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Winter Fitness: How Cold Weather Doesn’t Have To Stop You.

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( The nights are starting to draw in, the temperature is beginning to drop, and before you know it we will be tumbling into Fall and flying through into winter. 

Long winter days can be enough to make even the most dedicated fitness fan want to skip the workout, hide under the duvet, and curl up with something cozy and soothing. 

That being said, if you are passionate about your fitness, it is important that you do not risk losing the program that you have worked all year on. Just a few weeks or a couple of months away from the gym can mean that you can reverse all your hard work, so use the winter to get you focused. There might be days when bad weather prevents you from getting out there, but when it is possible, concentrate your energy on beating your own personal bests, strengthening your core, and really getting ready for next season.

Here, we are sharing a few ideas to help you make the most of the winter months. 

Have the right clothes and equipment 

As the old adage goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. It is important that if you are training outdoors that you have the right clothes to keep you safe, comfortable, and warm. This includes thermal gloves, headbands, leggings, and protective base layers. Base layers help to retain a layer of warm air between the fabric and the skin and remove any moisture from the sweat. It is important to note that t  visibility is always decreased in the cooler and darker months, and while one moment the weather may be great, the next you are shrouded in heavy mists and thick fog. If you are training outside, make sure you are wearing high-vis clothes and a head lamp.

Stay indoors

Occasionally, the weather is just too hazardous to go outside, so you can pull out the treadmill from the garage or go to the gym for some personal resistance training. If you do not have access to costly exercise equipment or a gym, you can do a workout at home with things found around your house or follow the Bowflex workouts. You can also find exercises and workouts on YouTube to suit all levels of fitness and preference.

Consider the impact that winter training has on the body; 

Studies have shown that our bodies start burning fat faster and more efficiently in colder weather than in warmer temperatures. The body increases its core temperature to keep you warm and starts to burn any layer of brown fat, so if you are trying to lose any weight, the colder weather may actually be to your benefit.

Remember why this is so important 

When you are all comfortable and curled up on the couch under a blanket, it can be easy to overlook why you are exercising and the feeling of elation and excitement that comes after a good workout. When you are exercising, your body releases the feel-good hormones-which will help blast away the winter blues and make you physically and psychologically ready for the summer months.

Staff Writer; Lou Jackson


One Response to “Winter Fitness: How Cold Weather Doesn’t Have To Stop You.”
  1. Anirban (Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    While optimal weather for me is when it’s 50 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit with 60s Fahrenheit being the best, I like cold weather, snow and frozen lakes/rivers.

    It’s easier to exercise when it’s cold vs. hot. When it comes to weather forecasting, Accuweather is the best because they don’t usu. overly opine on the weather except when to report dangers such as if there are fires, drought, dangerous high temperatures, dangerous wind chills.

    I have in past complained to weather stations if I thought they were opining too much on the weather, when weather forecasters should limit themselves to reporting and not opining so much unless it’s dangerous weather conditions.

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