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Book Review; Kingdom Madness: For the Basketball Lover of Life Lessons.

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( Sports and Jesus? Seriously? Some people in the religion world find sports to be a distraction to obtaining the Word and applying it to life. I’ve heard plenty of comparisons of people cheering at sports competitions, but they will not do the same in the house of the Lord. So, what happens when you have a book that takes a sport, explains life lessons, while sprinkling in spiritual references as a guide of how to live a better life? You get Anthony Tucker’s Kingdom Madness.

If you are expecting this book to be a bunch of basketball references and bible verses, go ahead and change your perspective. Tucker crafts a work of nonfiction that discusses how to handle life from a basketball point of view. Along the way, he offers spiritual stories and people to reference as inspiration when all seems lost.  It is not just about basketball. It is not just about spirituality. It is about how you can have a life by the word even in this world.

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One of the most profound chapters in this book is about something most of us never think about: tempo. We associate it with music, but it is also used in basketball to shift the atmosphere of the competition, as Tucker explains in Chapter 6: “A good coach is going to slow the tempo down. This steals the other team’s momentum away which allows his team to refocus, get refreshed and execute the game plan without rushing. Players can get comfortable and confident, and the game is now clear. With one play at a time, anything is possible because the tempo is right.”

Tucker’s book is also the perfect form of nostalgia for those who have loved the game since its inception.  In the book, Tucker highlights one of the most famous basketball games in NCAA History. This historic 1985 game was a prime example of how your beginning is never your ending.  Then, he compares the game to the story of Sarah and Abraham to tie together the true meaning of being an underdog: “Abraham’s hope activated his faith which led to his success. There may be people who do not understand. You may even have concerns. Let your hope be the force that drives your faith in order to get to your victory.”

Anthony Tucker’s Kingdom Madness is a book that provides a new perspective on the world of spiritual self-help books.  He wants anyone, regardless if you love basketball or not, to understand what it takes to make miracles happen. It is not by accident. It is a purpose already planned and ready for you to receive.  Even if you are not a big religious person, do not let that keep you from reading a book that spotlights important events in basketball history. The highlight of this book is Tucker’s dedication to finding the relevance and importance of March Madness:  the basketball tournament for most colleges in the United States. No matter the size of your school or basketball team, everyone has a shot of making it to the championship.  No matter who you are or what you have experience, everyone has the opportunity to experience and live a life with Kingdom Madness.

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