They now claim that holding Trump accountable for his actions would “divide the country”. But the mere thought of letting Donald Trump off the hook in the interest of “bringing the nation together” is ridiculous. It not only won’t work, but it sends the wrong message to future seditionists lurking in the wings. The American philosophy is supposed to be equal justice under the law, but we’ve established a pattern of always letting the influential off the hook. If we’d sent Nixon, Reagan, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney to prison for their crime sprees, Donald Trump might not have been so reckless – but, of course, we can never know about Donald Trump, because he lacks common sense.

Nevertheless, the belief that letting criminals skate on their crimes help to keep the nation united is a myth. Let’s call it what it really is, caving in to the threat of further violence. People like Trump specialize in exploiting weakness, so they’re prone to being disruptive regardless to how civil we try to be. In fact, such people see compassion as a form of weakness, so that gives them free reign, and Donald Trump is a perfect example of that. On the other hand, Donald Trump is a coward and a self-serving bully, so he would never do anything that was sure to bring painful repercussions. Thus, by continuing to let criminals off the hook just because they have power and influence only makes them less concerned about the consequences of committing their crimes. So, the issue should be non-debatable – anyone who lodges an assault against our democracy should be thrown in jail, or worse. 
Far too many of us assume that because we have common sense, everybody else has at least enough common sense to define the limits of their behavior. But as we’ve seen in the case of Donald Trump, that’s not the case. There are a large number of people in this world who only want what they want and will go to any extent to get it. It’s not only a form of ignorance, but a form of mental illness. So, we’ve got to protect ourselves from such people by dropping the hammer on them – a sledgehammer. And that’s what we’ve got to do with Donald Trump, and all of his reckless followers. Otherwise, they’ll convince themselves that their reckless behavior is the key to achieving their goals. 

Sedition is such a serious threat to our way of life that it’s the one crime in which we should consider the death penalty. Trump wanted to reinstate the firing squad, so it would send an ironic message if he became the first one to get it – and I’m dead serious. If we’re serious about defending our democracy, we must establish and carry out laws that reflect that attitude. After all, we’re talking about people who are out to completely overthrow our way of life. So, letting them off the hook for the sake of civility? Any society that stupid doesn’t deserve a democracy, and they won’t have one for long.
The attack on our capitol was not a spontaneous event – it was a planned conspiracy against our democracy. The attached video predicts 8 weeks (EIGHT WEEKS!) prior to the election that if Trump loss he would claim election fraud. In addition, The Trump campaign paid the capitol demonstration organizers 2.7 million dollars – AFTER he’d already lost the election. Donald trump decided that the only fair election is an election where he wins. If he lost, regardless of the circumstances, he was going to claim fraud and incite a rebellion. Thus, Donald Trump planned the insurrection against our democracy. He had every intention of joining Putin, by becoming the first American dictator.  
So, the senate has an absolute obligation to convict Donald Trump. Failing to do so would be a gross abdication of their responsibility to both the Constitution, and, the American people. It will clearly show that they’ve placed their own self-interests above that of the nation, the people, and the United States Constitution. And if that proves to be the case, they are of absolutely no use to this nation. After all, what’s the use of having soldiers who are too cowardly to face the enemy? 



Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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