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Things to Learn to Cope Up with the New Normal.

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( Covid-19 has brought a great impact all over the world. Concerts were postponed, offices were closed, and restaurants were restricted. However, the pandemic shouldn’t stop us from working and continue with life. That’s why we are currently adjusting in the new normal – a new way of living even while there is no vaccine for the virus yet.

According to studies, the Covid-19 may soon disappear, but its effects will go long term. So in order to cope up with the new normal, here are some things you might want to consider learning: 


Upon the discovery of the spread of the virus, many nations decided to quarantine cities and provinces until they are able to learn how to adjust with this incident. Restaurants were limited to take-out and delivery, while other establishments chose to temporarily close. With this, online transactions are more in demand and businesses with physical stores are starting to switch online. While e-commerce and dropshipping have already made a name when it comes to business, if you are an individual who is expert in this field, greater opportunities await you. 

Baking and Cooking

Due to the pandemic, we are all being extra cautious of our health, this is the time to shift to healthy eating. Learning how to cook your own food will not only ensure that what you eat is clean and safe, it will also help you save more money. Start with simple recipes and master these until you can try other new recipes. You can also try learning how to bake treats and goodies and sell this to your neighbors and friends. 

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Social Media Management

Since everything is connected to technology, many businesses, apart from creating a website, promote and connect with their audience through social media platforms. Learning the algorithm of social media and how advertisements work will give you an edge for your business. If you are a freelancer, you can use your knowledge to help other businessmen build their brand and work for them as a social media manager. 


The community quarantine has forced us to stay at home. This situation made us realize how important raw goods are. If we don’t have proper storage for raw foods, it will easily spoil and turn into waste. Learning about gardening is a good way to keep this from happening. If you have a backyard, you can maximize the space by planting vegetables that you can soon harvest. You can also plant a variety of flowers that could make your surroundings more beautiful. You can also opt to start with small plants such as cacti and succulents.

The Covid-19 pandemic might have made a lot of changes from our normal situation but it must not hinder us from growing as individuals as there are lots of resources for you to learn new things. With the help of technology, you can take short online courses or attend free webinars. And since traveling and other leisure are limited, let’s take this time to gain knowledge and save money until everything is back to normal. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter



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