7 Mental Exercises for Incredible Mental Toughness.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Mental toughness seems like an elusive job that people keep chasing for life. Every time they feel like they are close to it, something happens and makes people wonder if they will ever get what they have always dreamed of. This shouldn’t be the case for those who choose to focus on mindful practices and mental exercises that can boost mental toughness.

If you follow these 7 mental exercises for mental toughness, you’ll never have to look back.


Start using your brain instead of using your mobile phone or laptop for things which you can easily do. Memorize things like your day plan, grocery list, phone numbers, directions, etc. Did you know that London’s cab driver job aspirants have to pass one of the world’s toughest geography tests which include memorizing routes covering 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks? A study by the University College London found that the size of a brain part called the hippocampus is larger in London’s cab drivers when compared with other people.

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Do something when it’s inconvenient

Sometimes, little discomforts can pave the way to a positive mindset. Small activities, when you include them in your routine, can make a huge difference. Imagine for a second how things would change if you look at discomfort as a positive element. How do you think your life will change if you complete that course, learn a new language, get up early in the morning, become a better public speaker, make a strong professional network, get fit, improve your relationships, save money to travel the world?

Master Something

Practicing something over time improves memory. Improving a specific cognitive function can help you get significant results. To do so, you can start devoting some time to master a skill. It can be anything you find interesting. Initially, you can start reading about it. Instead of relying on internet blog posts from random writers, look for research and thorough explanations about the subject. The deep information will not only help you gain more knowledge, but it will also spark curiosity in your mind.

Behave like who you want to become

It’s as simple as it sounds. Everybody wants to be better and feel good about themselves. Actions are the major influencers that determine how your emotions and thoughts will be. So, pay more attention to what you do and start behaving like the person you have always wanted to be like. Do not wait for the perfect moment or the feel-good moment. Just start behaving in the way you want to see yourself behaving. Do not expect that confidence and positive feelings will come automatically. Act confidently so that others can feel it and reflect when they’re around you.

Keep going

When everyone else decides they are ready to quit or are too tired to continue, you keep going. This attitude can be developed not only during workout sessions or in sports, you can display this quality literally in many situations. When you stop paying attention to challenges and push harder despite facing more of them, you make a comeback even if you don’t succeed at it.


A lot of people feel that they need someone who can regularly push them to do something. Having an accountability partner can be a good idea but that doesn’t work all the time. Waiting for a push just because you want to accomplish something may turn against you and it can be harmful in many situations. Relying too much on it makes you work and perform well only when you’re under immense pressure.

Do instead of think

None of the self-help books in the world can ever help you if you don’t act. Apply what you learn and do it immediately because humans forget 80 percent of newly learned things within just 24 hours. So, make sure to focus on doing more and thinking less. Always remember that not all thoughts require attention and don’t let the useless ones ruin your life’s direction.

Do more, focus on actions, and think about how you’re going to apply the knowledge you have just gained. The comment box below is open for sharing all the ways you think you can become incredibly tough at mental levels.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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