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Safety Must-Have for Every Move!!!

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( Relocating is a huge task and everyone knows how stressful it is to relocate. There are numerous numbers of tasks that you have to complete in a short period which makes it dangerous too. The heavy lifting of items, loading, and unloading of heavy boxes, packing of sharp items like knives scissors, and a lot of other tasks can cause a serious injury. That is why it is very important to keep safety in mind wild doing all the moving tasks.

No matter whether it is a do it yourself move or whetheryou are hiring professionals, there are always some task to do by yourself. You must compare moving companies, make a budget and lot more. So beforeyou embark on a move consider these safety tips at first.

  1. Plan ahead 

It is recommended you have a proper plan for every task you have to do. Planning is the key to any successful task. You should always plan in a way that guarantees that it is completely a safe move. Safety should always be your priority regardless of the things that are you doing. Moving day is the biggest day when you have to keep safety in mind. Organization and safety go hand in hand, if you plan well then you can stay organized which ensures complete safety.

  1. Dress comfortably on moving day 

Yes, the moving day will go to be your first day at your new home but it is not the time to wear that event dress with high heels. This could make you get caught in a dangerous situation. It is the day when you have to do numerous numbers of tasks and it will go to be a hectic day for you, therefore, you should dress appropriately. You should wear clothes that are flexible, comfortable, and breathable and that are according to the weather conditions.

  1. Stretch your body before moving or lifting any heavy objects 

You should do stretching of your full body like biceps, triceps, hamstrings, and other stretching exercises before you lift any heavy object else you can suffer from cramps. To avoid such situations, avoid direct lifting of heavy objects.

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How to lift heavy objects?

Bend your knees at first, then squat down to the object, and then, at last, straighten your legs to stand up. Don’t bend backward or forward when you are lifting a heavy object.

  1. Use furniture sliders 

To move heavy objects like furniture items, you should use moving dolly and furniture sliders. It is recommended you use the proper moving equipment or get professional assistance when it comes to lifting heavy objects. You can get a moving dolly on rent to move heavy objects like heavy furniture items to prevent the risk of injuries.

  1. Double tape the bottoms of the boxes

When you pack the items, make sure you take the bottom ofthe boxers. You should always get the cardboard boxes which are good in condition.You should also not over pack the boxes else the risk of damage increases. Beon the safe side by adding an extra layer of security with double tape at thebottom of the boxes.

  1. Wrap the sharp objects in a separately 

If you don’t wrap the sharp objects then a knife can easily go out of the box and can cause a serious injury. That is why it is recommended you to wrap all the sharp objects well using the newspaper, packing paper, bubble wraps, or anything else and pack the entire sharp objects in a separate box and label it with the “sharp objects”. This helps in getting the professionals to know what type of contents are present in the box so they can handle them with care while shipping the items to your new home.

  1. Avoid lifting the heavy objects if possible

You should never lift more than you can else you might have problems with your body later. You can take help from your friends or family members or can get assistance from the movers.

  1. Clear the exit way

When you have to move the objects from one place to another, make sure the moving pathways are clear and there are no hurdles in between the paths. Along with the objects, don’t forget to clear the humans and pets from the paths. It is one of the most common mistakes that most homeowners do. You should set a specific path when you are moving heavy objects from one place to another. Even when you hire assistance for lifting objects still you should clear the way.


Moving is a complex process and while doing all the tasks, you should keep safety in mind. It is recommended you use your head before your muscles so that all the tasks can be completed with ease and you have a safe moving experience. Use the above-written tips also to protect yourself and to stay safe.

Staff Writer; Peter Barker

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