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How Witnessing Animal Abuse Firsthand Changed The Real Tarzann Michael Holston.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) After working around animals for long enough, there are bound to be some examples of animal abuse seen firsthand. While things are getting better worldwide, The Real Tarzann Michael Holston is doing what he can to fight against animal abuse as much as possible.

In particular, he has found a way to reach individuals and spread his message with social media. His rise to fame came on social media platforms, and now he is uniquely using it to help out.

Shining a light on continued animal abuse

It is easier than ever to call out any animal abuse found in today’s world. All it takes is a prominent voice to provide information that there is animal abuse going on in some capacity, leading to further investigations. Many additional tips are now coming online through social media, and that eventually leads to consequences.

Michael Holston understands that he has quickly turned into one of the most well-known names of animal enthusiasts on social media. On Instagram alone, he has more than 6.4 million followers, which means that every single post or update provided can help raise awareness when necessary.

Holston has taken the time to call out certain situations, but he understands that what he says can significantly influence many different things. Only if he does enough research to understand any allegations will he call animal abuse out in some capacity.

Inspiring people of all ages

Millions of people worldwide are firmly against any animal abuse, but they do not have a platform the size of Holston’s. They also may not know precisely how they can help, which is one of the reasons why he is trying to simplify everything as much as possible. Whether it is donating time and energy locally or donating money online, there are ways to help out that are pretty quick and easy overall.

Every location around the globe has different rules and regulations for animal abuse as well.  This is one challenge that people like Holston run into, as he is trying to stop animal abuse in locations that might technically allow it at this time. It is hard to convince people to stop something they are legally allowed to do.

The best way to make changes is to put pressure on the right type of people. Most, if not all, of animal abusers know what they’re doing is wrong, but they feel like they can get away with it for one reason or another. Getting local politicians and other prominent people into a cause can force others to listen. Holston is hoping to make those comfortable abusing animals a bit more uncomfortable.

Combating animal abuse locally

Whether it is South Florida or any other location visited by Holston, he understands that a lot of animal abuse is extremely localized. That means to find the problem, there needs to be a plan in place in these locations to see any change. Larger changes issued by an entire country is only going to do so much. Local changes are what make the difference.

Countless local organizations are firmly against animal abuse, but they might not have the voice or the notoriety to make significant changes. Michael Holston is attempting to do his part by spreading information and helping out local causes when necessary. He visits with local organizations whenever he visits new parts of the world, allowing him to gather accurate information on any struggles that might be problematic.

Leading by example

One of the best things that someone in a spot like Holston can do is lead by example. That means not working with those who have links to animal abuse and to show on video how to properly care for the animals and the environment in which they live.

The Real Tarzann seems to understand this responsibility very well and has turned down opportunities in the past to work in some less than favorable people. While he has been offered some chances to go to places and interact with animals he has never had the opportunity to before, he does not accept these opportunities. If it does not sound like a good situation, he will turn it down.

This even goes into some of what he records for his videos from time to time. There will be instances where viewers might be wondering why he is not going closer or pursuing a particular opportunity to capture the look of an animal. His knowledge, along with other expert co-workers in certain locations, allows Holston to understand when an animal may feel threatened or frustrated with people coming too close. Interacting with animals is a passion, but not for the sake of putting an animal under stress. Even if they are only stressed out, this is a mild form of animal abuse Holston wants no part of.

What changes can people expect?

Animal abuse has been going on in some capacity since the beginning of time. People are more conscientious about putting animals at risk than ever before, but there are still some locations that do not care all that much about the well-being of animals.

Holston’s influence can make significant changes for the better, and it seems like a perfect opportunity for him to do this as much as possible. Whether it is changing how testing occurs on animals or banning any fighting, any change in the positive direction is a win for the entire animal-loving community.

Staff Writer; Kelvin Parker

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