5 Tips to Train Your Brain to Avoid Junk Food.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Getting addicted to everything is bad. Some people believe that you only get addicted to drugs, but that is not the case. Our brain is quite a complicated organ. No one can fully understand how it operates or why it operates the way it does. As much as you can get addicted to Green Malay, you can get to junk food as well.

If you are a junk food lover, you will know what we are talking about. One can convince themselves to leave drugs since they are highly lethal but convincing yourself to leave junk food, well that could be hard! And we know that it is from personal experience.

So we all are fishes in the same pond. But over time, with research and help from professionals, we have come up with several tips that can help you train your brain to avoid junk food and opt for a healthier lifestyle. Let us go ahead and discuss those mental exercises in detail so you can also get the help that you need.

1.      Hide Junk Food

One of the reasons our body craves junk food is because we can see them.  Almost all of us have a drawer full of junk food in our homes or rooms sitting in plain sight, waiting for us to attack whenever needed.  So the best way to avoid junk food is to not have junk food in the first place. Stop buying junk food from the supermarkets, and if you already have some at home, then give it to a friend or a family member or hide it out of plain sight, maybe in a cupboard which is hard to reach.

2.      Super-Binge

One of the best ways to get rid of a bad habit is to overdo it.  Sounds weird, yes we know. But you will be surprised to find out how effective the remedy could be. If you enjoy certain snacks such as fries from McDonald’s, your favorite popcorn, or chocolates, simply get a bunch of them and try to eat them all at a time, even if you find yourself full.

By the end of it, you will probably find yourself grossed out and would not want to consume that junk food for a while no matter how much you loved it before. That is the best time to replace it with a healthy snack that makes you feel great and healthy.

3.      Break Your Routine

One of the major reasons why we get addicted to junk food is that they become a part of a daily routine.  For instance, if you are at work, during a certain time you would want to go to the vending machine and take out your favorite snack.  Since you’re trying to train your mind not to want junk food anymore, thus the best way to avoid it is to break your routine.

If you take a break every day from 1 pm to 2 pm for lunch and hit the vending machine with your friends, change your time from 3 pm to 4 pm to break the cycle. It will help your mind avoid the need for junk food at that certain hour of the day.

4.      Keep Healthy Snacks

Sometimes replacing things is the answer to the problem. For instance, to leave drugs, people buy Kratom from Kratom Krush or also CBD. So I might need to do it at the same time. It is not always junk food that our body craves. Sometimes, we just want to munch on anything that we find to fill that void. Since junk food is widely available in the supermarket, and it is easy to get hands-on; therefore, we find ourselves needing it more than healthy snacks.

Since you will be keeping your junk food out of sight, make sure you always have packets of healthy snacks with you, whether you are at work or school.  Every time you desire a snack, munch on your healthy ones instead of the junk ones.

5.      Write a Journal

Opting for junk food every time you are hungry is not a healthy choice.  But since our brain and body are used to consuming junk food daily, it is hard to train your mind not to crave it.  One of the best ways to get over something is to write about them, just like your feelings.

So invest in a journal and write down how you feel about consuming specific junk food that you like.  Write down their taste, how they make you feel, and then the effects that they have on your body. Keep the journal with you for a week or two and every time you crave something unhealthy, read through it to remind yourself of how it makes you feel.


Fighting your desire or cravings can be quite hard, especially when it comes to junk food. It is like drugs, and one almost finds himself impossible to resist. But the good thing is that there are health and nutrition tips and ways to train your mind not to crave unhealthy foods that can harm your body. So if you think you need to cut back on junk food for a while, opt for the tips mentioned above to avoid it altogether.

Staff Writer; Fred Jackson