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Productive Things to Do While Staying at Home.

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(ThyBlackMan.comMaybe we are all on the same page. Due to the pandemic coronavirus, we are all forced to stay at home and practice social distancing. Because of this unexpected situation, we tend to have extra time doing nothing except for unconsciously scrolling on our social media. 

So here are some useful and productive things to do while staying at home:


During our normal busy day, we tend to neglect to declutter our home. This is the right time to do some spring cleaning! Look at your wardrobe and separate the clothes you want to keep from the ones that you want to sell or donate. You can also check for items that need repair and those that need to be thrown away.

Develop your skills.

Make this time an opportunity to learn a new skill or develop the skills that you already have. You may watch free video tutorials on Youtube or attend webinars from great resources. And if you want to finish lessons with a certificate, have yourself enrolled in online classes. 

Check your goals.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to start a new business. Or you’ve been planning to create an ebook but you’re too busy with your full-time job. Now is the time to check your goals and start implementing it. Create your business plan, learn about your target audience, and start writing that ebook. 


Get up and move that body! Establish a new exercise routine and do some stretching. You can even create your own workout equipment or search for fitness workouts online. To make it more exciting, set a 30-day fitness challenge at home. 

Build your own garden.

Since we are advised to stay at home, we may find it hard to visit the market or grocery. If you have a backyard or even a little space at home, build your own garden and grow your own plants. It’s up to you if you want to plant flowers to beautify your home or grow some vegetables to help you sustain your everyday meals. 

Learn a new recipe.

Browse new recipes you can do at home. Check your food stock and plan your meals. And because food deliveries are restricted and most restaurants are closed at the moment, you can have some freshly-baked cookies instead. Or make your healthy version of chocolate ice cream!

Revisit your old hobby

Do you love to paint? Or maybe you are fond of reading novels but have neglected this hobby because of other priorities. Revisit your old hobbies and have fun! Get that paint and start splashing it on your canvas. Binge watch the movies you want or finish the novel that you love to read. 

Call your loved ones.

Now is the best time to call your loved ones. If you’ve been living far from home because of work or school, call your parents and spend time with them virtually. If you have some friends that you haven’t talked with for quite some time, video chat with them and plan your next trip together. 

This moment may seem like just a dull and boring situation. However, for front liners such as nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers, every day is a battle as they are the ones most at risk with being contaminated with this deadly virus. 

The best thing you can do right now is to stay at home and be safe. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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