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5 Electronics To Watch For The 2020 Shopping Season.

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( It’s fall and that means a lot of electronics are getting ready to drop. After all, it’s nearing the holiday season and Black Friday next month might be one to prepare for. Let’s check out five pieces of tech to follow.

PlayStation 5

This and our next entry are at the top of my list. For one thing, a new version of a game console isn’t something you just expect every year as you would smartphones. Modern console generations last up to seven or eight years where games are actively made for them. In that period, you’re likely to see a mid-generation upgrade.

As for the PlayStation 5, you’re getting a more powerful console that will greatly cut down on loading time for games. With modern gaming, graphics have been the big selling point to draw mainstream and casual buyers so expect improved graphics for the next generation of consoles.

Add to this Sony’s exclusive games. There will be a digital-only version and a classic version that allows for discs. I recommend the digital-only version for gamers who want to save $100 or gamers with kids.

The PlayStation 5 drops in November with pre-sale going on now at $500 for the regular and $400 for the digital-only. Like our next entry, everything is sold out but select stores might have extra and it’s likely to restock before the holiday rush.

Playstation 5

Xbox Series X

Often times, you’ll notice very little difference between the PlayStation and Xbox outside of cosmetics. There is a power difference but you’ll really only notice that if you’re big into specs and can notice the difference while playing.

If you’re not a big gamer and don’t really care for exclusives, I’d say that the Xbox Series X and Series S is worth picking up. The regular version goes for $500 and the Series S is going for $300. The main difference is that the Series S doesn’t allow for 4K or 60fps.

Both of those get into the specs area but 4K is mainly visuals and 60fps really comes into play with genres that have a lot of motion to them such as action games and first-person shooters.

Important! During the pre-sale rush on Amazon, the sales ranking of Xbox Ones shot up a lot. Make sure you’re getting the Series X (or Series S) and not the Xbox One if you want the latest.

IPhone 12

This is one to keep an eye on! It wasn’t announced at the annual September event. That’s highly unusual but some insiders are looking at October 13th for some news. The September event was mainly for services and apps but expect those to be a lead in to the iPhone 12.

Personally, I don’t see Apple deciding to cancel a fall release and throw off its release routine.  If you’re an Apple aficionado, you’re definitely waiting to see what develops with this. Apple’s probably playing things cautiously since this was not a great year for consumers and spending cash.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

When I finally got my hands on a friend’s Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, I knew this was the kind of a phone for me. If you’ve got big hands or just want more space for whatever, the S20 Ultra has you covered! I find that texting is easier and faster when I have more screen space.

For those who love shooting videos, all of the phones in the S20 series shoot in 8K and give you space up to 512 GB. This one also comes with more RAM which is great for mobile gaming—if you don’t want your phone to overheat often while playing high-graphics games.

If you want to save about $700 to $900 then…

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition

I’ll keep riding for the phablet—combination phone and tablet—I love the concept. The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition is basically the younger cousin of the S20 series. It features less screen space and doesn’t allow for 8K filming. It’s basically the mid-tier offering in the S20 series, it’s still a powerful Android phone only with less power than the rest of the S20 series.

To let you know its tier, the S20 Fan Edition released earlier this month at $700 for the 128 GB. The Galaxy S20 Ultra released at $1,400 for the same size. That $700 is still less than the standard S20 which was $800 at launch.

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