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The D.C. Riots – Another Example Of America’s Historical Racial Bias.

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( Recently, a bunch of white rioters aka Trump rioters (not protestors) had stormed The Nation’s Capitol Of D.C. The White Nationalist Trump supporters are constantly referred to by corporate white media outlets like Fox News as “protestors” when in reality, they’re nothing but a bunch of thuggish white nationalist rioters who are dumbly protesting over the nationwide presidential election.

If we as black people had stormed The Nation’s Capitol like the white nationalist mob of Trump supporters did, it would have legitimately been a massacre with The National Guard along with local, state, and other federal agencies being called upon under the guise of “national emergency” or “state of emergency”.

If anything, this so-called “protest” in D.C. is nothing more but smoke & mirrors which is very reflective of the historical racial biases that has been allowed to run rampant in America for several centuries and there seems to no end in sight for America to openly acknowledge and pay up for the damages that this country has inflicted on black people for several hundred years from slavery to mass incarceration.

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When we were out there protesting and fighting for true justice for not only George Lloyd and Breonna Taylor, but all the black men and black women that are constantly brutalized and murdered by the domestic terrorist thugs known as “the police” who are referred to as “pigs, popos, 5-0’s, or 12’s” in the streets. The same corporate white media outlets like Fox News who humanize these white “protestors” recently in DC called us in the process “rioters, looters, criminals, & thugs” during The George Lloyd and Breonna Taylor protests last year.

The same white nationalist thugs that are rioting in D.C. are the same ones that are brutalizing and gunning us down in the streets everyday and getting away with it. They’re the same ones who are poisoning our food and water supply. They’re the same ones who are parasitically sucking the life out of our communities through illegally raising our rents so high that prices us out of our homes and pushing us out of our own communities so they can come in and buy up properties at low prices and sell them off to the highest bidder in a process called gentrification in which James Baldwin once famously said in an interview in the 1960s, “urban renewal is really a codeword for negro removal” which is such a very true statement in the modern day era of gentrification which is also a form of genocide albeit cultural genocide.

An example of racial bias in America is when there are all type of drugs at the big universities, but no police or federal agencies are called in to raid those campuses, but because they pushed the illegal drug economy into our communities during the 1980s, they are deliberately told to come into our communities under the guise of “raids” to take our brothers and sisters away and give them atrocious sentences in court for possession of drugs which destroys the lives of black children and the black family structure so they can enrich themselves off of the exploitative cheap labor from our incarceration.

White people riot over dumb stuff all the time like a meaningless election or one of their sports teams either winning or losing the championship game. When black people riot, it’s for often justifiable reasons like the viciously brutal cold blooded police murders of George Lloyd, Breonna Taylor and many other brothers and sisters.

The Conclusion – These D.C. Riots don’t really serve any purpose, but is a clear example of the rampant racial biases that America continues to be ignorantly blind to.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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