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Detailed Information About CPAP Masks For Different Sleep Positions.

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( There are various types of CPAP masks for different sleep positions. However, one does not know about all the facts while using CPAP services. A person who is suffering from OSA (Obstructive sleep apnea) are instructed to sleep on their stomach or any of the sides. If you are a new CPAP user who finds difficulty to adapt to the CPAP mask or even a long-time user is facing some problems, then you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about the various masks which are suitable for different sleep positions. CPAP machines can also do apnea care.

*   The Fetal Position

Most people tend to curl up while sleeping. Their one hand is usually under them, while the other one is over them.  And they tend to pull their knees on their chest. It is similar to how a fetus sleeps, which is where the names come from.

For these kinds of people, an elastic mask is a must. The perfect CPAP masks for side sleepers would be nasal masks. A mask with a cloth surface is preferable and even better if buckles are soft to the touch.

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*   The Soldier Position

In this position, you are on your back. As the name suggests, you do sleep like a soldier. Your arms are by your side as, if your legs are still and wholly straightened out. For a back sleeper, you have to worry about the back of your head. So, you want a mask that won’t nudge into the back of your head.

*   The Yearner Position

Again, this position is being on your side. So, what is different about this position? Well, your arms are straight in front of your body, extending out. This can build-up some force on the side of your face.

At the same time, the pressure is less while sleeping with arms straight by your side style. So, there is no requirement for a special mask. In this case, the mask worked for fetal and log is suitable for yearner position too. A branded nasal mask works just fine.

*   The Log Position

So basically in the log position, the person tends to sleep straight on their side. In this case, the arms stay straight to the side of your body. As we have already seen in the previous sections, the answer to this position is soft CPAP masks. It is similar to fetal positions.

*    The Starfish Position

This position is a rare one. Like in the group of twenty people, one people ends up like sleeping this. In starfish position, you can only use that mask which back sleepers use. These type of sleepers move their hands a lot while resting. You have to keep your mask as simple as possible.

This way, while you are flailing your arms around in your sleep, you won’t end up looping it around any parts of the CPAP mask, so the more superficial it is, the better it is.

Staff Writer; Lee Williams

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